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Research has shown that people often dream about flags. The interpretation of such dreams depends on the context in which they took place and the details that followed them.

А flag or gonfalon in a dream

To see a flag in a dream implies that you are not engaged enough. You miss initiative in everything you do.

You are lifeless and you mostly wait for other people to finish everything instead of you. You are not passionate about your studies or the job that you do.

You have a hard time getting up in the morning and you can’t wait to get back home and go to sleep. It is possible that you are spending your free time playing video games or sitting behind a computer.

You will have to snap out of it and become more active if you don’t want to end up in a depression and complicate your life for no reason.

Dream about holding a flag

Holding a flag in a dream means that you are fighting for your beliefs. You are honest and you act the way you believe is right.

You are not accepting compromises, because you know that behaving like that will make you feel bad.

You know that people who act shady have a better life, but your moral beliefs are the only compass in your life. Sometimes, you think of yourself as a naive person, but you don’t know how to act differently.

Even though you have been crossed many times, you don’t lose hope that someday, you will meet people who will appreciate your qualities.

Carrying a flag in a dream

Dreaming of carrying a flag means that you will be greatly honored. It is possible that your boss will offer you a better job position in the company you currently work for, or that your business partner will recommend your work to their associates.

On the other hand, it is possible that you will be recommended for the position of president in some council or company.

If someone else is carrying a flag in your dream, it means that your colleague will take recognition for something you have done.

You will try to explain to them how wrong that is, nicely, but after you realize that they are not paying attention to you, you will ask for help from your boss. While doing that, you will have to be really wise and careful.

Think about every word and argument you say, because otherwise, you could cause a counter effect.

Dreaming of burning a flag

Burning a flag in a dream means that you will finally get enough courage and strength to tell someone to their face everything you think of them.

You are probably putting up with scorns and insults for a long time, but you have decided to keep silent, out of respect and good intentions.

However, there will be times when you will realize that there is no reason to hold it in, and you will be able to simply spit everything out into their face.

Dreaming of other people burning a flag means that injustice done to someone else will hurt you.

It is possible that you will be deciding about someone’s faith with a group of people. You will be outnumbered and because of that, injustice to someone will be done.

You will try to make it right, but you simply will not have enough power to do so. Accepting reality will be hard for you, but with time, you will realize that your hands were tied.

Dream meaning of a flag fluttering

Dreaming of a flag fluttering means that communication with your partner or family members will improve a lot. You will stop fighting over small things.

Besides that, you will realize that understanding and support are crucial for everything you do and that your family has the same opinion about it.

The following period will be great for making new friendships.

A folded flag in a dream

A dream in which you see a folded flag means that you are ready for new challenges that are expected of you at work, school, college, or in your private life. You will finally have enough strength, so new chores and obligations will not be a problem for you.

You will realize how you can use time efficiently, so you will finally be able to enjoy in things that are fulfilling you.

Buying a flag in a dream

Dreaming of buying a flag means that you will be invited to a wedding or some other celebration.

The invitation will make you really happy and you will gladly accept to make someone’s special day better with your presence.

You will make sure to bring nice gifts, in order to make the hosts happy. You will impatiently wait for that day.

Dreaming about selling a flag

Selling a flag in a dream means that a planned trip or a job will not be realized for objective reasons. You will be really disappointed because of it.

The best way to get over it is to believe that when one door closes, another opens. That will help you realize that you can’t perceive small failures so tragically.

To bestow a flag

Dreaming of bestowing a flag implies that you have a secret crush. You like someone for a long time, even though they are for some reason unavailable to you. If you are in a relationship too, the problem is even bigger.

However, that is not stopping you from fantasizing about them. You would like to become closer, even just as friends, but you are afraid that your relationship wouldn’t be friendly for a long time.

Getting a flag as a gift in a dream

Dreaming of getting a flag as a gift means that you are insecure. You are afraid of people’s reactions regarding every move you make, so you ask for approval for all your decisions.

It is possible that society has made an overly cautious person out of you, or that you suffer from a lack of self-esteem because of bad experiences from the past.

Many people appreciate your virtues, but you should start appreciating yourself too. That doesn’t mean that you have to become narcissistic, but a small dose of arrogance will not hurt you.

A black flag in a dream

This dream is telling you to be careful when making important decisions. Watch out for every point in the contract that you are signing. A moment of recklessness could cost you your job, home, or even a loved one.

Be extra careful if you decide to take a loan or buy a car because recklessness could bring you many worries and a lot of stress.

The symbolism of a white flag

A white flag in a dream means that you will make peace with someone who you are in a bad relationship with, for a long time.

You will realize that the time to bury the hatchets has come, so you will finally decide to have a conversation like grownups.

You will try to understand the other side of the story, so the conflict that has created such hatred between you two will seem pretty insignificant to you.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a flag, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a flag

A flag or gonfalon is a smaller or larger rectangular-shaped multicolored fabric. It is mounted on a mast or some other bracket.

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