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Dreams about harlots can have multiple meanings. The interpretation depends on the context in which your dream took place and the details that followed it.

Dream about a harlot

When you see a harlot in your dream, that is a warning to watch out for a sneaky and malicious person.

Someone from your surroundings is dishonest and they are pretending to be your friend. They envy you for everything that you have achieved and they will create problems for you whenever they get the chance to do so.

It is possible that they will start a rumor that your partner is cheating on you and they will want to estrange you in order to seduce them.

If you go a little bit back in time, you will realize that your problems started after they entered your life.

When a woman dreams of being a harlot

If a woman dreams of being a harlot, it means that she wants someone who is forbidden. You will be fatally attracted to someone who is taken.

You will fight against yourself, so that they don’t notice it, but even your dreams will start to give your feelings away.

That person is probably not indifferent toward you either, so you will face a moral dilemma.

When a man dreams of a harlot

If a man dreams of a harlot, it implies that he doesn’t trust his partner. It is possible that you are insecure, which will affect your relationship negatively.

You will create scandals that will distance your partner from you. You will not realize that either, or make things right, but you will believe that the cause of your problems is another person.

If you don’t change your behavior, your fear might start to come true.

Meeting a harlot in a dream

Dreaming of meeting a harlot means that you have some hidden sexual fantasies. You are dreaming of trying out different positions that you have seen only in erotic movies, but you are afraid that your partner might get the feeling that you are a perverted person.

If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, you need to realize that they have already created some opinion about you, so you don’t have to be worried.

If, however, you are at the beginning of a new relationship, you should wait with your suggestion, until they make sure that they can trust you.

Dreaming about talking to a harlot

Dreaming of talking to a harlot symbolizes love failure. It is possible that you have recently gotten out of a long-term relationship or that you are thinking about an ex-partner too much.

Anyhow, you don’t trust the opposite sex anymore and you are starting to believe in all those stereotypes about women and men.

You will need a lot of time to realize that not all men or women are like that. If you become completely closed off in that sense, there is a chance that you will never find your soulmate.

If you are dreaming of other people talking to a harlot, it means that a difficult period is expecting you, when it comes to finances.

You will fight to pay off your debts that will ruthlessly pile up, threatening you with bankruptcy. It is possible that you will have to find an extra job or take a loan.

The hardest thing for you will be that people from your surroundings will not understand the situation you will get yourself in.

Not only will they not help you, but they will demand help from you.

Arguing with a harlot in a dream

Dreaming of arguing with a harlot means that you think highly of yourself. You believe that you are morally and intellectually superior to most people that you know.

Self-confidence is very useful, but you need to be moderate with it. However, you have started to go over the top with it and if you don’t change soon, you could lose most dear people.

The truth is that someone who will love you the way you are will always exist, but don’t test your destiny.

Dreaming of other people arguing with a harlot means that your subconsciousness is warning you of exhaustion. You have been working a lot lately and now you are overwhelmed.

Even everyday or routine chores are hard for you while thinking of work makes you sick. Try to find time for yourself, because you are not contributing either to yourself or others in such a bad state.

Dreaming of fighting with a harlot

If you dream of fighting with a harlot, be careful in traffic. If you have planned a shorter trip, take a good look at the map, because you could get lost.

That, however, will not be a big problem, but you will lose precious time dedicated to enjoyment. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to listen to the navigation system instead of your hunch.

Dreaming of other people fighting with a harlot means that you will try to take a loved one onto the right path.

It is possible that one of your family members or friends will get involved in illegal businesses. That will worry you and you will try to warn them of such a mistake.

Unfortunately, you will not be successful, so you will have to accept the fact that everyone chooses their own path.

Dream meaning of killing a harlot

This dream means that you will be disappointed with a loved one. You will realize that they are not what you’ve thought them to be and that you have idolized them for many years. You will decide to cut every contact with them without an explanation.

They will try to meet up with you for a while, but you will refuse their offer with the excuse that you don’t have time to see them.

It is possible that other people will try to reconcile with you, as well, but they will not succeed. You will stay true to your word, refusing to agree to compromise.

When you dream of other people killing a harlot in a dream or seeing a dead harlot, it means that you will have a serious fight with a loved one.

The reasons for it will be trivial at first, but they will soon reach the boiling point. If you want to keep them by your side, you will have to take a second and question your behavior.

Kissing a harlot in a dream

Having any kind of an intimate relationship with a harlot symbolizes sexual problems regarding you or your partner.

It is possible that you haven’t been intimate for a long time and it is starting to affect you. You are often thinking about the causes of your problem, but you are afraid of talking to your partner.

Other problems like the lack of communication or common arguments are created because of it. One of you will probably look for comfort in someone else’s arms if they get the chance for it.

To accuse someone of being a harlot

If you accuse someone of being a harlot in your dream, that suggests that you are dissatisfied with your life.

You haven’t been able to achieve many things in your life and you are afraid that you never will. You are questioning choices that you have made in the past and you are sorry for your actions.

However, you can’t fall into despair, because it is not late for most of your plans. If you continue to be persistent and hard-working, your wishes might come true.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen someone who reminds you of a harlot, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of a harlot

A harlot is a person that acts immorally and lewdly.

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