Ghost in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To see a ghost
If you see a ghost in a dream, that symbolizes struggles and difficulties in life. You will have big temptations in the following period that will cause a lot of worry and headaches. The problems will pile up, and you will not know how to start solving them. The positive thing only will be your loved one who will support you and show you that you are not alone.

To dream of a ghost following you
When you are dreaming of a ghost following you, it means that you are not sure about your partner’s love. The fact that your loved one is not over with the past is constantly bothering you. Even though they deny it, you believe that they would go back to an ex without thinking if the other person wanted to reconcile. Having such an attitude will ruin your relationship since it is obvious that you don’t trust each other.

To summon ghosts
Dreaming of summoning ghosts is a warning that you will face damage in real life. You will probably be too relaxed in a situation that will require responsibility and concentration to the maximum. This especially applies to those who work with money or on a high job position. Even though you are aware of risks, you will act recklessly, which can bring big material losses and conflicts with your bosses.

To run away from ghosts
If you are dreaming of running away from ghosts, it means that you will get punished. You probably wronged someone in the past who trusted you or depended on you. If you could turn back time, you would do everything differently. You will try to fix at least a part of that injustice in the following period and ask for forgiveness from those people so that your consciousness wouldn’t be as restless.

To talk to ghosts
If you are dreaming of talking to ghosts, it means that you should watch out for unreliable and irresponsible people. Someone could interpret your words in the wrong way and put you in an uncomfortable position. This situation will show you how gossips that have always disgusted you get created.

If you see someone else talking to a ghost in a dream, that symbolizes difficulties that you will face in the future. The reason for something like that will be misunderstandings or bad communication with your loved ones or colleagues at work. Your boss may not realize how important your idea for the job is, so they will try to impose their solution on you.

To be afraid of a ghost
This dream usually symbolizes bad news. Someone may contact you and let you know that you didn’t pass an exam or got a job. The dream can even symbolize an unexpected or sudden death of someone who you know, but you are not close. You will think about that person a lot, feeling sorry for their family and people that they were close to more than for yourself.

To dream of a ghost choking you
If you are dreaming of a ghost choking you, it means that you will be a coward in certain situations. You might have a chance to save your colleague from getting fired, but you will not do anything so that you don’t jeopardize your place in the company. On the other hand, you may look like a coward when someone that you like for a long time asks you out, but you refuse since you are afraid that they will not like you back.

To dream of a ghost trying to kill you
If you are dreaming of a ghost attempting to kill you, it means that you will finally leave the past behind you and dedicate your time to planning the future. You have been trapped in the moment that affected your life for a long time. You have analyzed every small detail and tried to fix the damage afterward. Now you will finally realize that you have been only torturing yourself, and you will turn to positive things in life.

To dream of a ghost attacking you
When you are dreaming of a ghost attacking you, that symbolizes bad mood or repressed anger. You probably didn’t say something to someone, so you have transferred those feelings into a dream. It is time to learn to channel that negative energy so that it wouldn’t affect your health badly.

To be a ghost
This unusual dream symbolizes something from the past that you are afraid of. That can be a painful memory, repressed feelings, or guilt. The dream can even symbolize a fear of death. Another meaning is that you are trying to get out of one uncomfortable situation that haunts you. You might be running away from responsibility or trying to get rid of a big problem by lying.

This dream symbolizes a feeling of being neglected for married people. Your partner doesn’t give you much attention, so you feel invincible and unimportant. Ask yourself if you are right before you accuse them of neglecting you.

To touch a ghost
If you are dreaming of touching a ghost that disappeared after that, it means that you will face the harsh reality. A difficult period that you overcame has left deep scars on your mental state. You have a hard time dealing with new challenges and obstacles, and you believe that someone else will deal with them for you. You need to know that other people can’t help you this time and that you are the one who needs to make the first move.

To kiss a ghost
A dream in which you are kissing a ghost means that you should lower your expectations. The things you want out of your partner, family, or life, in general, are a fantasy. You should be happy with small things and make small steps toward creating an ideal life. If you want and expect too much, you will get too disappointed when you don’t get it.

To see a ghost of a dead person
If you see a ghost of a person that passed away, that symbolizes regret for a missed opportunity to tell them everything you wanted. You probably feel guilty for something that happened when they were alive, or you regret not spending more time with them. Even though these dreams are a little bit scary, they can be a warning not to miss the opportunity to hang out with those you love and respect because of work and obligations.

To see a ghost of a living person
When you are dreaming of a ghost of a person that is alive and well, that dream is a good sign, and it suggests that you will stop your enemy in their intent to hurt you or your family. Someone close to you doesn’t have good intentions. They are trying to get even closer and gain your trust so that they could use it against you later. Luckily, you will figure all of that out just on time to stop it.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently watched a horror movie about ghosts, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a ghost
Ghosts have multiple meanings. Some of them are apparitions, one person’s personality or the character of the people, the Holy Spirit, the driving force, and others.

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