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Dreams about the head can have various meanings. The interpretation depends on the details that followed them.

Dream meaning of a trim-haired head

If you see a trim-haired head in a dream, that symbolizes loss. You will probably have to give up on the luxurious lifestyle that you have had until now because of big expenses.

You will have a hard time accepting the new situation, so you will not react properly in the beginning. Many debts will force you to cut down on expenses and learn to make ends meet.

Dreaming of a gray-haired head

When you are dreaming of a gray-haired head, that symbolizes a great honor. You probably leave the impression of an authoritative person who deserves respect and admiration from other people wherever you go.

Your family and friends appreciate your dedication and abilities, so they will constantly show you how much you mean to them.

To dream of a bald head

Dreaming of a bald head is a warning that you will have to face unexpected difficulties at work. The management of the company you work for may change, which will cause a lot of drama in your surroundings.

Agreements that you had with previous bosses will go down the drain, which will contribute to the feeling that you are insecure and tricked.

A shaved head in a dream

If you see a shaved head in a dream, it means that you will experience misery. You will probably have arguments with people that others avoid at all costs.

Since you are a fighter for justice and believe that being honest is your obligation, you will end up in an uncomfortable situation where you will be alone against windmills.

The symbolism of a severed head

Dreaming of a severed head means that you will lose a friend. Even though you didn’t want to admit it, you feel for a long time that you don’t understand each other.

Both of you have changed, but you don’t have mutual interests anymore, so it is natural to not understand one another.

You will have a painful revelation that it is better to let time show if you should fight for your relationship that is based only on beautiful moments from a distant past, while the present and future are not that great at all.

To be without the head

If you don’t have a head in a dream, it means that you are impulsive. Even though people often tell you that you seem abstracted, you don’t get bothered by such comments and continue doing the things you want.

You are not worried about your future a lot, but you try to live in the moment. You often face criticism, but you know that many people envy you and that they would do anything to be like you.

Carrying your head in your arms

When you are dreaming of carrying your head in your arms, that symbolizes a loving surrender.

You will probably end up in a relationship with someone for whom your heart is beating, and you would die.

Even though you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you were not sure that you were ready for the sacrifice that this relationship required at first.

However, you will realize that it is time to finally raise a white flag and enjoy life together.

Dreaming of having a huge head

If you are dreaming of having an abnormally large head, it means that you are too arrogant. It is good to be self-confident, but you are irritating people around you with your behavior.

Having too big of an ego can only affect your social life negatively since people will start avoiding you. The same applies to your job, as well.

Your colleagues and superiors appreciate your knowledge, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to belittle everyone around you.

Having a small head in a dream

A dream in which you have an abnormally small head symbolizes complexes because of which you are missing many opportunities to be more successful and happier.

Start loving yourself, and stop belittling the success you have achieved so far. Don’t ignore the praise and compliments that you are getting. Let them motivate you to be even better.

Dreaming about having two heads

If you dream of having two heads, that symbolizes happiness and good business decisions. You will probably get a job offer that you shouldn’t refuse.

You will finally be able to materialize your skills, knowledge, and experience. It is also possible that you will change your dwelling place because of it.

According to ancient dream books, when you are dreaming of having more than two heads, that symbolizes a sudden illness or death in your further family.

Cutting someone’s head off in a dream

This dream, even though unpleasant, doesn’t have a negative meaning. A close relative or friend that you haven’t seen for a long time could visit you.

You will be happy to see them on your door, so you will enjoy remembering childhood memories and your teenage years.

You will promise them that you will hang out more since they belong to a small group of people you can confide in any secret with and be sure that they won’t betray you.

To dream of someone chopping your head off

A dream in which someone cuts your head off is a warning not to invest money in risky businesses or projects.

Be careful when being property, cars, or other valuable things because a moment of recklessness could cost you a lot. You might lend money to someone who will never return it.

Seeing your head on an x-ray

If you are dreaming of watching your head on an x-ray, it means that you will soon analyze your actions from the past and dedicate your attention to planning the future.

You will realize that you have let time pass you by, and when you look back, it seems to you that you haven’t achieved anything.

That will cause restlessness and frustration, so you will firmly decide to plan out your next moves well to achieve everything you want.

Dreaming of getting wounded in the head

This dream means that someone or something will mess up your plans. There is probably a person in your life that is making you miss good opportunities because of their insecurity.

You have left college, refused a job offer abroad, or given up on buying an apartment because of them.

After you realize that they are restraining and obstructing you subconsciously, you will try to talk to them openly about it. You will not have an easy time agreeing, but it is necessary to compromise because of a better future.

Wounding someone in the head in a dream

If you are dreaming of wounding someone in the head, it means that you are afraid of changes. You rarely get out of your comfort zone, and you have been stuck in the same job that doesn’t make you happy for years.

The fear of failure is your biggest obstacle that has made you miss out on many good opportunities when it comes to business and your private life.

The meaning of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen someone’s head before going to sleep, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of the head

The head is part of the human and animal body located in the front of the body.

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