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Dreaming of a goose flying

If you see a goose flying in a dream, that symbolizes a female company. People may have called you Don Juan because you can seduce every woman you like.

You enjoy adventures, and you like to see yourself as a hunter who is searching for their prey relentlessly.

As soon as you notice that things are becoming serious, you lose interest and dedicate your attention to another woman.

Pulling goose’s feathers in a dream

When you are dreaming of pulling a goose’s feathers, that is a warning that someone will trick you. You probably trust that person, and you have started to think of them as your family.

To your surprise, you will realize that they intended to cause financial damage or create tension between you and your family members.

Dream about feeding a goose

Dreaming of feeding a goose implies that you shouldn’t support silly ideas. You belong to that group of people who will say everything that is on their minds.

You act the same when it comes to business as well, so you often come up with too-ambitious suggestions that will help you become a millionaire the next year.

You don’t ask others for advice, but you do what you have imagined, which usually ends up being a waste of time and money.

To eat goose

If you are dreaming of eating a goose, that symbolizes conflicts in the family. Even though you are very close to your family members, you spend most of your time arguing with them about trivial things.

You can count on one hand how many times you said how much they mean to you and that you love them.

You feel bad after those arguments and promise yourself that you will behave differently every time, but you lose patience soon and go back to your old ways.

Dream meaning of killing geese

When you are dreaming of slaughtering geese, it means that you will get invited to a celebration.

Your close friend or relative is probably getting married, and they started preparations a few months ago.

You will want to contribute when it comes to the organization as well, and you will not regret either your money or time on that celebration and gifts.

The symbolism of geese in a pond

If you see geese in a pond, it means that you will have new love relationships. You have been longing for one person for a long time since you believe that they are the love of your life.

After some time, you will be ready for action again. Meeting new people will help you get over that person and come to terms with the past completely.

Hearing geese in a dream

Dreaming of geese cackling symbolizes empty words. You were in a situation where you had to ask someone for help, after which they promised you that they will solve all of your problems.

However, it will turn out that you need to take care of yourself because people often say things they don’t mean, or they are not capable of keeping their promise.

A flock of geese

If you see a flock of geese in a dream, that symbolizes true love. You may go on a trip that will be an ideal opportunity to meet new people, and you will also meet someone who will attract your attention.

You will share similar interests, which will help you get to know each other better, and you will become close after a while.

To dream of a flock of geese attacking you

If you are dreaming of a flock of geese attacking you, that is a warning to watch out for the competition at work or a rival in your love life.

Someone will try to jeopardize your job or relationship with a partner. They will probably spread rumors about you maliciously so that you would lose credibility in the company you work for or the trust of a loved one.

If you figure out who that person is on time, there is a chance that you will minimize damage and successfully prove that they have something against you, which is why they are lying.

Hunting geese in a dream

This dream always has a positive meaning. It symbolizes marriage, family, or even the purchase of a new house or apartment for young people.

A dream about hunting geese symbolizes joy, peace, and prosperity in the family for older people. You will probably achieve to make those you love happy and satisfied finally, which will bring you even more satisfaction and joy.

Seeing others hunting geese

When you are dreaming of someone else hunting geese, that symbolizes good news. You may find out that you have passed the exam, got a job, or that your salary or retirement has been increased.

Those who are waiting for a work or student visa may soon find out that they can start packing their things.

The symbolism of a dead geese

Dead geese in a dream symbolize worry about your children. Parents have them more often than those who don’t have kids.

The reason for it is a bigger worry for your youngest family members. If you have kids and you worry about their future, that is completely normal, but you can’t panic and predict the worst possible scenarios.

Make sure to raise them the way you think is the best, and they will soon show you that you have done a good job.

Buying geese in a dream

Dreaming of buying geese implies that all of the hard work and effort you have invested in something will start to pay off finally.

You have spent too much time on trivial things in life, but everything will fall into its place the way you have imagined now. You will make progress at work, while your relationship with a partner or someone you like for a long time will be even better.

Anyhow, the following period will be a nice chapter in your life, so we advise you to use it the best you can.

To dream of selling geese

Unfortunately, a dream in which you are selling geese symbolizes a financial crisis. Your monthly earnings will decrease drastically in the following period, so you will have to adjust to the new situation the best you can.

This will teach you how to manage the money you have more efficiently and not spend it on unnecessary things. You will keep that habit even later on. Even after your financial situation improves, you will be a lot more economical than before.

To dream that you are a goose

When you dream you are a goose, it implies you are overly critical of yourself. Your perfectionism exceeds all limits.

You are never satisfied with what you do, achieve, or get. There is nothing bad in trying to do everything perfectly, but you are constantly stressed out, which harms your health.

To dream of geese surrounding you

If you dream of geese surrounding you, it can symbolize a bad work environment.

The situation in your team might be pretty bad at the moment, so you don’t feel like going to work.

Another possibility is that you have realized you have nothing in common with people you have hung out with for years, and you have unconsciously started avoiding them.

To dream of a goose with its chicks

When you see a goose with its chicks, it suggests you will hear the good news.

One of your friends or relatives who doesn’t live in the same city as you will let you know they are getting married, expecting a baby, or something similar.

You might be invited to a birthday party, christening, wedding, or another celebration where you will have a great time.

To dream of a giant goose

If you see a giant goose in your dream, it doesn’t have a positive meaning. Such dreams symbolize betrayal.

A person you have idolized for years might disappoint you. One situation will make you realize they have more flaws than the traits you respect.

You might even distance yourself from that person for good.

To dream of a black goose

Black geese in dreams are usually related to the mental or emotional state of the dreamer.

You might have been stressed out, sad, exhausted, or anxious lately. Anyhow, you can’t push yourself too much, but give yourself time to recover.

You can’t achieve anything with force because everything is a process with its deadline.

You can surround yourself with people you love. That will help you overcome the situation you are in more easily.

To dream of a multicolored goose

A multicolored goose in a dream suggests something unexpected might happen to you in the following period.

One person or situation will pleasantly surprise you. You will realize how beautiful and fulfilling life can be in that moment.

To dream of geese running around your yard

When you dream of geese running around your yard, it implies you will have unannounced guests. One of your relatives or friends will simply knock at your door.

You will be happy to see them but also feel anger because the person in question didn’t let you know they are coming so that you can prepare and organize your time better.

To dream of geese fighting

When you see geese fighting in a dream, it means you should watch out for jealous women.

One person in your surroundings envies you for something and will try to hurt you.

You probably can’t protect yourself, but you can be careful who you talk to.

To dream of a speaking goose

If you dream of a goose talking, it implies you have to keep your opinion to yourself, especially if you know it can hurt you.

That mostly applies to your career and means of making a living.

Cooking goose in a dream

If you are dreaming of cooking goose, it means that you will be happy. You will encounter someone who you haven’t seen in a long time, even though you were close.

After a short conversation, you will realize that your relationship hasn’t changed despite the time that passed. You will be sorry for not living in the same place since you believe that you would hang out more often.

However, you will promise one another to stay in touch and visit each other more frequently.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen geese, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a goose

A goose is a genus of medium-sized bird that belongs to the duck family.

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