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What does it mean to dream of hell?

If you see hell in a dream, it symbolizes difficulties in life. There is a chance that you will hear a lot of bad news in a short period of time, which will stress you out.

You will not know where to begin solving your problems because everything will seem equally complicated, and you will want to give up.

Dream meaning of being in hell

If you dream of being in hell, it means that you will make peace with your destiny.

You will realize that there is no point in destroying yourself because of the bad things that happened to you and that you have to keep fighting because the world will not stop because of you.

You will comfort yourself with the idea that there are people who have it worse than you and try to look up to them.

Dreaming of someone else being in hell

When you dream of other people in hell, it means that you will rejoice. Someone who didn’t listen to you will probably get in trouble, which is why you will be rude to that person and brag about being right.

Even though you care about them, you will not be able to point out their mistakes politely and offer them help to fix them.

Dreaming about getting out of hell

If you dream about getting out of hell, it means that you will come to your senses. There is a chance that you will introduce some changes into your life that will benefit you.

You will not put them into action at once, but you will be motivated, which will help you not give up in difficult moments but keep going forward.

To dream of entering hell

If you dream of entering hell, it means that you will make your life complicated. There is a chance that you will be bored, which is why you will do something stupid that will cost you a lot.

You will realize that you have crossed the line when you become aware of the possibility that you will lose everything you have.

Hell (lat. Infernus) is a place where the souls of people who die in mortal sin go through eternal suffering and punishment according to religious and mythological beliefs.

Religion and art have represented hell in various ways through the centuries. Your perception of hell can differ from the way other people perceive it.

Interpretations of dreams with this motive are often different because of it and depend on the context in which a dream occurred and the details and feelings that followed it.

We can say one thing with certainty – religious people have dreams about hell more often than agnostics and atheists.

Dream meaning of trying to escape hell

Unsuccessfully trying to escape hell in a dream means that you are not sorry for the negative things you did in the past.

You have probably offended or cheated a loved one, but you believe they deserved it. Why do you think that you have the right to discipline others?

Do you also reckon that one sin can get punished by another one? You will know how to do the right thing after you give answers to these questions.

The symbolism of escaping hell in a dream

Escaping hell in a dream means that you will stop regretting missed opportunities and start looking for new chances in the present and future.

You have gotten trapped in a vicious circle for too long, which is why you couldn’t make progress in any aspect of your life.

Now you will finally gather enough strength and courage to move on and turn a new page in the book of your life.

Dreaming of someone saving you from hell

If you dream of someone saving you from hell, it means that you get tremendous love and support from your loved ones, even though you are not aware of it.

You take for granted everything your family and friends give you since you believe that their actions should go without saying. You ought not to be selfish but start acting like them.

To dream about saving people from hell

This dream means that you will forgive someone who hurt you deeply.

You will realize that life is too short for having the luxury of not communicating with someone who meant a lot to you at one point in your life.

You will offer an olive branch and give them a chance to prove that they have changed, but you will never forget what they did to you.

Dream interpretation of someone pushing you into hell

If you dream of someone pushing you into hell, it means that you are paranoid.

You firmly believe that some people are against you and wish you bad things. Your emotions don’t let you see the bigger picture of the problem that bothers you.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to someone you trust because of it. Make sure to listen to the pieces of advice that person gives you, even if your opinion differs from theirs.

Dreaming of pushing someone into hell

Pushing someone into hell in a dream symbolizes negative emotions you often deal with.

You take out your frustration and nervousness on the people who didn’t do anything to deserve it.

You have to have a conversation with yourself not to chase your loved ones away.

Dreaming about burning in hell

Burning in hell in a dream means that you have agreed to act against your beliefs. You have probably done it to protect the people you love or provide financial stability for yourself.

You believe that you didn’t have a choice at that moment, even though that fact can’t silence your conscience.

To dream of other people burning in hell

A dream wherein you see someone else burning in hell means that you are a victim of manipulation.

Someone from your surroundings uses you to achieve their goals, even though they often hurt you in the process.

They promise the world to you but don’t keep their word. Your family and friends have probably pointed that out already.

However, you can’t believe that something like that is possible. You have to wake up before it is too late.

Being tortured in hell in a dream

Dreaming of demons or evil spirits torturing you in hell means that you will have to solve a problem that bothers you alone.

You can’t count on your family, friends, or partner’s help this time, which is why you have to stop pushing it under the rug and finally face it.

Dreams of other people tortured in hell

If you see demons torturing someone else in hell, it means that you regret not stopping injustice. There is a chance that you had the opportunity to help someone but didn’t do it.

You believe that what comes around goes around, but you have ignored that motto out of fear of judgment, and your conscience is restless.

You can silence it only if you don’t make the same mistake again.

To dream of torturing someone in hell

When you dream of torturing someone in hell, it means that you long for revenge. Someone probably tricked or offended you in the past, and your only mission is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

However, you are not even aware of how much you are hurting yourself by not being able to leave the past in the past and turn to the future.

Dreaming of standing at the gates of hell

Standing at the gates of hell in a dream means that you have some time left to fix the mistakes you made in the past only if you stop blaming other people for your failures.

You firmly believe that the universe is against you and that you experience defeat after defeat because of it.

However, that is merely not true. If you accept the idea that you make mistakes and learn something from them, things will start changing for the better.

To dream of keeping the hell’s gates

If you dream of gate-keeping hell, it means that you will do something you don’t love.

Your boss might give you a tricky task, and you will not have a choice. You will try to refuse, but you know that your existence depends on that job.

You will have to work and stay quiet for a higher goal.

To dream about going to hell voluntarily

This dream means that you still believe that you have control over a specific situation, but every minute of that event proves you wrong. It is time to stop and make some radical changes.

You and other people might not like them, but they are necessary to solve some problems.

Dreaming of looking forward to going to hell

If you dream of looking forward to going to hell, it means that you are too harsh to yourself sometimes.

You have set a bar of your expectations pretty high, and you have a hard time going over it.

If you had more realistic ambitions, you would have achieved a lot more and be more satisfied with yourself.

To dream of looking forward to someone else going to hell

When you dream of looking forward to someone else going to hell, it means that you shouldn’t build your happiness on someone else’s misery. You believe that until one door closes, another won’t open, but you have taken it wrong.

If you are in a relationship with someone who already has a partner, and you believe that they will leave that person for you, you have to know that you have ruined someone’s life with such a move and ask yourself if you would like something like that to happen to you.

On the other hand, if you want to profit from your colleague losing their job, you are very mistaken.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen a movie or read a book in which the hell gets mentioned, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of hell

Hell is a place of suffering and torment.