Many scientists and laboratories around the world are researching sleeping because we usually spend a one-third of our life sleeping. Sleeping is a natural state in which sleepers’ consciousness is changed and in which sleepers have decreased perception and sensory stimuli of their surroundings. Sleeping and being awake are taking turns regularly. These are one of the most important biorhythms.

What is important for us is that dreams appear in the REM phase of dreaming. More about that you can read here.

People dream around 4 to 5 times for about 20 minutes during the night. Dreams are deprived of dreamers’ will, which leaves them with just the right amount of awareness so that we can remember our dreams. Dreams in which dreamers can affect actions willingly and in which dreamers are conscious are called lucid dreams. We, as we on this site, think of dreams as of phenomenal shapes of consciousness and unconsciousness.

Meaning and Interpretations of Dreams

When it comes to interpretations and meanings of dreams, people have been learning to interpret dreams since the earliest times. Dream interpretation is even mentioned in the Old Testament where Joseph would interpret pharaohs’ dreams.

Science today suggests that the content of dreams reflects accidental action of the neural circuits in our brains, either because of spontaneous operations of our environment or the brain’s tendency to create order in an erratic activity.

Psychologists have been under Freud’s influence for a long time. He thought that dreams represent a reflection of our repressed and unconscious wishes, thoughts and sexual conflicts especially.

The basic list of meanings in this online dream book is taken from a centennial dream book, but since those meanings have been proven incorrect and extremely outdated, we have revised and updated them based on our insight into a compilation of modern western and Asian dream books.

We have added meanings for more modern terms in the meantime as well. Some of those terms are for example: dreaming of a computers, mp3 files, cell phones and phones, fashion, dreaming of new haircuts, melodies, music, video games, sports events and many terms regarding pop culture. Those are new modern things that are surrounding modern people which simply didn’t exist during exploration of first dreams.

We also update the list of meanings from time to time, especially after we receive a clear signal about possible conscious reasons for a specific dream.

People that work on this dream dictionary think that dreams actually show our hidden consciousness, tell us our hidden wishes, make connections with people with whom we are mentally connected, show us feelings that we are about to experience or wish to experience, warn us of a physical condition of our bodies, tell us about possible illnesses, make us feel more valuable or better, enable us better self-protection, warn us of possible complexes, help us in solving our conflicts and inner struggles, show us solutions that we haven’t noticed while we are awake because of different outer influences, exhaustion and so on.

The Most Common Dreams

It is hard to tell which dreams are the most common ones, but according to some evaluations 10 most common dreams are: babies, pregnancy, teeth, death, water, fire, blood, loved ones, dreams with erotic connotations and dreams about our friends and acquaintances.

This list vary from culture to culture. Top dreams are not same in e.g. USA, Brazil, China or Europe.

How to Interpret Dreams

Every dream you have dreamed about, that has something to do with recent events or which have happened in the previous few days shouldn’t be interpreted because they don’t have any meaning.

For example, if you have been on a height and you’ve gotten scared and then dreamed of height and falling, that dream is only a result of that event. We interpret only dreams that don’t have any recent background or a obvious reason in reality.

In the end, we can only advise you not to take interpretations in this dream book literally (or any other). It is also good to know that certain dreams can have more meanings. The main reason for that is that some things excite different emotions in different people.

For someone that had a negative experience with water and for someone that had positive experiences with water, water can have completely different meanings. Different sexes also experience certain things differently. A love dream because of that won’t have the same meaning to women and men.

Because of that this “dream dictionary” site only contains the most common generalized terms that can be applied to  the largest number of people. You know yourself the best and you can easily determine what is possible and what isn’t. This means that you should take meanings of dreams on this site on your own responsibility. We cannot be responsible if you try to live your life according to these interpretations.

If your dream interpretation is not really precise, take into consideration that you fall into a statistically determined number of people that have different reasons and consequences of dreams than most people.

Since this page is in active production you can always expect new and interesting content and more meanings. We are open for your constructive suggestions and cooperation too.