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To dream about flax
If you see flax in your dream, that symbolizes prosperity in your home. You are a person extremely dedicated to your family, and you will do everything to preserve the peace of its members. You spend a lot of time together, discussing current happenings, after which you talk about different attitudes, always paying attention to protect the interests of your loved ones.

To dream of eating flax
Dreaming of eating flax means that you take care of your health. You are trying to follow the newest research done on nutrition and exercise because such a lifestyle suits you and makes you feel good in your own skin. Even though you often hear comments that you are overdoing it and that you should relax, the spartan discipline that is your best trait doesn’t let you listen to them.

To dream of other people eating flax
If you are dreaming of someone else eating flax, it means that you are worried about your loved one’s health. They probably feel some symptoms for a long time but refuse to go and see a doctor. Instead of that, they are searching for a diagnosis and meds in magazines and on the Internet. Considering that we are talking about a grownup, your hands are tied, which is why you are desperate. Make peace with the fact that you can’t force them to go and that the only thing you can do is to advise them to do it.

To dream of grinding flax
When you are dreaming of grinding flax, it means that you are nitpicking. There is a chance that you have started splitting hairs recently and that nothing that other people do looks good to you. Your critical attitude stops you from looking at positive sides and advantages of everything that is happening to you, which is why you are dissatisfied and prone to sudden mood swings.

To dream of other people grinding flax
A dream in which you see someone else grinding flax is a sign that you will have an argument with a business partner, associate, or colleague because of the differences in opinions regarding potential solutions to the mutual problem. While you believe that the simplest solution is also the best, they don’t think like that. You will have to make sure to find a compromise because you could decrease the chances for success of the project you are working on.

To dream of planting flax
Planting flax in a dream means that you strongly believe in your success even in moments when other people doubt it. You have enough enthusiasm, motivation, and energy to finish it, and based on the amount of effort that you are investing in it, you have big chances to achieve everything that you want in life.

To dream about other people planting flax
If you are dreaming of someone else in your dream planting flax, it means that you will reject a good business opportunity out of fear. You probably lack self-confidence, which affects your decision making. You need to stop being afraid of changes if you want to make progress in something. The same applies to your love life as well. If you had a bit more courage to say to people how you feel, you would be a lot happier and satisfied.

To dream of picking or reaping flax
Dreaming of reaping flax suggests that the future holds prosperity for you. If you are worried about your finances at the moment, that could change soon. You will soon start picking the fruits of your labor, thanks to your effort and persistence.

To dream of other people reaping flax
A dream in which you see someone else reaping flax means that you will make progress slowly because other people will sabotage you. There is a chance that someone wants to see you fail, but you can’t see it. When you find out who that person is, you will eliminate them from your life easily and start achieving your goals.

To dream of throwing flax away
Dreaming of throwing flax away means that you regret missed opportunities. You have probably rejected a love proposal by someone in the past, but it seems to you that now you would have a beautiful future with that person. Don’t torment yourself with past decisions but make sure to experience happy moments in the future.

To dream of other people throwing flax away
If you see someone else throwing flax away in your dream, it means that the news about your acquaintance will shock you. However, don’t believe everything that you hear because you know how much people love to gossip and how prone they are to embellishing some events. What’s even more important, don’t spread those gossips further because you could end up in trouble later.

To dream of burning flax
If you are dreaming of burning flax, it means that you don’t believe in alternative medicine but only the things that have been scientifically proven. You hardly ever consume natural remedies because of that but look for advice from people that went to school for it.

To dream about other people burning flax
This dream means that you will argue with a hypochondriac. Someone from your surroundings constantly thinks that something is wrong with their health. Since you are tired of listening to their stories about various illnesses and symptoms, you will let them know that they worry too much. That will make you their enemy number one.

Interpretations of dreams can differ depending on the type of flax product that you have dreamt about.

To dream of flax flour
When you are dreaming of making something with flax flour, it means that you have the need to say some things to some people’s faces. There is one person from your surroundings whose behavior you don’t like. You often feel like they are underestimating or humiliating you, but you have let that happen. Had you raised your voice during one such situation, they would address you differently for sure.

To dream of flax bread
If you are dreaming of eating or making flax bread, it means that you should cleanse your mind from negative thoughts. Hanging out with people that constantly complain has probably exhausted you, so you can’t get back on track. Try to do some things that you enjoy or hang out with people that affect your mental health positively to come back to your old self.

To dream of flax oil
Flax oil means that you will solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. A piece of advice from a friend, colleague, or one of the family members will help you with that. A fresh outlook on things will produce a good solution, which is why you should ask for help from someone that you trust.

To dream of flax tea
If you are dreaming of making or drinking flax tea, that is a sign that you will finally start taking more care of yourself. You will change your diet and life habits. You will realize that you have been inactive for years and start taking walks, running, or riding a bike. Your body will be thankful to you for that decision later, which is why it is important to be persistent.

To dream of a linen shirt
If you see, wear, sew, or buy a linen shirt in a dream, it means that you need to be patient to solve one problem. Time is your ally in this case. If you let it do its thing, you will soon be able to relax. It might seem to you that you are only making it worse by not doing anything, but keep in mind that this is the best solution.

To dream of a linen dress
A linen dress in a dream symbolizes love for esthetics. You are someone who always puts in a lot of effort to look good. When your financial situation lets you, you rather spend more money on buying a quality piece of clothing instead of something cheap. You believe that clothes speak about people a lot and want people to see you like a lady or gentleman based on what you are wearing.

To dream about a linen skirt
A linen skirt symbolizes celebration in dreams. We are talking about engagement parties, weddings, or baby showers for younger people, while it symbolizes joy because of loved ones for older people. There is a chance that you will be present at one romantic event soon.

To dream of linen pants
Dreaming of linen pants means that you have a relaxed attitude toward life. You are someone who doesn’t like to worry about things that you can’t change. That is why you don’t stress yourself out with such things but enjoy the ones that suit you. Many people see you as an immature and childish person because of it, even though you are not. You believe that worrying about the things that you can’t control is only a waste of precious time.

To dream of a linen blazer or jacket
A linen jacket symbolizes your need to be the center of attention. You are someone who enjoys it when other people listen to you, observe you, or admire you. Because of it, you always try to provoke a reaction out of people with your appearance and then present yourself as the leader of every conversation or discussion.

To dream about linen
If you are dreaming about linen, that is a warning to reduce the amount of stress that you currently feel if you don’t want to jeopardize your physical and mental health. If you continue to worry and think about other people’s problems so much, your body will weaken, which will lead to serious consequences. Think about yourself first and then about everything else.

To dream of linen curtains
Dreaming of linen curtains usually symbolizes your need to hide or preserve your secret. You are afraid that a past sin could change other people’s opinions of you. You just want to get it out sometimes, but then you give up because you don’t want those that care about you to have a negative opinion of you.

Meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen, eaten, or ground flax, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of flax

Flax is an annual or biennial plant that people used for textiles before, but now we use this plant in the human diet as well.