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To dream of a fortune teller
If you see a fortune teller in a dream, it means that you should have more faith in yourself and your actions. You probably have a lack of confidence, which makes you ask for approval for every decision you want to make. You are afraid of failure that you see as something catastrophic, and you wouldn’t like to give other people a reason to talk about you in a negative context. You will want to please everyone, which will lead to neglecting your wishes and desires. You are able to analyze other people’s comments for hours while someone’s dirty look can ruin your mood. You count on planets’ position, palm readings, and other methods more than on yourself.

To be a fortune teller
Dreaming of being a fortune teller suggests that people from your surroundings doubt you and your ideas. You are probably surrounded by people who hate innovation and trends that would make their lives significantly easier and save a lot of money and time. Everything you suggest will get rejected without the possibility of thinking it through or gathering information about it. Their attitudes will affect you negatively, so you will seriously start thinking about giving up on your dreams and fitting in an idealess mass that reminds you of a satire The Dead Sea.

To meet a fortune teller
When you are dreaming of meeting a fortune teller, it means that joy in your life will soon turn into sorrow and misery. You will be truly happy because of an event, but you will soon start worrying about a close friend or relative’s health. That will completely overshadow the things that brought you joy. However, don’t let yourself get depressed, but try to be courageous and have positive energy since many people are drawing energy only from you.

To talk to a fortune teller
If you are dreaming of talking to a fortune teller, it means that you want to change some things in your life. You are tired of your job, worries, and the struggle for survival and the future. The insecurity is often making you think about moving somewhere else. You believe that higher earnings will bring you more stability that you have been fantasizing about. Considering that you are not afraid of work, that option might not even be that bad.

To dream of a fortune teller lying to you
Dreaming of a fortune teller lying means that you will manage to stop some trouble. You will see through your enemies’ intentions on time, so you are going to defeat them using their methods. You won’t be happy to do something like that, but you will realize that there is no other way to show them your strength. The victory will not bring you wanted joy, but you will gain respect from many people who know you.

To lie to a fortune teller
When you are dreaming of lying to a fortune teller, it means that you are a very ambitious person. You don’t give up on your goals, no matter what means you need to use to achieve them. You have achieved everything you wanted because of such attituded but burned many bridges as well. Ask yourself if success is more valuable to you than anything else. You probably won’t have anyone to celebrate your victories with soon.

To dream of a fortune teller attacking you
A dream in which a fortune teller is attacking you is the result of an unpleasant event from real life. You have probably had an argument with a stubborn person recently. Both of you defended your attitudes and opinions, so the conversation has taken a wrong turn. You probably didn’t say everything you wanted, so those feelings are haunting you in dreams, as well. Try not to think about bad things that have happened to you in real life before going to sleep.

To hide from a fortune teller
If you are dreaming of hiding from a fortune teller, it means that you don’t want to make peace with the fact that you have a problem, but you are constantly shaving your head into the sand, believing that everything will work out on its own. You should clear your head first and then start solving the problems. In the long run, you will not be happy by pushing them under the rug. Take responsibility for your actions.

To fight with a fortune teller
If you are fighting with a fortune teller in a dream, it means that someone will try to con you. Be careful when signing contracts related to business or services that mean a lot to you. Besides that, pay special attention to who you are confiding in because many people from your surroundings are not your true friends. There is a chance that someone will misuse your trust.

To kill a fortune teller
This dream symbolizes doubt in your loved ones. Your partner has probably done something that disappointed you, so you have started seeing problems where there have never been any. On the other hand, a close friend has probably lost your respect because of some of their actions, so you have started to believe that they will betray you. Don’t make such conclusions if you don’t have real evidence that you are right. If you accuse someone of no reason, there is a chance that that person will cut every contact with you.

To see a dead fortune teller
Dreaming of a dead fortune teller means that you will get rid of worries that have been bothering you for a long time. You will realize that you only needed a different approach to coming to a solution. Besides that, you will conclude that it is better to listen to various opinions and make conclusions based on them than to believe that only your attitude is the right one.

To kiss a fortune teller
When a man dreams of kissing a fortune teller, it means that he has hidden sexual fantasizes that he doesn’t want to share with his partner since he is afraid of their reaction. You are probably attracted to something you have seen in adult movies, but you are afraid of suggesting it to your partner. If you don’t tell them what is bothering you, you will never know whether they are ready to please you or not.

If, however, a woman dreams of kissing a fortune teller, it means that she is disappointed with her best friend. Someone who you have believed is your soulmate will probably betray you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a fortune teller or went to them, that has made an impression on you, for sure.

Definition of a fortune teller

A fortune-teller is a person who predicts the future for a living by reading palms, cards, etc.