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To dream of full ears of corn

If you see full ears of corn in a dream, it symbolizes prosperity. You might have success in everything you do in the next period.

You will realize you don’t have to stress over some things you can’t change and do your best to do what brings you satisfaction.

Dreaming of empty corn ears

If you see empty corn ears in a dream, it implies that you are sad. You will probably think about the people you are not in touch with anymore or who passed away and regret not acting differently in some situations.

You will try to be good to people that surround you so that you don’t resent yourself for wronging them too.

Sowing grain in a dream

When you dream of sowing grain, it means that your hopes are in vain. You might have invested too much into your job, relationship, or friendship, but you will not get anything in return.

You haven’t evaluated your partners well, so you will lose the money, patience, or time and be very disappointed.

Meaning of threshing grain in a dream

If you dream of threshing grain, it means that you will successfully finish one project. You might graduate or make career progress soon.

Your confidence will rise, and you will notice that your family members and the people that surround you will treat you better than before.

Dreaming about reaping grain

If you reap grain in a dream, it symbolizes happiness. Your health might improve, and you will do everything that stays that way.

You will stick to useful advice and have the will to fight because your effort brings good results.

To dream of ripe grain

When you see the ripe grain in a dream, it warns of an unpleasant event. You might argue with a stubborn person at work or home who will not want to listen to you.

That will turn into a heated fight, after which you will feel bad.

To dream of unripe grain

If you see the unripe grain in your dream, it advises you to be patient. You probably have a deadline to finish something, and you want to stick to it at all costs.

Many people will tell you to wait for the right moment, but you will not pay attention to their comments and decide to be impulsive.

Dreaming of cooking grain

If you dream of cooking grain, it symbolizes a joyful event. You might visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time, or they might visit you.

You will have many topics to talk about, and you will promise to see each other more often.

Dreaming about eating grain

Eating grain in a dream suggests that you are disciplined. You exercise regularly and watch out for what you eat.

You make an effort to be moderate in everything, which has a positive effect on your appearance, health, and mood.

To dream of other people sowing grain

A dream wherein you see someone else sow grain means that you need not envy someone who has achieved everything you fantasize about, in your opinion.

That person might have your dream job or make more than you, but you are wrong to think that they don’t have problems or face various challenges that you would never want to go through.

Dreaming about other people thrusting grain

When you see someone else thrust grain into your dream, it means that your loved one will make you proud.

Your family member or partner might achieve big success, and you will tell everyone about it. You might even organize a party in that person’s honor.

To dream of other people reaping grain

If you see someone else reap grain in your dream, it symbolizes good news. Your family member or friend who lives in another city will tell you something that will gladden you.

That person will bring back a smile to your face after a long time. Let that be proof that life is not black or white and that those shades of gray make it beautiful.

Meaning of other people eating grain in a dream

If you see someone else eat grain in your dream, it implies that you are worried about your loved one’s health.

Someone you care about might be experiencing specific symptoms but doesn’t want to see a doctor.

Considering that we are talking about a grownup, you can’t do much except continue to insist that they do the right thing.

To dream of other people cooking grain

A dream wherein you see someone else cook grain means that you have to visit or at least call your relatives or friends that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Yes, you have many obligations, but that can’t be an excuse to neglect the ones you love and who meant a lot to you in some periods of your life.

To dream about feeding someone with a grain

Feeding someone with grain in a dream means that you persistently want to impose your ideas, opinions, or decisions on someone.

You probably do it out of best intentions, but you will soon realize that you have overdone it and that what you are doing is a direct intrusion of someone’s privacy.

You have to remember to give advice when someone asks for it only.

Dreaming of someone feeding you grain

When you dream of someone feeding you grain, it implies that you are selfish or spoiled.

Everything has to be the way you have imagined because you make a scene if it is not.

Considering that you are old enough, you have to correct your behavior so that you don’t chase everyone you care about away.

To dream of giving grain to an animal

If you dream of feeding animals with grain, it symbolizes bigger expenses. You might invest in something that will not bring you a profit soon, so you will ask yourself if that was a smart move.

It is too late to change something now, but you can learn something from that situation not to repeat the same mistake in the future.

To dream of grinding grain

If you dream of grinding grain and making flour out of it, it implies that you are good with money.

You take care of every dime you spend and always make sure that your expenses don’t exceed your income, so you even save up a bit.

If you continue acting that way, your financial situation will be stable and your future secured.

To dream of other people grinding grain

When you see someone else grind grain in your dream, it means that you will accuse someone of being frugal.

We are talking about a friend or work colleague that rarely reaches for their wallet when you have to pay for a meal or drink.

You will get tired of their behavior and openly tell them that they can’t live at your expense.

Buying grain in a dream

Dreaming of buying grain means that you will start the actualization of a long-term project soon. We are talking about an idea that has been on your mind for a long time, but you haven’t dared to actualize it.

If you stay patient and persistent, the results will be better than expected.

To dream about selling grain

Selling grain in a dream means that you will make a profit thanks to your knowledge, experience, or another specific skill.

Someone might realize that you can help them with the actualization of a specific idea, and they will hire you and properly reward your effort and hard work.

You might start your business soon or expand the existing one.

To dream about stealing grain

Stealing grain in a dream means that you could reach for a desperate solution soon.

You have been facing a problem that you can’t solve for a long time. You have tried many things, but you will soon realize that now is the right moment for radical moves.

To dream of someone stealing your grain

If you dream of someone stealing your grain, it implies that you have to watch out for who you let into your life.

You have recently started hanging out with someone whose intentions are still not clear to you.

You need not talk about your secrets, fears, and plans until you find the answers to the questions that bother you because that person could take advantage of your trust to achieve personal interests or goals.

To dream of throwing grain away

Throwing grain away in a dream symbolizes failure. One situation might not go the way you have planned.

You need not get discouraged because a new chance will be better than the one you place all your hopes on at the moment.

To dream of other people throwing grain away

When you dream of someone else throwing grain away, it means that you will warn your loved one about a bad idea, but that person doesn’t intend to listen to your advice or suggestion, so they will do what they believe is best.

To dream about setting grain on fire

Setting grain on fire in a dream means that you are destructive. You set all your ideas to failure even before you try to actualize them.

To dream about other people setting grain on fire

This dream means that you have let gossip discourage you on your way to achieving goals.

If you believe in success, you need not listen to those who have tried to sabotage you many times before.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, sown, thrust, reaped, cooked, or eaten grain, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of grain

Grain is a granular cereal fruit used in people’s diets.

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