Dreaming About Gardener – Meaning and Explanation

To see a gardener
If a man dreams of a gardener, it means that he will be in a boring company. It is possible that you will be at the event, where you will have to communicate with people who are not interesting to you, at all. Since you will not want to offend anyone, you will pretend that you are having a great time, while wishing to go home as soon as possible. If a woman dreams of a gardener, that symbolizes a secret desire to experience a sexual adventure.

To see a female gardener
To see a female gardener and not communicate with her, in a dream, suggests a secret desire for a sexual adventure. If a woman dreams of a female gardener, it means that she will be in a boring company, where she will pretend to have a great time.

To observe a gardener working
Dreaming of observing a gardener symbolizes an upcoming gain that doesn’t have to be materialistic. It is possible that you will make new friends or experiences that will help you in your career. You will try to have good relationships with your colleagues and help them whenever you can, because you know that you might need a favor, as well.

To be a gardener
Dreaming of being a gardener is a sign that you will enjoy in love. You will be really successful with the opposite sex in the following period, and they will find you irresistible. At first, nothing will happen in that field, but in the next moment, you will have to chose who you want to be with. Someone you are thinking about for a long time will also contact you, when you least expect it. It is possible that you will have a passionate affair with someone older than you. That relationship will be your little secret. Its biggest cantrip will be that everyone will suspect something, but no one will know the real truth. An alternative meaning is negative and it implies that your psyche’s balance is disturbed. You probably have too many obligations, which are threatening to ruin the balance between your private and business life. You have tried to create that harmony for a long time, so you are having a hard time with seeing it disappear.

To ask for an advice from a gardener
Dreaming of asking a gardener for an advice means that you will learn something. You are a person who constantly looks for new challenges and interests. You are not someone who can’t wait to get over with a job, in order to rest, because you are always planning on doing something useful in your free time.

To argue with a gardener
Dreaming of arguing with a gardener means that you are dissatisfied with someone’s work. It is possible that you will hire someone to do something instead of you, because you don’t have enough knowledge to do it yourself, or don’t have time for it. You will be angry when you realize that you didn’t get what you’ve expected and that nothing will be done within a deadline.

To have a fight with a gardener
Having a fight with a gardener means that you will be moody, so you will not be inspired to do anything. Everything will be hard for you, so you will just want to sleep. It is not the first time that you are in this condition, so you will stress out because of it, a lot. Use it to your advantage to rest and gain strength for new challenges.

To hire a gardener
If you hire a gardener, in a dream, or pay for their services, it means that someone else will solve your problems. An alternative meaning is that you are trying to solve some problems, which should be your concern only, so you should try to solve them without your friends’ and family’s help, but you can’t see that.

If your family member is a gardener
Dreaming of your family member being a gardener means that you will have an argument with your neighbors. You will probably do some construction work and notify your neighborhood on time. However, some people will be against it, so you will be forced to postpone it or slow it down. You will be sorry for having to argue with them, but you can’t let others violate your rights.

To kiss with a gardener
Having any kind of an intimate relationship with a gardener symbolizes emotional satisfaction. The relationship with your partner is finally good, because you have solved some problems that have been torturing you for a long time. That great communication will affect other aspects of your life, as well.

If you are single for a long time, you could soon meet an interesting person who will attract your attention with their attitudes and charm. You will feel great in their company and try to stay in contact. You will realize that it is time to experience a new adventure without fear of something bad happening.

Dreaming of other people having intimate relationships with a gardener means that you are a curious person. You have the need to know everything about everyone, but luckily, your obsession is harmless. You like to gain new knowledge and share it with other people. You should consider becoming a motivational speaker, if you are not one already, or a TV commentator, reporting on social events.

To hit a gardener
Hitting a gardener in a dream means that someone will try to trick you. Be careful when signing contracts and don’t buy things that won’t make your life easier, or that are not a necessity. Pay special attention to utility bills. It is possible that you will end up in debt, unexpectedly, even though you have paid everything on time.

Dreaming of someone else hitting a gardener means that you will witness an uncomfortable conversation between colleagues or friends. They will expect you to pick sides, so you will be put in an unpleasant situation. Try to get out of it wisely, and let them know that you are not planning on being anyone’s arbitrator in that argument.

To see a gardener’s murder
Dreaming of killing a gardener means that you will accuse someone of a crime they didn’t commit. You will be unfair to someone whose intentions are not malicious. You will realize it only later, but the time to apologize will already be passed.

Dreaming of other people killing a gardener implies your need to prove your partner or friend that they are not always right. You will have a hard time with that task, because they are probably really stubborn. Be careful what you are saying, because they could take it the wrong way.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a gardener, or talked to them, that has probably made an impression on you.

Definition of a gardener

A gardener is a craftsman who takes care of gardens and parks.

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