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Hands in a dream

To dream of dirty hands

If you see dirty hands in your dream, it warns you of your friends being dishonest. Many of them probably disapprove of your actions and secretly comment on them.

You will become aware of them looking at you differently over time, but you will not understand why they don’t openly tell you what they think.

To dream that your hands are dirty

If your hands are dirty in a dream, it implies that you will be unfair to someone. You might purposefully wrong someone in return for a favor that someone will do for you.

Even though you will find numerous excuses for yourself to be able to sleep at night, you will often remember the person who didn’t get what they deserved because of you.

Dreaming about clean hands

When your hands are clean in a dream, it symbolizes honesty.

You always say what’s on your mind and don’t care if other people like your comments because you believe you are not doing them a favor by only telling them what they want to hear.

Dreaming that someone else’s hands are clean

If someone else’s hands are clean in your dream, it symbolizes trust. You tell one person in your immediate surroundings everything you think or do.

They didn’t give you a reason to doubt their loyalty, so you try to treat the person in question the same.

Hands are mighty dream. Symbolism of hands in dreams is really wide but it is logical and simple. For example washing hand means your worries are near the end. Having dirty hands implies you are unfair to someone.

Dreaming of washing your hands

If you dream of washing your hands, it symbolizes the end of your worries. You will probably stop doing the job you don’t like or hanging out with people that make you feel bad.

You will feel relieved because you don’t have to pretend anymore and will hardly wait to cut all contact with those people.

Losing your hands in a dream

When you dream of losing your hands, it warns of death. The elderly acquaintance might be in bad shape, and the inevitable will happen.

You will try to comfort that person’s family and remember all the beautiful moments you shared.

To dream that your hands are muscular

If you dream that your hands are muscular, it symbolizes a lack of self-confidence. It could be a result of deeply rooted insecurities that stop you from making progress or being happy.

You have to work on that to experience change for the better in your life.

To dream of a man with muscular arms

A dream wherein you see a man with very muscular arms means you are under someone’s influence because you either love or fear that person.

You have to ask yourself how many decisions you have made on your own so far and how many that person has imposed on you.

To dream of a woman with muscular arms

If you dream of a woman with muscular arms, it means you are afraid of change. You probably don’t like getting out of your comfort zone, which is why you have missed numerous opportunities.

If you get rid of that fear and accept new possibilities, everything will change for the better.

Dreaming that you have small hands

To dream that you have tiny hands symbolizes betrayal, unfortunately. You have to be very careful not only with your acquaintances and colleagues but with friends and loved ones, too.

Someone might deeply disappoint you. That doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself, but be careful what you say and to whom.

Dreaming that you have large hands

Large hands in a dream suggest that you will get rewarded for the effort you have invested in something or for doing good deeds.

You might have devoted a lot of energy to something, and the results will exceed your expectations.

Another possibility is that you will get recognition for your humanitarian work.

Dreaming of deformed hands

When you don’t have one or more fingers, have more than ten, or your hand is deformed, it is a good sign. Such dreams usually represent an improvement in your financial situation.

The dream can also symbolize marriage or a baby for younger people.

To dream that your hands are hairy

If you dream that your hands are hairy, it suggests there is something that worries you. You have changed many things that bothered you for the better and are satisfied with that.

However, one pebble in the shoe frustrates you and gives you headaches.

To dream that other people’s hands are hairy

A dream wherein you see someone else with hairy hands means that change could enter your home.

Someone might move in or out, you might get a child, or your family members might experience turbulence because of money and work.

To dream that your hands are bloody

If you dream that your hands are bloody, it symbolizes a feeling of guilt. You might have hurt, offended, or wronged someone.

If you don’t try to fix that, you will continue having dreams with this or similar meanings.

To dream that other people’s hands are bloody

A dream wherein you see someone else with bloody hands means that someone will apologize for saying or doing something bad to you.

Considering that you get easily offended and have a hard time letting such things go, it will not be easy to forgive that person and move on.

Dreaming about scars on your hands

If you dream of having scars on your hands, it symbolizes your feistiness. You rarely give up on your goals. Even though such a trait is great in business, it can be a heavy burden sometimes.

You have to learn to relax and put down your weapons sometimes.

To dream that someone else has scars on their hands

When you dream that someone else has scars on their hands, it means someone’s feistiness and energy will amaze you.

We are talking about a person who has experienced many ups and downs but has never given up.

They believe failure is not an option, which is not familiar to you because you have given up many times as soon as something didn’t go smoothly.

To dream about having wounds on your hands

If you dream that you have wounds on your hands, it implies sacrifice for someone or something.

You might do something that goes against your beliefs in your desire to protect your loved ones or provide them with a better future.

To dream that someone else has wounds on their hands

If you see wounds on someone else’s hands in your dream, it means you blame yourself for someone’s failure. You believe you didn’t warn that person on time or give them a good piece of advice.

There is no reason to think like that because the person in question had to make the final decision or move.

To dream of a tattoo on your hand

When you dream of a tattoo on your hand, it implies that you want to stand out from the crowd. You have always believed you are special, and you don’t hide it but are proud of it.

Besides that, you are always the person everyone listens to and laughs at your jokes, and you don’t even care what those people actually think of you.

To dream of a tattoo on someone else’s hand

A dream wherein you see a tattoo on someone else’s hand means you can’t let prejudice control your life.

You are prone to judging people, places, and things based on assumptions instead of on your experience. You don’t enjoy your life to the fullest because of it or meet new people and experience anything special.

Dreaming about holding hands with someone

Holding hands with someone in a dream means you care about someone and are afraid of losing them.

You have to ask yourself if the fear is based on reality because it could jeopardize your relationship with a loved one.

Breaking your arm in a dream

If you dream of falling and breaking your arm, it implies that you have to be careful in the following period.

Many obligations expect you, and you have to protect your mental and physical health because of it. If you are not cautious, something might tie you to the bed and stop you from actualizing your plans.

To dream of someone breaking your arm

If you dream of someone breaking your arm, it symbolizes a bruised ego.

One person has probably offended you, and you can’t forgive them that easily.

To dream of breaking someone’s arm

When you dream of breaking someone’s arm, it means that you will provoke someone you envy.

That person will respond with a smile, which will show you that you got defeated in that game.

To dream of offering a hand to someone

Giving a hand to someone in a dream means you will give up on taking revenge or forgiving someone for something.

You don’t forgive easily, but you will realize it is better to do it than to spend the rest of your life with that bitterness.

To dream of someone giving you a hand

If you dream of someone giving you a hand, it implies that you are too prideful sometimes.

That doesn’t mean you have to go against everything you believe, but you are at risk of becoming unhappy and arrogant.

To dream of rejecting an offered hand

If you dream of rejecting someone’s hand, it means you are often your biggest enemy.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently gotten your hands dirty or washed them, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of hands

Hands are limbs of the upper part of the body.