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To participate in a harvest
Dreaming of participating in a harvest symbolizes a joyful encounter. You will see a loved one who you haven’t been in contact with for a long time. You have wanted to call them often, but you didn’t have time. Also, you were not sure how they would react, considering that so much time has passed. If they are your ex-crush, there is a possibility that your encounter will turn into a romantic relationship.

To see a harvest
If you see a harvest in a dream, that symbolizes a big reward. Superiors will recognize your effort, so they will offer you better conditions than you currently have. It is possible that they will want to invest in your education since they believe that you have a lot of potential. Other business opportunities that could bring you a better profit will be offered to you as well. You will be in a dilemma, so you will have to make a decision, whether you should stay somewhere where you can learn a lot or go to a place that has a better profit.

Also, harvest is a symbol of abundance and luck regarding love. If you are in agriculture, you will be really successful and have a lot of gains. You have survived bad weather and you will finally be able to live from your work. You and your family will have more than enough, while you will sell the rest of it, which will bring you great profit.

To refuse to participate in a harvest
Dreaming of refusing to participate in a harvest means that you will stand up for your beliefs, no matter how much that will cost you. It is possible that you will have an argument with a colleague or superior because you will not agree on how some job should be done. Even though they are in a higher position than you, you will not be afraid to confront them. Your belief that they don’t deserve the position that they currently have will be an additional motif, because they are not professional or capable enough to do their job. They have been promoted thanks to various connections that their family or friends have.

To dream of a good harvest
A good harvest in a dream symbolizes business progress. Even though you were afraid that you will not be capable to do your current job, you will realize that you have learned a lot. Because of that, you will make an effort to be the best at your job, which will not go unnoticed by your superiors. You could soon be rewarded for the effort you are investing in.

To dream of a bad harvest
A bad harvest in a dream symbolizes money problems. You will have to cut down on your desires drastically if you want to afford everyday necessities smoothly. It is possible that you will have to find an additional job to pull that off. You will have a hard time, because your family will not understand the situation you got yourself in, but they will expect more all the time. Don’t let yourself fall into debt because of it. That could give you horrible headaches in the future.

To dream of picking fruits
This dream suggests that you are with your partner only because of sex. You don’t have any deeper emotions for them.

To pick vegetables
Dreaming of picking vegetables symbolizes prosperity. You will enter a peaceful period when it comes to business, emotions and money. You will finally be able to relax and enjoy spending time with your partner, family members or friends. Use the following days to charge your batteries and prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges.

Interpretations of these dreams also depend on the types of vegetables that you dream of picking. For example, if you dream of picking peppers, it means that you will be successful in many things. You will have enough time for work, friends, and also, yourself, which will mean a lot to you.

If, however, you dream of picking tomatoes, it means that you will experience the advantages of your actions only if you stay patient.

To dream of harvesting corn
Dreaming of harvesting corn means that you are a person who is happy with small things. You are not materialistic and you like to hang out with your friends or family more than earn money. You have never fantasized of being rich, which is why you have an easier time than your friends with accepting that you can’t always afford what you want.

To dream of harvesting rice
Dreaming of harvesting rice means that you will have to work a lot, in order to earn enough money for your needs. Your desires are bigger than your earnings for a long time now. It is possible that you have taken a loan and spent that money on trivial things. Now, you are in trouble, because you simply won’t have enough money. You might find a seasonal job abroad, in order to get yourself out of debt.

To dream of harvesting wheat
Dreaming of harvesting wheat means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you have become lazy. Your excuse that you don’t have enough time is enabling you to go without a walk or a run for days. Your body is feeling it, so you have started to feel tired even if you spend the whole day in bed. You will have to snap out of it, because the symptoms might be a lot more dangerous.

To dream of harvesting barely
If you dream of harvesting barely, it means that you have weight problems, either because you want to lose or gain weight. Everyday nasty comment from people who know you are not helpful because they are making you more insecure. You often notice more flaws in your body than positive things. That is affecting your mind greatly, so you like to spend time alone, instead of being in large groups of people. However, don’t give up. If all you are doing now is not bringing any results, ask for advice from a professional.

To dream of harvesting rye
A dream in which you are harvesting rye means that you are a free-spirited person. You don’t judge, so you accept people the way they are without problems. You have a lot of friends and acquaintances. Even though your loved ones often tell you that you are too naïve, you believe that they are wrong. When it comes to you, people are good until they prove otherwise.

To dream of harvesting oats
Dreaming of harvesting oats means that your body is warning you to watch what you eat. You know that fast food is a bad choice, but you believe that you don’t have enough time to cook every day. That will start soon to affect your body and unfortunately, your health too.

To dream of organizing a harvest
Organizing a harvest in a dream means you will not be able to finish one project alone, so you will have to ask for help from a friend or colleague. You have probably put yourself in such a position because you have avoided facing that problem for a long time. Let that be a lesson on how not to behave in the future.

To dream of getting invited to a harvest
If you dream of someone inviting you to a harvest, it implies you have to learn to say I can’t, I don’t want to, or I will not. You put yourself in the service of other people too often, so instead of devoting time to your obligations, you focus on other people. If you continue acting that way, you will wake up as a frustrated and unhappy person one day.

To dream of celebrating a successful harvest
If you dream of celebrating a fruitful harvest, it means you will reward yourself for the great amount of effort and hard work you have invested in something. You have probably worked hard on something, which is why you will buy something you have fantasized about for a long time. It will be good motivation to keep facing the upcoming challenges courageously.

To dream of leaving a harvest too early
When you dream of leaving a harvest before it is done, it implies you are lazy. You haven’t had the will to get out of bed lately, let alone do something. There is no problem if this phase is a result of exhaustion and the great effort you have invested in something. However, if it prolongs, it is a sign to do something about it. You have to move so that your obligations don’t pile up and make your life difficult.

To dream of bad weather interrupting your harvest
If you dream of bad weather interrupting your harvest, it symbolizes damage. You might invest money into something that will not fulfill your expectations. Another possibility is that your car or one of your house appliances might break down, and you will have to pay a lot of money for the repair or replacement.

To dream of singing during a harvest
If you dream of singing during a harvest, it means you believe hard labor sets people free. You are a hard-working person, so you don’t work only when you don’t feel well. You don’t have time to recover from the flu or a migraine, but take a pill and continue where you left off. You believe resting is a waste of time.

To dream about other people singing during a harvest
A dream wherein you see and hear someone else singing during a harvest suggests you will envy someone for the amount of energy they possess. You are not lazy but seem like it compared to that person. If you continue hanging out with them, you might acquire some good habits.

To dream of arguing during a harvest
When you dream of arguing with someone during a harvest, it implies you will have a conflict with a stubborn person. Considering that you are the same, everything could turn into a heated discussion if you don’t manage to control yourself. You have to show compassion and readiness to make compromises to get the same in return.

To dream of other people arguing during a harvest
If you dream of someone else arguing during a harvest, it means you have to avoid people who complain about their destiny a lot in the following period. You are currently in a phase where you are successful at everything you do, which is why you should avoid having apathetic conversations and people who radiate negative energy.

To dream about fighting during a harvest
Fighting during a harvest in a dream means you have to watch out for how you are behaving and what you are saying in the following period so that your big mouth and temper don’t put you in danger.

To dream of other people fighting during a harvest
If you dream of someone else fighting during a harvest, it implies you have to avoid conflicts. Whenever you have a chance to solve something with a conversation, make sure to show compassion for your interlocutor instead of trying to impose your attitude on them.

To dream of helping a barber
If you dream of helping a barber, it means you might soon decide to upgrade your knowledge in the field that has always interested you. You might take a course, get training, or go to seminars that will help you take your hobby to the next level. You hope that will pay off and become a good source of income one day.

To dream about threatening a barber
Threatening a barber in a dream suggests you have chosen the wrong way to solve one problem. You haven’t looked at it from all angles but have decided to dive in it head first. It is still not too late to withdraw some decisions and ask for advice from someone you trust about what bothers you.

To dream of a barber threatening you
If you dream of a barber threatening you, it means you will be the target of someone’s frustration, dissatisfaction, or anger. The worst you can do in such situations is argue. Instead, you have to wait for the dust to settle before you explain why you believe they are wrong by using facts and why you think you are not the tree they should bark at.

To dream about stealing from a barber
Stealing from a barber in a dream suggests you will try to take credit for other people’s hard work, success, or effort. You might even be successful at it for some time, but the truth will see the light of day sooner or later, and you will destroy the reputation you have relentlessly built for years in the community that you live in.

To dream of a barber stealing from you
When you dream of a barber stealing from you, it implies you have to watch out for sabotage. Your success bothers someone, and they will make sure to destroy the reputation you have in society or your workplace. You can avoid that if you open your eyes. Make sure not to fall for manipulations and count on yourself only instead of believing other people’s false promises.

To dream about chasing a barber
Chasing a barber in a dream suggests you have perceived the wrong person as your enemy. Someone has probably advised or suggested something to you, and you have taken it as criticism and decided to distance yourself from that person, even though their intentions were good. It would be better to question your relationship with other people and apologize to that person.

To dream of running away from a barber
Running away from a barber in a dream means you are afraid of change. You know you are dissatisfied with your professional or personal life but don’t do anything to change it. Getting out of your comfort zone is unacceptable for you at the moment. However, you are wasting your precious time because you are afraid of turning a new leaf in your life.

To dream about drinking with a barber
Drinking with a barber in a dream suggests you might betray someone’s expectations. You will probably not do the assignment you got properly or respect the deadliness you were given. If you don’t want that to happen again, you have to treat the promises you make to other people with more respect and professionalism.

To dream of dancing with a barber
If you dream of dancing with a barber, it means you will pass your knowledge or skills to other people. You might be a mentor to a young coworker that is only at the beginning of their career. Another possibility is that children or teenagers will learn something from you.

To dream of getting married to a barber
If an unmarried woman dreams of getting married to a barber, it implies she fantasizes about an ambitious man. You have a history with lazy partners that you had to push in life. However, you have realized you want someone who wants to make progress like you next to you.

If a married woman dreams of getting married to a barber, it means she will doubt her partner’s honesty or fidelity. You might have realized that the person in question is hiding something from you based on their behavior. However, you need not accuse them of anything if you don’t have proof that you are right.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently watched a harvest on TV or in person, that has made an impression on you, so you have transferred those scenes from the real world into your dreams.

Definition of a harvest

Harvesting is the picking of fruits from the harvest fields.