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A dream about a feast can be very pleasant and nice, but the meaning depends on the details that followed your dream. Scroll down for a more detailed interpretation.

Dream about a feast

If you see a feast in a dream, that symbolizes a trip. You will probably go visit your friends or relatives that live in another city or country.

The change of scenery will be good for you, especially because you will see people dear to you.

You will think of that trip as a vacation that will consist of relaxation and sightseeing for new and interesting destinations.

Having a feast in a dream

When you are dreaming of having a feast, it means that you will experience great joy.

You will probably celebrate the success you have accomplished either in your business or private life.

You will want to share your happiness with both everyone that helped you achieve it and those who made it difficult for you since that motivated you even more and gave you the strength to prove that you can do everything you set your mind to.

Dreaming of organizing a feast

Dreaming of organizing a feast implies that you have many obligations. You are alfa and omega in every activity you participate in.

People see you as someone trustworthy, so they ask you for advice and let you take responsibility at work or home gladly.

Even though that can be tiring, you are used to double-checking even the things that are not in your jurisdiction.

To dream of no one attending your party (feast)

If you are dreaming of no one showing up, it means that you are disappointed with your idols.

Someone you love and respect deeply will show their true face that you will not like at all. You will realize that you have had the wrong impression of them this whole time.

Because of it, their behavior will surprise you at first and then offend you. This is a message to trust yourself more than other people.

Dreaming of someone ruining your feast

This dream symbolizes unexpected problems. You will probably face big obstacles and need a lot of time and effort to overcome them.

You can’t let that discourage you and start thinking that realization of your plans is impossible.

Look at it as an experience that is teaching you something instead of a failure because of which you need to give up on everything.

To get invited to a feast

When you are dreaming of someone inviting you to a feast, it means that someone will show you great honor.

Your effort, hard work, and devotion will finally get recognized. You may get a raise or promotion, or you will even get rewarded for the good deeds that you have done in your surroundings.

The amount of respect and attention that people will show you will probably surprise you since you don’t have some hidden goal when doing something.

Feeling good at a feast

If you are dreaming of enjoying the feast and having a good time, it means that you have let vices and bad habits jeopardize your health.

You should change your nutrition and make some time for physical activities so that you don’t experience serious consequences.

Dream meaning of feeling bad at a feast

People that are giving up on something pleasurable in real life have these dreams usually.

If you are dreaming of being uncomfortable while having a feast, it means that you have a hard time with a new diet or getting off of some vice, so you have transferred those feelings into a dream.

Another meaning is that someone denies you something, so you are angry and in a bad mood.

Being hungry at a feast

If you are dreaming of not seeing enough food at a feast or at least not seeing the kind you like and being hungry because of it, it means that you should stick up for yourself more.

You have let other people use you to achieve their goals. It is time to start thinking about yourself and finally doing something good for your future.

Making a scene at a feast in a dream

A dream in which you have an argument or fight with someone at a feast symbolizes mistakes that you will make because of recklessness. You may get involved in illegal but profitable businesses that will put you in a lot of danger.

Other people may even persuade you to invest money in something risky and completely unprofitable. Don’t sign any contracts until you go over every point and read it carefully.

Dream meaning of being late to a feast

If someone invites you to a feast in a dream, it means that you will not have enough time to spend with your family and friends because of many obligations.

You will probably have to miss a celebration that you have been looking forward to because of work.

It is even possible that you will have to postpone a trip that you have been thinking about for a long time.

A wedding feast in a dream

When a young woman dreams of a wedding feast, the chances that she will organize one soon are truly big.

If, however, an older person dreams of a wedding feast, that symbolizes unexpected expenses. You may have to pay taxes that you have been postponing for a long time or invest money into a repair or replacement of a car or a house appliance.

That will be hard on you since you didn’t plan such expenses for your monthly budget. The worst option is to borrow money from someone or take a loan because of it.

Try spending less to be able to pay for unexpected expenses.

The symbolism of a lavish feast

A dream in which you see a lavish feast with an abundance of food, drinks, and various treats symbolizes the achievement of financial stability.

These dreams usually appear after fights, financial problems, or long-term crises.

To dream of a non-lavish feast

A non-lavish feast in a dream suggests that you are good with money. You are someone who doesn’t spend lavishly and who manages their money well.

You always have money because you are used to saving. You don’t see why people should buy designer clothes, luxury cars, or expensive food since that doesn’t bring them satisfaction.

You would rather invest that money into a trip that you can learn something new on.

Dreaming of attending a feast in the open

If you dream of attending a feast in the open, it means that you will meet someone who will amaze you with their way of thinking, attitudes, and ideas.

You will want to spend as much time as possible with them since you will believe that they have a positive influence on you.

You will expand your points of you because of them and start believing in the realization of your dreams. If that person is of the opposite sex, you may even fall in love.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently organized or attended a feast, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a feast

A feast is a ceremonial lunch or dinner organized in honor of someone or some event.