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Listening to a fairy tale in a dream

Dreaming of listening to a fairy tale means that someone will deceive you. Your feelings will overrule reason, so you will recklessly engage in a relationship with someone who only wants to use you.

They will sweet-talk you while assuring you that their intentions are serious. With time, you will realize that they will not fulfill any of their promises. That person is two-faced, so you will be much better off without them.

Dreaming of telling a fairy tale

Telling a fairy tale in a dream means that you will try to influence someone in vain. You will probably want to advise someone younger than you, but as they will not understand your message, you will lie to them.

Contrary to your expectations, that will cause a counter effect and you will be sorry for getting involved in all of it, in the first place.

You will realize that the saying ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ is true.

Dream meaning of living a fairy tale

Dreaming of living a fairy tale means that you will go on a vacation soon. After hard work, you will desperately need to take a rest.

Your expectations will not be great, so the final results will amaze you. You will want to extend your stay, but your obligations will not let you.

Writing a fairy tale in a dream

Writing a fairy tale in a dream suggests that you are unnecessarily worried. You are perceiving many things negatively, so you are often setting ideas to failure before you even execute them.

Being cautious is good, but sometimes, you need to let things be. You can’t control everything. It is time for you to start enjoying small successes, instead of longing for big results.

Dreaming about reading a fairy tale

Reading a fairy tale in a dream symbolizes anxiety and dissatisfaction. It is possible that you have the desire to run away from someone or something, but you don’t know how.

You have to face your own fears and finally take everything into your own hands. If you continue running away, you can’t expect faith to reward you.

Burry past traumas deep and start thinking about your future.

Dreaming of reading a fairy tale to your child means that someone will accuse you of something unfairly.

People from your surroundings will judge you, even though you haven’t done or said anything wrong.

That situation will continue on for a while, but you will finally after many failed attempts to defend yourself, realize that all of it is not worth your time and energy.

Tearing apart a book of fairy tales

Dreaming of tearing a book of fairy tales apart means that the time for change has come. It is possible that you will decide to change a job, your dwelling place, or even something about yourself.

Your current situation is probably smothering you, so you are constantly trying to find a way to deal with it.

All of it falls hard on you because you are facing different problems on a daily basis. That is probably the reason for dreaming of escaping reality.

Dreaming of other people destroying a book of fairy tales means that a friend or an acquaintance will disappoint you.

You will probably realize that they are not worth your time and attention, so you will decide to distance yourself from them.

Dream about burning a book of fairy tales

Dreaming of burning a book of fairy tales means that you will experience a love affair. If you are single, you probably know that person already, and you have been attracted to them for a while.

You will have a chance to talk, so you will realize that chemistry between you two exists. Their company will suit you, but the relationship will not be serious. You will probably be some kind of friend with benefits.

If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, there is someone you like for a while. You would never cheat on your partner, but that will not stop you from fantasizing about them.

Dreaming of other people burning a book of fairy tales suggests that a plan of yours will not be realized. It is possible that you wanted to go on a trip, but some circumstances will not let you do it.

On the other hand, be careful with money. Overspending might get you in serious trouble, in the long run.

Fairy tale characters in a dream

To see characters from fairy tales in a dream means that you should stay away from trouble. Try to make decisions wisely, so that you don’t end up in difficult situations.

Risky investments will not bring you anything good, but they could cause you a headache. Now is not the time for love adventures either, because there is a chance that you will get hurt in your attempt to have fun.

Dreaming of being chased by fairy tale characters symbolizes your need for a conversation. You are probably one of those people who holds everything and rarely confides in other people.

However, you will end up in a situation that you will not be able to solve by yourself, so you will need help or advice from someone you trust.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because you will have a better chance of solving a problem if someone else helps you, as well.

A dream in which you argue with fairy tale characters means that someone is accusing you of being immature and irresponsible. They are probably an elderly person who usually disagrees with your actions.

All of it is causing arguments, but that doesn’t matter to you, since you have your own opinion and you live your life the way you want to.

If you are fighting with fairy tale characters in a dream, your subconsciousness is telling you to give up on something.

It is possible that you have dedicated too much of your time to a job, or that you have been giving too much attention to someone, but now you’ve realized that your efforts were in vain.

You were hoping that the situation would get better, but that didn’t happen. Your consciousness is probably telling you to give up and move on.

Dreaming of fairy tale characters trying to kill you means that your efforts will pay off. If you have been thinking about changing your profession, college, job, or dwelling place, the time for it has come.

Every plan you make has a real chance of being successful.

To dream that you are a fairy tale character

If you dream you are a fairy tale character, it symbolizes unexpected joy and satisfaction. Someone or something might pleasantly surprise you.

Another possibility is that you will get the present you have fantasized about for a long time.

According to ancient dream books, a dream wherein you are a fairy tale character means you will get a gift from a stranger.

Dreaming that your loved one is a fairy tale character

If you dream that your partner is a fairy tale character, it implies that you often idolize that person.

You are probably so in love with them that you are unaware of the flaws they have, even though everyone has them.

It is normal to look at your partner through rose-colored glasses when you are in love, but you have to be realistic so that you don’t get disappointed in the future.

To dream that a fairy tale scared you

When you dream that a fairy tale scared you, it means you are prone to panic. When something unpredictable happens to you, you are lost.

Not only can you not see the situation objectively, but you are thinking about the worst possible outcomes of that event.

Besides that, you are incapable of listening to what others tell you to do. If you want to protect your mental health, you have to change.

Dreaming about a fairy tale scaring someone else

This dream suggests that someone’s behavior will upset you. You might have a problem, and your loved one will perceive it pretty tragically or dramatically.

You will try to explain that there is no need for that, but that person will talk to you about the worst possible scenarios, and you will have to be harsher to persuade them that there is no reason to worry.

To dream that a fairy tale gladdened you

If you dream that a fairy tale has gladdened you, it implies that you are an optimist. Your glass is always half full, which is why many people like spending time with you.

You don’t complain even when you are going through hard times because you make an effort to solve the problems you have.

You will manage to preserve your mental and physical health thanks to such a way of thinking.

Dreaming that a fairy tale gladdened someone else

A dream wherein you see that a fairy tale has gladdened someone else means you will have a chance to tell someone good news.

You will feel honored and happy for doing it, and you might even celebrate someone’s success.

To dream that a fairy tale saddened you

If you dream that a fairy tale has saddened you, it means you are too sensitive. Every little thing can get you off track, after which someone closest to you feels it on their skin.

You need not take out your frustrations on people who have done nothing to deserve it because you could chase them away for good.

Dreaming that a fairy tale saddened or made someone cry

When you dream that a fairy tale made someone cry, it implies that you will deal with other people’s problems.

One of your family members or friends will end up in trouble, and you will neglect your obligations and needs to help them get out of the crisis.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently read or listened to a fairy tale, it has probably stayed in your subconscious, so you’ve dreamed about it.

Definition of a fairy tale

A fairy tale is a literary work in which fiction and reality intertwine. Fairy tales usually have a happy ending.

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