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Fingernails of an old lady

Fingernails symbolize damage in a dream, while if you scratch someone, it undoubtedly sends the message that you will not let others mess with you.

The exception is if you dream of fingernails in relation to something erotic or sexual, then they represent an incredible love adventure.

Dream about beautiful and well-manicured nails

If you see beautiful and well-manicured fingernails, it means that you are trying to force someone to like you. You have to back down not to create a countereffect.

Dreaming of doing your nails

If you dream of doing your nails, it symbolizes damage. There is a chance that you will be preoccupied with trivial things while problems will pile up.

You will not listen to the pieces of advice from people who know about your situation but rush to the ruin and take those that didn’t deserve it with you.

To dream of cutting your fingernails

If you dream of cutting fingernails, it means that you will admit a mistake. You are someone who always tries to behave rightly, which is why you don’t have a problem looking back and apologizing.

You would see yourself as unsuccessful if you let ego and pride ruin your sense of justice.

Dream meaning of cutting toenails

If you dream of cutting toenails, it means that you don’t have to admit to making a mistake because you didn’t do anything wrong. Someone else has to get off the high horse and apologize to you.

To dream about cutting a baby’ or child’s nails

When you cut a baby’s or kid’s nails in a dream, it means that you are a very caring person. Your friends see it and respect you for it.

Cutting someone else’s nails in a dream

Dreaming of cutting someone else’s nails means that you have to embarrass yourself from time to time to provide a better and more beautiful future for yourself and your family.

Dream interpretation of painting your fingernails

If you dream of painting your nails, it means that you will soon experience financial progress and gain. An alternative interpretation for man is that someone is trying to mock you in real life for no apparent reason.

Getting your nails professionally done in a dream

If you dream of getting your nails done by a professional, it means that you will try to repair damage unsuccessfully.

Dreaming of biting your nails

Dreaming of biting your fingernails symbolizes temporary loss, poverty, and laziness. One of those things or even the combination of all of them expects you.

Dream about breaking your nail

When you break your nail in a dream, it means that someone wants to harm you. One person from your surroundings probably questions every decision you make and does things that stress you out.

You have been trying not to let them provoke you with all of your might, but that is often a mission impossible.

Scratching someone with nails in a dream

If you scratch someone in a dream, it means that you are stubborn. You are rebellious by nature and don’t stand for authority.

You often do everything you can to spite it, even if it will hurt you in the process. There is a chance that such behavior will backfire on you.

The symbolism of dirty fingernails

When you see dirty or black fingernails in a dream, it means that you work and invest more effort into something than you should.

Others often don’t notice that, while those who shouldn’t care to see through it.

To dream of fingernails hurting you

When you dream of nails hurting you, it means that you will soon have an argument with family members or relatives. There is a chance that you will start it. You have to know that you can avoid it by being patient.

Dream about very long nails

If you see very long fingernails in a dream, it means that a difficult period filled with hard work or work that will not get adequately paid expects you.

You will be dissatisfied because of it, but you will overcome that period without much trouble, even though you will be fuming with rage.

To dream of someone scratching you or you scraping someone while making love

This dream represents an upcoming intense love event. An alternative meaning is that you will be very horny but have to please yourself to release the tension.

Dreaming of eating a nail

If you dream of eating a nail, it means that you worry and complicate things for no reason. You have to relax.

Fake nails in a dream

If you see fake nails in a dream, it means that someone will harm you by spreading lies about you. However, you will not notice it until you hear the story from someone else, unfortunately.

Dream meaning of dirty nails

If you dream about your nails being dirty, it means that you have to watch out for who you are confiding in because someone could take advantage of your honesty.

It would be best to talk about your secrets, fears, and plans with people who have proven their loyalty to you only. Otherwise, someone could ruin your reputation or jeopardize the job you do.

If you see dirty nails on someone else, it means that you don’t respect other people’s work and effort enough.

Someone from your surroundings has achieved everything in life alone, but you minimize their success because you envy them.

To dream of your nail getting blue because of a blow

When you dream of your fingernail going blue or black because you hit it, it means that you will face minor issues while achieving your goal.

You have made a good plan and tried to predict all the obstacles that could show up on your way to success, but you will have to deal with some challenges on the go.

However, you can’t let that discourage you.

Dreaming of someone else’s fingernail being blue or black because of a blow means that you ought to give support to a friend in trouble. You have lost touch because of past conflicts, so you don’t even know what is happening to them.

You have to give them a call and have a conversation since now is not the time for holding grudges. You have to do everything you can to get them out of the crisis.

Dream about your fingernail falling off

This dream symbolizes minor damage. There is a chance that you will buy something that will not fulfill your expectations.

If you make sure to do research on that product and figure out all its good and bad sides while hearing out other people’s experiences with it, you might opt for something else and avoid a bad investment.

Dream meaning of someone else’s fingernail falling off

When you see someone else’s fingernail falling off because of a blow, it means that you will get a valuable gift.

One of your family members or friends will decide to surprise you and buy something you have fantasized about for a long time.

The fact that your loved one knows you so well and remembers what your long-term wish is will gladden you more than the actual gift.

Ingrown nails in a dream

Ingrown nails in a dream symbolize internal struggles. You are currently in a phase when you don’t know what you want.

You have a chance to materialize your knowledge and experience but with specific sacrifices. You probably want to try out something new, but a fear of change or the fact that you could fail scares you.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk about it with someone you trust. You could really use a good piece of advice now.

To dream of removing ingrown nails

If you dream of having surgery to remove ingrown nails, it means that you will choose a more difficult but efficient way to solve one problem. You will decide to cut at the root of it and not regret your decision, no matter how hard it will be to put it into action.

The color of the nail polish can affect the interpretations of your dream. Because of it, you have to try to remember what color your fingernails were.

Red nails in dreams symbolize reconciliation in your family or forgiveness for people that hurt you in the past.

You will decide to change your approach to them and make sure to make peace with everyone you are not in a good relationship. That will be a new page of your life in every sense of that word.

Another meaning of this dream is that you will be in big temptation. You might have a chance to cheat on your partner with someone you like.

Blue nails in dreams symbolize peace and serenity. You will finally enter a more peaceful phase of your life.

You will solve some problems and minimize the effect of others and be able to relax. You have to take advantage of that period the best you can.

Black fingernails in dreams represent dark thoughts that have taken over you. You have been very pessimistic lately, which is the first step to getting depressed.

You have to make an effort to think about the good things in your life, instead of the bad ones that are happening to you only. Indeed, it is hard, but you have many things you are proud of or can look forward to, for sure.

If you see white fingernails in a dream, that is not a good sign, unfortunately. Even though white symbolizes innocence and beauty, white nail polish represents sorrow and misery in dreams. You will need a lot of time to overcome the difficult period in which you are.

If you see pink nails in a dream, it means that someone will give you their attention. There is a chance that your work colleague will openly flirt with you.

Green fingernails in a dream symbolize incredible joy. There is a chance that your family will expand. Yellow nails also have a positive meaning. They represent happiness and success.

When you see multi-colored nails decorated with crazy patterns, it means that you will meet an incredibly fascinating person.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently had a manicure, cut, broken, or scratched someone with nails, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of fingernails

A nail is a claw-like plate that protects the fingertips on the hands and feet.

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