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Fig cut in half

What does it mean to dream of figs?

If you see figs in a dream, it symbolizes big love success.

You and your partner might overcome all the obstacles other people set for you. You will realize that what you have is too valuable to let it end because of trivial things.

You will make an effort to stop paying attention to everyone and solve every problem that emerges as a couple.

Dream interpretation of eating figs

If you dream of eating figs, it means that you will become rich.

You will probably start or find a job that will bring you a lot of profit. You will get informed well and estimate the market’s needs, which is why your success is guaranteed.

You will be ready for collaboration and learning, which will spare you the mistakes beginners usually make.

Dreaming of others eating figs

When you see someone else eating figs, it means that you will hear shocking news related to your friend or acquaintance.

You might find out that the person in question got a divorce or became rich. Anyhow, you will wish them luck.

To dream about feeding someone with figs

Feeding someone with figs in a dream means that you are worried about your loved one’s health.

One of your family members or friends is facing specific problems but doesn’t have proper treatment or diagnosis yet.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much to change that except give that person unconditional support.

Dream interpretation of someone feeding you with figs

This dream is a warning not to ignore the symptoms you have had for a long time.

You are prone to diagnosing and treating yourself with the help of magazines and the Internet, which can only make the situation worse.

The sooner you make an appointment, the faster you will get answers to the questions that bother you, and your overall health will improve.

The symbolism of picking figs in dreams

When you dream of picking figs, it symbolizes a successful purchase. You might buy a bigger property, car, or something you will need a lot of money for.

However, you will get a better deal than expected because you will come across fair people you can agree on everything with.

A dream of watching others picking figs

A dream wherein you see someone else picking figs can be a sign that someone will make a profit by horse-riding on your back.

Your boss might earn a lot thanks to your hard work and effort. If you don’t want to help others make money through you, you should start thinking about starting your own business.

To dream of fig leaves

If you see fig leaves in a dream, it means that your long-term wish will come true.

You probably forgot about it with time, and you will be surprised when you remember how important it once was to you.

You will not be scared or overwhelmed because of its outcome, which is why things will go better than you have planned.

Dreams and their meanings of planting figs

When you dream of planting figs, it means that you will invest in the future.

You work a lot on your education and business training because you believe that those things are the only way to provide yourself and your family with a comfortable life.

You don’t count on anyone because you know that you are the creator of your destiny.

Dreaming about climbing the fig

Climbing the fig in a dream means that you possess an enormous potential for success.

You are a hard worker who learns fast, but you still haven’t gotten the chance to show off your knowledge and skills.

You need not lose hope because your five minutes of fame will come when you least expect them.

Dreams of other people climbing the fig

A dream wherein you see someone else climbing the fig suggests that you will get offended when your boss promotes your colleague instead of you.

You possess a lot more skills, knowledge, and experience, which is why you will perceive it as an injustice.

If you believe that you can’t make progress at your current job, you have to start looking for another one.

To dream of other people planting figs

When you see someone else planting figs in a dream, it means that your partner or one of the family members will motivate you to start thinking about the future.

You might finally decide to actualize your ideas. You will come up with a plan that is highly achievable if you choose to respect it.

What does it mean to dream of buying figs?

Dreaming of buying figs symbolizes unexpected gain. You might get property, money, or something else in inheritance.

Another possibility is that your boss will finally decide to reward you with a short-term but fat stimulus check. You might even get lucky at games of chance.

Anyhow, you can use the money to pay off some debts caused by the chronic lack of money and buy something you have fantasized about for a long time.

What does it mean to dream of selling figs?

Selling figs in a dream is not a good sign, unfortunately.

Such dreams symbolize fickle luck. Just when you start to believe that your life has turned for the better, something unexpected will happen.

However, you need not despair but look for ways to overcome those obstacles and challenges.

Getting figs as a gift dream interpretation

If someone bestows figs on you in a dream, it means that you have a secret admirer. One person from your surroundings has feelings for you, but they are afraid of admitting it.

If you start paying attention, you will soon figure out who that is. It is up to you to decide if you will do anything about it and what.

Dreams and interpretation of giving figs to someone

Bestowing figs to someone in a dream means that you don’t want to admit some feelings to yourself. You probably like someone but make an effort to hide it.

That person is probably in a relationship already, or it seems to you that you don’t have a chance with them. However, you will never know whether you are right or wrong if you don’t try.

Dream meaning of stealing figs

Stealing figs from a garden, shop, or marketplace in a dream means that a moment of recklessness will put you in an inconvenient situation.

You have to be extra careful in traffic or if you plan on signing any form of contract. You have to read every point in the document carefully not to end up in trouble in the future.

Dreaming of other people stealing figs

If you see someone else stealing figs in a dream, it means that you will witness a heated argument between two people you don’t know well.

They will not be afraid to air their dirty laundry in front of you. What’s more, they might even try to drag you into the conflict, which is why you have to be careful not to become a part of that chaos.

Dream meaning of throwing figs away

Throwing figs away in a dream means that you are dissatisfied with your life, even though you don’t have a concrete reason for it.

Indeed, you haven’t fulfilled all your wishes yet, but there are things you can be happy about.

You have to stop splitting ends and start looking forward to the little things that make people’s lives beautiful.

Dream meaning of others throwing figs away

If you see someone else throwing figs away, it means that you will try to gladden your loved one in vain. Your family member or partner is facing certain problems, and you are trying to make them focus on the positive things.

You will probably give up after some time or when you realize that your mission can’t end successfully.

Dreaming about drying figs

Drying figs in a dream means that you could embarrass yourself in front of other people.

You might do something you will be ashamed of later. You have to think things through before you say anything to a large group of people.

Eating dried figs in your dream

Eating dried figs in a dream means that you regret some said words.

Everyone was in such a situation at least once in their life, but we can’t change the past, which is why it would be better if you turned to the future.

To dream of buying dried figs

Buying dried figs in a dream means that you have to watch out for your behavior if you want to keep your good reputation.

You can’t beat the dead horse anymore, which is why you have to be careful.

To dream of making fig jam

Making a fig jam in a dream symbolizes conflicts with your family members.

The reason will be pretty trivial, but it will turn into something more when many unresolved issues get mentioned. You have to stop yourself before saying something you could regret in the future.

Dream meaning of eating fig jam

Eating fig jam in a dream means that you will suffer because of someone else’s mistakes. Your loved ones will argue, which will have a negative effect on you.

To dream about making fig cookies

Making fig cookies or desserts in a dream symbolizes problems at work. The atmosphere in the team is probably not the best. You feel like people want to sabotage one another or drag them through the mud in front of your superiors.

It is difficult to work in such an environment, which is why it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for another job.

Dreams of eating fig cookies or cakes

Eating fig cookies or cakes in a dream means that one person from your surroundings will be fired.

They probably will not meet the criteria your boss has, or they will be no longer needed in the company.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, eaten, picked, or planted figs, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of figs

Fig is a woody Mediterranean plant from the genus Ficus.