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Gladiolus, as well as other types of flowers in dreams, can have beautiful meanings. However, the symbolism depends on the context in which your dream took place and on the details that followed it.

Dream about gladiolus

If you see gladiolus in a dream, that symbolizes progress in real life.

You are always trying to take the long way to achieve the goal, avoiding shortcuts that would make it easier at first sight but would bring you more harm than good in the long run.

Because of such an attitude, many people have believed that you are naïve, but you have stayed true to yourself and didn’t agree to compromise.

Dreaming of receiving gladiolus as a gift

When you are dreaming of getting gladiolus as a gift, that symbolizes unreturned love. You probably like someone who only sees you as a friend, and they are letting you know it.

However, you will see some hidden meaning in every gesture of theirs, and you won’t lose hope that they will start to look at you differently.

Dream meaning of bestowing gladiolus

Dreaming of bestowing gladiolus to someone means that you will accept your flaws and imperfections.

You have blamed yourself for a long time for not achieving the goals that you have set before. You probably didn’t even ask yourself if they are what you want and truly find acceptable.

When you look at it a little bit better, you will realize that you don’t have another choice but to make peace with yourself and live the way you find it right.

Planting gladiolus in a dream

If you are dreaming of planting gladiolus, there is a chance that you will fall in love with someone unavailable to you in every way possible. That person might be your close friend or a further family member’s partner.

You will feel guilty for letting yourself end up in such a situation, so you will avoid that friend or relative and their partner.

You can only hope that those feelings will pass and that a saying – out of sight, out of mind – is true.

Dreaming about digging up gladiolus

If you are dreaming of digging up gladiolus, it means that you will get something that you have been fantasizing about for a long time.

Your partner or one of the family members will decide to make you happy by buying you a gift you can’t afford.

The fact that they know you so well will mean even more to you than the actual gift. You probably won’t be in a position to return the favor, but you definitely won’t forget what they have done for you.

Watering gladiolus in a dream

A dream in which you are watering gladiolus symbolizes your need for affection and attention. If you have been single for a long time, no wonder you feel lonely.

However, if you have a partner, your relationship may have gone sour. The problem you have is probably the lack of communication caused by misunderstandings.

You need to agree to compromise sometimes to get what you want. If you love that person, make sure to let them know it. That is the only way for love and attention to get returned to you.

To pick gladiolus

If you are dreaming of picking gladiolus, it means that your effort will pay off.

You have invested a lot of time and effort into something that many people doubted, but you will soon prove to them that they were wrong.

After you achieve what you have imagined, other people will only be able to congratulate you.

Buying gladiolus in a dream

Dreaming of buying gladiolus can have multiple meanings. One of them is that you have a relationship that you want to hide from the public.

Another meaning is that your secret will get discovered in the worst way possible, and you will not be able to do anything to stop it.

To sell gladiolus

When you are dreaming of selling gladiolus, it means that you will finally travel to a destination that you have always wanted to visit.

You will get the chance to fulfill your long-term wish. This time obligations or the lack of money will not stop you.

Everything will fall into its place perfectly, so you will finally have the opportunity to visit your dream place. It will look even prettier in person, so there is a chance that you will want to move there.

Dream meaning of yellow gladiolus

If you see yellow gladiolus in a dream, that symbolizes success in a job you currently do.

Even though you sometimes doubt your decision and worry about not achieving the things you want, you know that the job you have has a bright future.

If you continue putting in an effort, everything will pay off. Stay positive and motivated, no matter how challenging that may be at times.

The symbolism of white gladiolus

When you see white gladiolus in a dream, there is a chance that someone will try to trick you. A person that seems innocent and naïve has hidden plans to harm you.

They will try to take over your partner or job or achieve success through you in any way. Luckily, you have always been good at discovering such things, so you will not make a mistake this time either.

As soon as you find out what the situation is about, you will cut that person out of your life for good.

Purple gladiolus in a dream

A dream in which you see purple gladiolus symbolizes the self-confidence that you radiate. You are aware of your physical and intellectual qualities, and you are not afraid to show them.

You attract attention because of it, no matter where you go. You are in a phase of life when you are successful in anything.

Use this period to achieve your plans and build your life the way you find fitting.

Dream about orange gladiolus

If you see orange gladiolus in a dream, it means that you are a person who radiates positive energy.

People love you because you are always in a good mood, even if you have problems sometimes. You don’t let worries and trouble break you, but make sure to find something positive in everything.

People often come to you when they need comfort, help, or advice.

Dreaming of pink gladiolus

Pink gladiolus in a dream usually symbolizes affection and vulnerability. You are going through a difficult phase, so you need a lot of love, understanding, and affection.

That applies especially to your relationship with a partner that sometimes doesn’t understand your emotional side. However, you can’t deny the fact that they truly love you.

Red gladiolus in a dream

These flowers in a dream symbolize passion and desire.

If you have been in a relationship or marriage for a long time, you have probably overcome an emotional crisis recently that brought you and your partner even closer. You have realized that they know you the best in everyday communication and bed, as well.

Because of it, your sexual relationships are better and more quality now. You enjoy every moment you spend together, and you can’t imagine your life with someone else.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought or got gladiolus, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of gladiolus

Gladiolus is a plant made by crossing four or five different species.

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