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What does it mean to dream of a friend?

If you see a friend in a dream, it symbolizes joy. You respect your friends tremendously and, even though you don’t have many of them, you treat the ones you have like royals.

Every encounter you have is like a special story full of interesting happenings and advice if one of you has a problem. You believe that those people bring you luck, which is why you are full of positive energy for days after you see or talk to them.

Losing a friend in a dream

If you lose a friend in a dream, it means that you are unlucky. You might face a devastating loss in the following period that will come out of nowhere.

The new situation will hurt you a lot, and you will need a lot of time to recover and get back on track.

The meaning of betraying a friend in a dream

When you dream of betraying a friend, it symbolizes shame.

You will probably start a naïve discussion with a loved one that will end badly. You will say something that will hurt the person in question, which is why you will regret your behavior.

You will be embarrassed for not watching your actions, but your relationship will never be the same after that.

The symbolism of a sick friend in a dream

If you see a sick friend in a dream, it means that something bad will happen to you.

Someone from your surroundings might be in a difficult situation, and you might feel so bad that you will take everything personally and act as if all of that happened to you.

You will have to pretend that everything is fine so that you don’t stress out the person in question, but it will be hard to hold back tears.

Dream meaning of following friends

If you dream of following friends, it symbolizes sorrow. Your loved one will probably move away, which you will perceive as a blow.

Even though you will be able to stay in contact via social media, you will want to hug that person or do daily activities together.

However, you know that their decision is for their own good, which is why you will make an effort to be happy for that person.

Dreaming about arguing with a friend

Arguing with a friend in a dream is a good sign. You are surrounded by people who wish you well and who will always tell you their opinions, no matter your reaction.

Even though you often get mad, you are grateful for the honesty because that helped you make many right decisions in life.

Reconciling with a friend in a dream

If you dream of reconciling with a friend, it symbolizes something negative. You might try to renew a friendship or relationship that has already snapped.

Even though you will try your best, the things that bothered you before will be an obstacle even now, while neither you nor that person will be ready to change.

Dream meaning of fighting with a friend

If you dream of fighting with a friend, it means that you will help that person. They might end up with the wrong crowd, which is why you will have to use painful methods to make them go back on track.

You will realize that it is the only way to make that person snap out of it and that you wouldn’t do them a favor by acting differently.

Kissing a friend in a dream

When you dream of kissing a friend, it means that you will make a mistake. You will probably give in to the seduction attempts of someone you are not in love with.

As soon as you realize what you have done, you will try to explain your reasons to that person, but the whole situation will hurt them for sure.

Dream interpretation of making love to a friend

Making love to a friend in a dream symbolizes your level of connection. You might be closer to that person than you actually know.

You probably can confide your secrets, fears, and desires to that particular friend only.

The symbolism of marrying a friend in a dream

If a single woman dreams of marrying a friend, it suggests that she will start a relationship with someone who she will not like at first glance.

You will not be madly in love with that person, but you will develop a quality relationship with time.

You might even stay with that partner for the rest of your life.

If a married woman dreams of marrying her friend, it suggests that she has resentment toward her partner for something.

You might be angry with your spouse without him even knowing it.

Dreaming about marrying a female friend

When a single man dreams about marrying his female friend, it means that he has some feelings for her but hasn’t admitted it yet.

That doesn’t have to mean that you are in love with her but that you respect your friend a lot more than other women you know.

If a married man dreams of marrying a female friend, it suggests that his relationship with a partner is not great.

It probably bothers you when your wife nags you over little things, but you don’t want to argue about it.

To dream of an old friend

When you see an old friend in a dream, it can symbolize an upcoming get-together with people you haven’t seen in a while.

You might throw a party for friends and family or attend a wedding, christening, or another form of celebration where the people you care about will be as well.

Dreaming of a friend who lives in another country

A dream wherein you see a friend who lives in another city or state means that the person in question might soon ask for help regarding something that bothers them.

You might find out that they are in a financial, moral, or emotional crisis, or your friend has health issues.

To dream of a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time

If you dream of a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time, it means that the person in question might ask for your help or a favor. You have entirely forgotten about them, which is why their call will surprise you.

However, you will not refuse to give your friend a hand.

Expecting a visit from a friend in your dream

If you dream of expecting your friends to come to visit you, it means that something good will happen to you.

Such dreams often symbolize a beautiful or important meeting. If you are unemployed at the moment, you might find a job through a friend.

People who are not married might decide to do it soon.

To dream about your friend visiting you

If you dream of your friend visiting you in your home, it symbolizes the improvement of your relationships.

If you have recently argued with someone, you will probably reconcile.

Generally, you will fix the communication with many people you are not on good terms with.

Dream meaning of your friend standing you up

A dream wherein you expect your friend to visit you, but they don’t show up means that your effort and hard work will get rewarded.

You have been diligently working on achieving good results, and your success will not go unnoticed. You might make career progress as well.

Dream interpretation of visiting your friend

Visiting your friend in a dream symbolizes a lack of patience.

You want the results of your work to be visible right away, but something like that is not possible. You will need some time to achieve great progress.

It is important to stay motivated and believe in your success.

The interpretation of dreams about drinking with your friend

If you dream of drinking in the company of your friend, it means that you will hear good news in the future.

If you are expecting the results of an exam, the outcome of a job interview, or test results, you might get gladdened.

If you plan on traveling abroad, you might get a favorable response from the embassy or another diplomatic headquarters.

Lying to your friend dream meaning

When you dream of lying to your friend, it means that you resent that person for something.

They probably did or said something you didn’t like, but you have decided to stay quiet about it instead of admitting that you got hurt.

If your relationship is as stable and strong as you believe, it will pass that test as well.

Being proud of your friend in a dream

If you dream of being proud of your friend, it means that you will soon get something you didn’t hope for.

Your excitement could turn into a disappointment with time, tho.

Dreaming about your friend hitting you

This dream means that the person in question will help you solve a big problem. You might need money or a favor, and they will give you a hand.

You will be grateful to them for it.

Wounding a friend in a dream

If you dream of wounding or injuring your friend, it means that you compete with that person and that they are not aware of it.

A lot of jealousy is present in your relationship, which is a sign that your friendship doesn’t have firm foundations.

Dreaming about killing a friend

Killing a friend in a dream means that you are worried about that person’s health. Your friend might be facing a problem, and you don’t know what to do to help.

However, you need not neglect the importance of the love and respect you give them.

The symbolism of a dead friend in dreams

A dead friend in a dream is a good sign. This dream means that you will be relieved when you find out that your friend has solved a problem.

To dream of a deceased friend

A dream wherein you see a late friend alive symbolizes sorrow that will pass soon.

Something might shake you up, but you will recover from it quickly.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, betrayed, followed, argued with, or reconciled with a friend, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of a friend

A friend is someone who we love, respect, trust, etc.

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