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Illustration of a human heart

Dream meaning of drawing a heart

If you dream of drawing a heart, it means that you help yourself the most.

You make an effort to stay optimistic despite the numerous problems you courageously face.

You know that life is a battle in which only the persistent and strong survive.

To dream of your heart

If you see your heart in a dream, it means that your loved one will make you sad.

There is a chance that your friend or partner will resent you for something you said or did in the past.

You will be hurt because the person in question didn’t manage to forgive you, and you will wonder about all the things they resent you for without you even knowing it.

Dream and meanings of someone else’s heart

When you see someone else’s heart in a dream, it means that you will reject someone.

We are talking about a person who will ask you to start a relationship or collaboration with them.

Even though they will offer you the things you have fantasized about, something will stop you from being as enthusiastic as the person in question.

Dreaming about a bleeding heart

If you see a bleeding heart in a dream, it warns of sickness.

You might feel bad even though you make an effort to lead a healthy life.

You will put up with uncomfortable symptoms for a while, but you will turn to the doctor’s help only after the pain becomes unbearable.

To dream of a wounded heart

If you see a wounded heart in a dream, it means that you will experience a great offense.

Someone’s gesture might hurt you, and you will take it too seriously.

You are sensitive, which is why you have a feeling that everyone is against you and hardly waits to say or do something bad to you.

Ripping your heart out of your chest in a dream

When you dream of ripping your heart out of your chest, it symbolizes great pain.

You have probably experienced something after which nothing will be the same.

That can be a breakup or a loss of a loved one that will make you question your actions and blame yourself for everything, not realizing that the other side has contributed to the split, as well.

Dreams of holding a heart in your hands

Holding your own heart in your hands means that you are emotionally exposed.

You have probably given all of yourself to someone without fear of being hurt. You are not afraid to love, which is why you often get hurt.

However, you still believe in love, even though it takes a lot of courage for something like that.

If you dream of holding someone else’s heart in your hands, it means that you are afraid of hurting your loved one. The reason for it is that you hide something from your partner.

If someone who is not married or in a relationship dreams of something like this, it means that they could fall in love soon.

Dreaming of holding an animal’s heart in your hands means that you are courageous enough to deal with the problem that bothers you or to beat your enemies.

Dream interpretation of your heart stops beating

If you dream of your heart stopping beating, it means that it is time for a change. You have retreated inward and become closed off for other people lately.

That can be a result of inborn skepticism or bad past experiences. You don’t want to get hurt, which is why you don’t let people get close to you.

However, if you don’t change something now, you will be lonely in the future, for sure.

Dreaming about someone stabbing you in the heart

This dream is not a good sign, unfortunately. It symbolizes facing betrayal, unfaithfulness, or insults.

You might go through all of that because of someone you trusted unconditionally.

It will not be easy to get over that person, but you will conclude that you are stronger than you think.

The meaning of stabbing someone in the heart in a dream

When you dream of stabbing someone in the heart, it means that you have to stop hurting a loved one.

You might not do it physically but by hiding something from that person or doing something behind their back that hurts them.

You have to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if the situation was reversed.

Dream meaning of shooting someone in the heart

Shooting someone in the heart in a dream means that you could betray your loved one with your decisions or actions.

Someone has high hopes for you, trusts you, and hopes that they haven’t made a mistake.

However, you will disappoint that person for sure if you persist in what you want to do.

Because of it, ask yourself one more time if it is worth it to betray their trust.

Dreams of someone shooting you in the heart

If you dream of someone shooting you in the heart, it means that you are hurt, angry, or disappointed.

Something probably hurt you a lot, and you are still recovering from it.

Such dreams need not get interpreted if you have heart problems or suffer from heart disease in real life.

Dream interpretation of heart surgery

A dream wherein you observe heart surgery symbolizes unnecessary panic.

You worry a lot, which is why you are stressed out all the time. You are always surrounded by drama, which is why some people have cut you off completely.

You will not get them back if you don’t realize what mistakes you make and start changing yourself.

If you dream of having to have heart surgery, it means that you will change something in your life.

You might move to another city, country, or apartment, or you will change your job or end a long-term relationship.

The symbolism of a heart transplant in your dream

A heart transplant in a dream usually symbolizes unrequited love. You might suffer because of someone who doesn’t care about you.

Another possibility is that you are still in love with your ex. You will need some time to get over that person, but you can help yourself by giving someone else a chance to get closer to you.

Dreaming about a heart attack

If you dream about having a heart attack, it means that you will hear the exciting news.

Someone might offer you a business collaboration, or the person you have always been interested in will show interest in you now.

Dreaming of someone else having a heart attack means that your boss will tell you that you have to help a colleague you don’t like.

You can avoid it by taking a few days off.

Interpretations of dreams with a motif of a heart depend on many details. The heart is often present in the form of toys, jewelry, or decorations.

To dream of a tattoo of a heart pierced with an arrow

When you dream of having a tattoo of a heart pierced with an arrow, it means that you often pity yourself.

That is your way of attracting attention. However, the fact that people pity you is not the most quality way to start a friendship or a relationship.

Because of it, you have to change your tactic.

Dreaming about a plush heart

A plush heart in a dream means that you are lonely. People who have been single for a long time know that feeling very well. If you are married or in a relationship, you need not feel that way.

In that case, the dream suggests that it is time for an honest conversation with your loved one.

If that person doesn’t show compassion and readiness to work on your relationship, it means that it is high time to look for your happiness next to someone else.

The symbolism of a plastic heart in dreams

A plastic heart in a dream means that someone or something is not available to you. You might long for someone who is already taken.

Another possibility is that you are sad because you don’t have money or a chance to change your job now.

The meaning of a gold heart in your dream

A gold heart in a dream can be a sign that someone wants to buy your love, affection, or attention.

They probably treat you especially well. That person might want to make you feel good in their company.

However, you don’t feel comfortable because of such gestures, which is why their tactic will not work on you.

Dream meaning of a silver heart

If you see a silver heart in a dream, it means that one gift will disappoint you.

Your partner, family member, or friend will give you something you don’t like, don’t need, or don’t see the use-value in.

However, you will act as if you love it because you don’t want to hurt the person you care about.

Dreaming about a crystal heart

A crystal heart in a dream means that you are too sensitive sometimes.

You take things too seriously, which is why you recognize yourself in criticism not meant for you and only feed your insecurities more that way.

You have to work on your confidence to have a better and simpler life.

Dream meaning of a stone heart

A heart-shaped stone in a dream means that people see you as someone mysterious.

You don’t talk about yourself much, especially about what you feel. Because of it, some people of the opposite sex long to get to know you a bit better.

If you start paying attention, you will soon realize who that person is. It is up to you to decide what, and if anything, you will do about it.

To dream about a black heart

A black heart is not a good sign in dreams, unfortunately. It tells you that someone is trying to manipulate your feelings.

They are probably your weakness, which is why the person in question is not afraid to take advantage of them to achieve their goals.

You can’t let them hurt you, which is why you have to pay attention to the way some people around you behave.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen or heard a heart, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of the heart

The heart is a hollow muscular organ wrapped in heart tissue.