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Peacock tail feathers

Dream meaning of feathers

If you see feathers in a dream, it means that your wish will come true. There is a chance that a person you have been thinking about for a long time will contact you.

You will pretend to be cold and disinterested, but you will actually hardly wait for them to ask you out on a date or call you again.

To dream of feathers flying

If you see feathers flying everywhere in your dream, it symbolizes joy. You are born with a lucky start because you achieve everything you fantasize about with ease.

You find motivation in the people you love that make you the best version of yourself, which is why you want to give them a reason to be proud of you daily.

Wearing feathers in a dream

When you dream of wearing feathers, it means that you will take credit for someone else’s work.

A person you see as an authority will probably praise you for something you didn’t make or do.

You will be uncomfortable and want to tell the truth at first, but it will suit you to be the center of attention and enjoy the benefits that belong to someone else.

Dreaming about a peacock’s feather

If you see a peacock feather in a dream, it symbolizes career progress. There is a chance that you will get a raise or a better-paid job in the company you work for.

You will have more obligations and bigger responsibilities also, which will not leave you a lot of time for your friends and family, and they will feel it.

The meaning of selling feathers in a dream

Selling feathers in a dream means that you are good with money. You are a practical person who never throws away anything and who makes sure to do everything alone.

You can make two dollars out of one and organize your budget so that you have enough money for all the necessities and little things you look forward to.

Dream interpretation of buying feathers

Dreaming of buying feathers implies that you are not happy. You never have anything to wear, which is why you pile up things that only collect dust.

You can’t control yourself when you see something you like, which can be a sign that you are not satisfied with your life and that you enrich with material things because you can’t do it with spiritual ones.

Dream meaning of feathers falling from the sky

A dream wherein you see feathers falling from the sky is a very good sign. There is a chance that your long-term wish will come true or that you will be happy for your loved ones.

Anyhow, the following period of your life will be wonderful, and you should take advantage of it the best you can.

Dreaming about collecting feathers

This dream is a sign that you don’t have the strength to change. You believe that people can’t escape faith and that everyone’s life story gets written somewhere because life unfolds according to someone’s scenario.

You don’t take advantage of your potential thanks to such thinking, and your talents don’t end up in the center of attention.

You have to ask yourself if you can change something written in the stars.

Dreaming of other people collecting feathers

When you see someone else collecting feathers in a dream, it means that you will try to change a loved one in vain. Something might bother you about your partner, and you would like to correct it.

However, that person’s personality is too strong, and they don’t even want to give up one part of it.

Throwing feathers away in a dream

Throwing feathers away in a dream can be a sign of giving up.

There is a chance that you will back down from one of your ideas or projects when you realize how much time and effort you need to finish it.

However, you have to ask yourself one more time if it is worth fighting for that dream.

Dreaming of other people throwing feathers away

This dream means that your loved one will drop out of school or college or quit. You will get stunned by such a decision and need some time to accept it.

The symbolism of a feather necklace in a dream

If you dream of yourself or someone else wearing a feather necklace, it means that you have to be grateful for everything you have.

You can’t complain all the time and be unhappy with everything that surrounds you.

If you have love from your family, that is reason enough to be happy already.

Dream symbolism of a feather bracelet

When you see or wear a feather bracelet in a dream, it can symbolize superstition. You are probably afraid when a black cat crosses your path, or you avoid walking under the ladder.

All those things are customs that sometimes make us act strangely, which is why you don’t have to worry if you still respect them.

Dreaming about feather earrings

A dream wherein you see or wear feather earrings suggests that you have to listen to suggestions and advice from the people you trust.

Now is not the time to be a hero or be prideful and vain. You have to accept other people’s help to solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time.

Dream meaning of a feather on a hat

If you dream of a feather-decorated hat or wear it, it means that you will have a great time in the company of someone who likes to embellish their adventures to make the story more interesting.

You know that they are making things up and lying, but that will be cute to you.

To get precise interpretations of your dreams, try to remember what type of feathers you saw, that is, what bird it belongs to.

The symbolism of chicken feathers in dreams

If you see chicken feathers in a dream, it symbolizes minor challenges when it comes to money.

There is a chance that you will have expenses, which is why you will have to change your plans or cut down on your whims.

Dreaming of crow feathers

If you manage to recognize crow feathers in your dream, it could represent some kind of warning about danger.

You have to watch your behavior in traffic and be careful when signing documents.

Dreaming about eagle feathers

When you see eagle feathers in a dream, it symbolizes short-term fame and wealth.

You might get everything overnight and lose a lot if you don’t figure out the best way to cope with what you have.

What does it mean to dream of owl feathers?

If you manage to recognize owl feathers in a dream, it means that you will pass on your knowledge to other people.

If you are not a teacher or scientist, there is a chance that you will share your experience with colleagues at a business seminar.

To dream of the feathers of an unfamiliar bird

If you see a feather in a dream that you don’t know what bird it belongs to, it means that you could face car or house appliance breakdowns in the future.

The color of the feathers you see in a dream can often affect its interpretation.

Dreaming about white feathers

White feathers in a dream symbolize the inner peace you long for and that you will soon have. You will finally have enough strength to think positively about your future and what expects your loved ones.

Dream meaning of black feathers

Black feathers in a dream usually represent your need for protection from someone’s negative influence.

Someone probably restrains your freedom, and you want to get away from them. You will manage to do it if you stay courageous and persistent only.

Dreaming of brown feathers

Brown feathers in a dream suggest that you have to be more pragmatic when it comes to your business and personal life.

You can’t look for flaws and problems where there are none but make an effort to solve what bothers you at the moment in a less complicated way.

Dream meaning of blue feathers

Blue feathers in a dream usually symbolize recovery.

There is a chance that you have had health issues or one of the people you care about dealing with them, but things will improve soon when it comes to that aspect of your life.

Another possibility is that you were sad, but this dream predicts changes for the better.

Dream symbolism of red feathers

If you see red feathers in a dream, it means that you could go through a big emotional change.

Single people could have a passionate love relationship soon, while those who have a partner will experience romantic moments with their loved ones.

Dreaming about purple feathers

Purple feathers in dreams symbolize positive changes in your life.

There is a chance that you will get rid of a bad habit and improve the quality of your life that way.

To dream of pink feathers

Pink feathers symbolize romance in dreams. Someone will probably surprise you with a nice gesture.

Your partner might treat you to a romantic dinner or gift you something that represents the strength of your love for them.

To dream of yellow feathers

When you see yellow feathers in a dream, it means that you will beat yourself. There is a chance that you feel envy or jealousy because someone else has something you want.

However, you will soon realize that such negative emotions can’t do you good, which is why you will turn to more constructive things in your life.

Dreaming about green feathers

Green feathers in a dream symbolize financial security.

Your future will probably be peaceful, at least when it comes to money. We can’t guarantee prosperity to you in other aspects of your life with certainty.

To dream of multi-colored feathers

If you see multi-colored feathers in a dream, it means that you will accept a big challenge.

There is a chance that you will finally gather enough courage to get out of your comfort zone and do something totally unbelievable.

You will surprise many people who have believed that know you, but you will feel great.

The meaning of gold feathers in a dream

Gold feathers in dreams symbolize luxury and abundance. You will probably have a chance to see how someone who doesn’t have to worry about money lives.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, worn, bought, or sold feathers, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of feathers

Feathers are skin growths that birds have.