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Hills and mountains usually symbolize some events that are connected to social relationships in your life. They are often secondary motifs in dreams, which means that they need to be interpreted in the context of other dreams.

People who live in hillsides or mountainous areas dream of them more often, statistics show.

Dreaming of big hills

If you see a big hill in a dream that symbolizes great honor. Someone whose work you really appreciate will honor you.

Not only do you admire their professionalism, but you also like them as a person. They were your role model for a very long time, so you will be proud when you realize that they think of you as their equal.

It is possible that they will offer you cooperation, which will enable you to be in the company of the best.

Dreaming of small hills

Dreaming of small hills implies that someone is gossiping about you. You have always been faced with comments from jealous people who like to underrate your hard work.

You will not be extremely surprised when you hear that your colleagues talk behind your back or that they make assumptions based on prejudices about your success.

You will hang out with people who know you well and who would never believe those gossip.

Steep hill in a dream

Dreaming of steep hills warns you not to count on other people. You will find yourself in a situation that outvies your abilities, which will frustrate you because you don’t know how to handle it.

You will ask for help from someone who always gives you unconditional support.

However, it will turn out that you have been wrong and that you expect too much from other people. You will learn the meaning of saying ‘self-do, self-have’ the hard way.

Dreaming of barren land

If you see barren land in a dream that symbolizes worries.

You will deal with unwanted problems regarding your emotional and professional life in the following period, which will make you sad and fearful over the outcomes of many things.

You will try to think that everything will pass and that after the storm comes the sun.

Dreaming of stony hills

Dreaming of stony hills warns you of business difficulties. Your path to business success will be thorny, but you will succeed by being persistent.

You will often be in a temptation to give up, but goals that you want to achieve will give you strength.

Green hills

Dreaming of green hills symbolizes upcoming happiness. You will start something which will turn out to be really successful and change your life completely.

It is possible that you will have a child or some other responsibility, which will make you a better and nobler person.

You will be excited for each new day, so you will overcome many difficulties that have earlier seemed like mountains.

Woody hills

Dreaming of wooded hills implies that you will receive a gift. Your friends will come together and want to fulfill your long-term desire.

It is possible that they will gift you a trip to your favorite destination or that they will buy you something you really like.

They will try to ask you for details indirectly so that they don’t ruin the surprise.

Indented hill

This dream warns you of great obstacles. Achievement of goals will be within your reach, but some unexpected circumstances will stop you from finishing them.

You will deal with other activities, so you will need some time to retreat to the habits and discipline that you used to have.

That is especially true if you are in college and you’ve postponed some exams.

To climb a hill in a dream

Dreaming of climbing a hill symbolizes danger. It is possible that you have stepped on the wrong people’s toes, so you don’t know how to solve problems now.

Recklessness will lead you into an inconvenient situation, so you will have to ask for help from family or friends who have warned you to choose your company and colleagues carefully.

To go down a hill in a dream

Dreaming of going down a hill implies that you will be humiliated. The following period will be frustrating for you because you will not be able to achieve most of your goals.

You were convinced that you could do everything on your own, so you will have a hard time admitting to a failure.

You have wanted to prove to everybody that you are independent, but brutal reality will force you to learn things the hard way.

Some people from your surroundings will not be understanding, so you will have a hard time telling them that you were wrong.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen a hill recently, it is possible that it has made an impact on you.

Definition of a hill

Hill is a rise on the relief whose height goes from 200 to 500 meters.