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Dreaming of an expedition

If you see an expedition in a dream, it means that you regret the things you haven’t done.

You might have stayed to the side and passively observed events in your surroundings.

You have always been at the same distance from others that way and didn’t let them approach you out of fear of getting hurt.

You often regret missed opportunities and many moments that are not retrievable.

Participating in an expedition

When you dream of participating in an expedition, it means that you should think well before you make a decision. You rarely think twice before you do something.

You are impulsive by nature, so you say and think whatever seems right to you without thinking about the consequences at the moment.

To come back from an expedition

Dreaming of coming back from an expedition means that you will become more serious.

You loved partying and chasing girls when you were younger, but you feel the need lately to settle down with someone who suits you.

You want to have a family and a home in which you will find a peaceful and safe harbor and shelter from problems that you face every day.

Dream meaning of a failed expedition

If you are dreaming of not reaching the goal of an expedition, it means that someone is trying to sabotage you.

Someone close to you is trying to stop you from finishing your project or realizing an idea or plan.

That can relate to the private aspect of your life.

Someone might be jealous of your relationship with a partner or someone you like, so they are trying to ruin it for you.

Dreaming of preparing for an expedition

If you are dreaming of getting ready to go on an expedition, it means that you will courageously face new challenges that are expecting you, no matter if they are related to your love or business life, or even your health.

Life will put a huge obstacle before you, but you will be ready enough to overcome it.

When you succeed in it, your parents, friends, and relatives will be proud of you.

That will give you strength and motivation to keep fighting.

To see others preparing for an expedition

When you see someone else getting ready to go on an expedition, it means that you will try to talk out to your friends or a partner about something that you believe will harm them.

You think that the decision they have made is wrong, and you feel like you owe it to them to point it out.

They will probably not listen to you, but your consciousness will be at peace, at least.

Being a leader of an expedition

A dream in which you are a leader of an expedition means that you always know how someone else could solve their problems, but you are drowning in yours.

You can advise others for hours, even though the same advice doesn’t work for you.

You should maybe dedicate more attention to yourself and work on getting better instead of preaching to others.

In the long run, you will not achieve anything with it since everyone can see that your pieces of advice are unfounded and that you find them in books or hear them on TV.

Dreaming about getting lost during an expedition

If you dream of getting lost during an expedition, it means that you are confused.

Some things that you haven’t experienced are happening to you, so you don’t know how to react.

You might be doubting your love for a partner, or you have concluded that they are cheating on you.

Anyhow, that got you off the tracks, and you need some time to think about everything well.

That is a good call since impulsive reactions could be fatal. Give yourself some time and space to analyze your situation to manage to solve it as successfully as possible.

The symbolism of dying during an expedition

This dream symbolizes risky behavior and decisions.

You might enter one business deal naively since it is not by the law, or you will invest money into something that you are not sure if it is profitable.

You will be sorry for not asking someone for advice later, but it will be too late.

The only thing you can do is to make a plan on how to remediate possible harmful consequences.

Interpretations depend on the type of expedition you dream of. You can read more detailed interpretations in the following text.

A scientific expedition in a dream

If you are dreaming of going on a scientific expedition, it means that you are a curious person who likes to learn.

You might enroll in a course or training to enrich your knowledge in certain areas.

You are not afraid of new challenges, and you gladly spend time researching the topics that interest you.

All of it is more like a hobby at the moment since your job doesn’t require any type of engagement.

Meaning of a military or police expedition

When you are dreaming of a military or police expedition, it means that you will witness an uncomfortable conversation between two people.

You might even observe a heated argument between spouses or colleagues and your superiors.

However, they will not let you observe only, but they will try to drag you into it. You will be able to avoid it with diplomatic responses only.

If you decide to take the side, you will become a part of the conflict for no reason.

To dream of the expedition to the South pole

A dream in which you are a part of the expedition to the South pole means that you are trying to turn your hobby into a profitable business in vain.

Even though your talents are numerous and interesting, they don’t bring you money at the moment.

You will turn to easy money like playing games of chance or visiting gambling houses because of financial problems.

That risk could pay off, but you will not achieve much without effort, hard work, and sacrifices.

Dreaming of an expedition to the North pole

This dream symbolizes loneliness. You are probably surrounded by people who can’t understand your wishes, needs, and ambitions.

It sometimes seems to you that you are alone in this world, which still motivates you to keep fighting for the things you want.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen or participated in expeditions, that have made an impression on you.

Definition of an expedition

An expedition is a mission of several people that have a predetermined goal, which can be military, scientific, etc.

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