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A hammer isn’t such a common motif in dreams. Research has shown that men dream about it more than women. The interpretation depends on the context in which your dream took place and the details that followed it.

Dream about hammer 

This dream suggests that you will have to invest a lot of effort into achieving a goal.

Holding a hammer in a dream

If you are dreaming of holding a hammer, it means that other people don’t appreciate your efforts enough.

No matter how hard you try to do something good for the company you work for, your boss sees it as a waste of time and as useless expense.

You will have the desire to prove yourself and make a lot of ideas possible, but someone will always stand in your way. You will start thinking about changing your job because even the salary will not satisfy your criteria.

You will not want to assimilate with people who are only complaining about difficult conditions while not doing anything to make things better.

To dream of others holding a hammer

When you are dreaming of other people holding a hammer, it means that you will not have mercy for someone who hurt you.

They were probably close to you in the past and they knew everything about your life. Since they misused your trust, you have decided that you don’t want to have any kind of contact with them.

However, they will reappear in your life and ask for forgiveness. You will be unsure of what to do because even though you still care about them, you are afraid that they will again do something that will break your heart.

Buying a hammer in a dream

Dreaming of buying a hammer symbolizes determination when it comes to business. You will create a plan to start your business and become your boss.

You have learned from other people about it for years, planning to become independent one day. You will get opportunities in the following period that you shouldn’t miss.

Dream meaning of selling a hammer

If you are dreaming of selling a hammer, that symbolizes a new beginning. You may have realized that you made a mistake when choosing a college or profession or you simply didn’t make the right decision when solving one of your problems.

You will realize that you need to start over, even though you will be sorry for the time and effort you have invested so far into something that didn’t bring wanted results.

It is possible that you didn’t build the right foundations for it, so the best thing to do is to start from the beginning.

To bestow a hammer

Dreaming of bestowing a hammer on someone means that you will invest a lot of effort into helping someone.

That person probably had a difficult life, so you will decide that they deserve the best things to happen to them. You will dedicate your attention to looking for ways to help them and you will succeed in doing it.

They will be thankful for it, but that will not mean a lot to you since you know why you did it. Your actions don’t come from the need for publicity or a good reputation in society.

Dreaming of getting a hammer as a gift

When you are dreaming of getting a hammer as a gift, it means that you will probably decide to take a course, get training, or specialize in something that will bring you new skills and more knowledge.

You would like to provide yourself with more quality work conditions and a better salary with this professional upgrade.

Keep in mind that your decision is completely right, no matter if you hear people telling you that you are wasting money or time because of it. Don’t listen to anyone, but find a way to achieve your goals.

Hammering something in a dream

If you are dreaming of hammering something, that symbolizes actions in the real world. Ask yourself why you need to express your anger.

There is probably a good reason for it, but you have decided to ignore it, so your subconsciousness is warning you not to be destructive.

Your actions are hurting only you. Get rid of the things that are bothering you as soon as possible.

To hit your finger with a hammer

This dream symbolizes trouble that you could get yourself into because of recklessness. You may create a problem if you lose focus.

You may sign a contract that will turn out to be completely unfavorable for you or you will make a deal that brings more risks than profit.

Anyhow, you can stop all of it if you stay calm and collected, so don’t let anyone persuade you into doing something that you don’t like.

Dreaming about being attacked with a hammer

If you are dreaming of someone trying to hit you with a hammer, it means that the following period will be stressful for you.

You will have a lot of problems at work, while the situation at home will not be great either. You will need a lot of strength to get out of those stressful situations unharmed.

The dream can also symbolize powerlessness when it comes to defending yourself from someone or something.

Pay attention to people that surround you, because some of them don’t wish you well.

Attacking someone with a hammer in a dream

When you are dreaming of attacking someone with a hammer, it means that you will have to defend your beliefs hard.

Most people will disagree with you, so you will make sure to show them that they are wrong, but you will probably not succeed.

The symbolism of a rusty hammer

If you see an old or rusty hammer, that symbolizes inner struggle. Old demons are still trying to bring you down and stop you from achieving your dreams.

This is probably related to a vice or the lack of self-esteem caused by failures. Whatever it may be, it is time to leave it behind you.

Mistakes and failures from the past need to be forgotten as soon as possible so that you can focus on the present.

A broken hammer in a dream

When you see a broken hammer in a dream, that symbolizes a family fight. You may have a serious argument because of different beliefs.

This is probably related to some decisions you have made, which your loved ones disagree with. If that didn’t affect their lives, then they don’t have the right to meddle, but if it did, try to explain the reasons behind your actions.

The following period will be rocky when it comes to your private life. You may avoid going home because of it, so you will find shelter at work, in a bar, or at your friend’s house.

Dream about a hammer without a handle

If you dream of a hammer that doesn’t have a handle, it means that you will receive a bunch of useless pieces of advice that sound a lot better in theory than they are applicable in life.

You may get them from older colleagues or family members that don’t believe in modern technology and they have completely different views on work and life from you.

However, you will listen to them out of respect, even though you know that they are not helpful at all.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently worked on something with a hammer, that made an impression on you.

Definition of a hammer

A hammer is a tool used to deform or move objects using a strong blow. It is usually used for hammering nails.

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