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Heaven and earth colliding

To dream of heaven

When you see heaven in a dream, it means that you will define your goals. You might realize what you want in life after thoroughly thinking about it.

You will make a list of priorities that you will stick to because you know that nothing can get served on a platter to you. You will have to work harder for some things, while you will get others easily.

Dreaming to be in heaven

If you are in heaven in a dream, it means that you have protection. You can probably always count on one person, no matter what problems bother you.

They are happy to listen to you and help you deal with the people who want to harm you.

Also, the person in question clarifies many things for you and helps you conclude that sometimes you are your worst enemy.

To dream that you are expelled from paradise

If you are expelled from paradise in a dream, it implies that you will betray someone. You might not be there for a loved one during difficult moments when they need you the most.

You will focus on yourself and the things that don’t matter so much, which will hurt your loved one, and they will decide to cut all contact with you.

Dreaming about leaving paradise alone

When you dream of leaving paradise alone, it means that you complicate things for yourself. You are never satisfied, and you find problems where there are none.

You can’t settle down because some rhetorical questions bother you, even though you would get answers to them if you stayed longer in a specific company, relationship, etc., and you dared take risks.

Dreaming of going back to heaven

If you dream of going back to heaven, it means that you will pay for the mistakes you have made. You might ask someone that you wronged for forgiveness and a second chance.

That person will appreciate your gesture because they know how much courage it asks for.

Meaning of expelling someone from heaven in a dream

If you dream of expelling someone from heaven, it symbolizes disappointment. Someone you trusted and respected might have betrayed you.

That person said or did something you can’t forgive them for. You have to ask yourself one more time if you are fair and just to that person because you are not flawless either.

To dream of standing at the pearly gates

Standing in front of the pearly gates in a dream means that fear of change or failure stops you from accepting the offers in front of you.

You probably have a problem with bad past experiences that make you insecure.

It is finally time to get rid of that burden and turn to new things and people.

Symbolism of being in heaven alone in a dream

When you dream of being in heaven alone, it means that someone will accuse you of being selfish.

You are used to achieving your goals and having other people adjust to you, even at the expense of their wishes and needs.

If you want your loved ones to be in your life, you will have to adjust to them too.

To dream that loved ones surround you in heaven

If you dream that loved ones surround you in heaven, it symbolizes beautiful upcoming moments in real life.

Your family and friends might finally gather, and you will enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Another possibility is that you will solve one problem and finally be able to relax and rest.

To be surrounded by strangers in heaven

If you dream that strangers surround you in heaven, it implies that you will make progress only if you gather enough courage to get out of your comfort zone.

You want a change for the better, but you are afraid of getting rid of some old habits.

Nothing significant will happen if you continue sitting with your arms crossed.

Dreaming about praying in paradise

Praying in paradise in a dream means that one event will make you start appreciating what you have more.

It is natural to strive for better, bigger, and more beautiful things, but you often neglect what you should be thankful for.

Something that will change your perspective on life will happen to you soon.

To dream of other people praying in paradise

When you see and hear someone else pray in paradise in your dream, it means that you will get bored by participating in a philosophical debate.

You are a pragmatic person, and you don’t like it when people complicate simple things.

Because of it, it will be a hassle to spend time with people who are trying to make a science out of something trivial.

Dreaming about dancing in paradise

Dancing in paradise in your dream means that something could gladden you soon. That can have something to do with your professional or personal life.

Anyhow, you will finally feel a great amount of joy and relief after a long time. People who have health issues will hear good news from their doctor.

To dream of other people dancing in paradise

A dream wherein you see someone else dance in paradise means that you can’t let life pass by you but have to start living it and, what’s even more important, enjoying its beauty.

You let too much sorrow and doubt get into you, and you have let years pass in such a state. You have so much to offer to yourself and others, so don’t hesitate to get into action.

Dreaming of singing in paradise

Singing in paradise in a dream means that you will make sure to throw a nice surprise for someone.

You might be able to afford something for your family member, partner, or dear friend that they have fantasized about for a long time but couldn’t get.

The joy on that person’s face will make you happy as well.

To dream of hearing a song in heaven

If you hear someone singing in heaven in your dream, it implies that you will hear good news from abroad or in another city. One of your relatives or friends might let you know that they got engaged, married, etc.

You will make sure to find a way to share that joy with them.

To dream about arguing with someone in heaven

Arguing with someone in heaven in a dream means that people from your surroundings could criticize some of your actions or decisions.

They might not have compassion for what you want to achieve or might not find the right way to understand the sense of your actions.

You have to make sure to offer arguments that will make them feel ashamed for scorning you.

Seeing other people arguing in heaven

If you dream of someone else arguing in heaven, it implies that two people that you superficially know might put you in an uncomfortable situation.

They might have a heated argument about something and try to drag you into the conflict.

You will have to let them know right away that you don’t want to be a part of it so that you don’t end up with the dirty end of the stick.

To dream of fighting someone in heaven

When you dream of fighting with someone in heaven, it means that you could misinterpret someone’s words or actions or underestimate the situation that they are in.

Your feelings will probably blind you, and you will not clearly see what is going on. You have to make sure not to be impulsive because you could regret saying or doing something.

To dream of other people fighting in paradise

When you see someone else fight in paradise, it means that you will try to show someone that they don’t have a reason to complain because their life is ideal, in your opinion.

You might envy that person for something, but you don’t have the right to make some final conclusions because you have never been in their skin.

Dreaming about crying in paradise

Crying in paradise in a dream means that some of your delusions will shatter. You might have believed that something was good for you, but it will turn out that you were wrong.

Another possibility is that you think your partner will be faithful to you for the rest of their life, but that person will let you know that they or want a breakup.

To dream of other people crying in heaven

If you see someone else cry in heaven in your dream, it means that you need not criticize someone whose situation you don’t understand because you never know what life circumstances can make you do.

To dream of destroying heaven

If you dream of destroying heaven, it implies that you are self-sabotage. You set all your ideas to failure even before you try to actualize them.

Besides that, you don’t let yourself be happy because of some bad past experiences.

To dream about other people destroying paradise

When you see someone else destroy paradise in a dream, it means that someone’s behavior will hurt you a lot. You are not easily offended, but you can’t get over some things.

You might decide to distance yourself from some people.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently read or listened to stories about heaven, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of heaven

In Christianity, heaven is the place where God and the souls of the people who have accepted his son end up after death.

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