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Dream and its meaning of an execution

If you see an execution in a dream, it means that you are in trouble. Someone might want to physically or verbally attack you because you have wronged that person.

They will try to leave the impression of a fearless person who lets others know what will happen to them if they decide to follow your example.

Dreaming of someone wanting to execute you

If you dream of someone wanting to execute you, it means that you have a protector. A person you believed was indifferent or even unfriendly toward you will help you.

You have misjudged them because the person in question is not good with words, but their deeds will show you that they only want the best for you.

To dream of executing someone

When you dream of executing someone, it symbolizes a tough decision.

You might be forced to make a choice or tell someone the truth that the person in question doesn’t want to hear.

You will be very uncomfortable, but you will also make an effort to find the right moment and way to do it, avoiding someone getting hurt.

Stopping the execution in a dream

If you dream of stopping the execution, it means that you will tell the truth. You might save your colleague who your boss will accuse of not fulfilling their obligations.

Since you know what is going on in that person’s life, you will not let an innocent person suffer because of something they didn’t do.

To dream of execution getting postponed

When you dream of execution getting postponed, it means that you still have some time left. You probably have a deadline or an exam.

However, the additional time will help you a lot since you have already started coming up with excuses to justify being late to your superiors and put your conscience at ease.

Dream meaning of supporting the execution

If you dream of applauding someone’s execution, it means that you are naïve.

You have let someone persuade you about something that is not good for your future. That person has managed to convince you to do something that will benefit them but hurt you a lot by using manipulative methods.

You have to open your eyes before it is too late.

Protesting against the execution, dream interpretation

Protesting against someone’s execution in a dream means that you will choose the right path.

You are currently at a crossroads, wondering what to do. You are making an effort to pick something that will bring you the best results or improve the quality of your life in the future.

If you make decisions supported by reason and logic, there is a chance that you will never regret them.

Dream meaning of someone requesting your execution

If you dream of someone insisting on your execution, it means that you have dangerous enemies.

Someone wants to hurt your business or a relationship with a loved one. They do it cunningly, which is why you can never predict that person’s next move.

Anyhow, you have to watch out for the intrigues and games because they are that person’s most powerful weapon that can destroy your reputation or happiness.

Dreaming about requesting someone’s execution

If you dream of requesting someone’s execution, it means that you long for revenge.

Someone hurt or offended you in the past, and you can’t get over it. Instead of leaving it behind you, you want to come up with a plan to give that person a taste of their own medicine.

You have to know that you will hurt yourself that way more than the person in question.

To dream of someone threatening to execute you

When you dream of someone threatening to execute you, it suggests that you have created some problems in your head because they are not based on reality.

You are prone to panicking and seeing chaos even where there is no any. Instead of turning to real problems, you waste your time on trivial and little things.

You need not be afraid to talk about the things that bother you with someone who can see your situation objectively.

Dream interpretation of threatening someone with an execution

Threatening someone with an execution in a dream symbolizes repressed anger.

Someone offended or provoked you in real life, and you believe that you haven’t reacted correctly. You know what you would tell the person in question now, but your mind went blank then, and you didn’t say anything.

You have to stop going back to it and ask yourself if you honestly care about what that person thinks about you.

Dreams of stopping someone’s execution

Stopping someone’s execution in a dream means that you will do a big favor for someone. That can be a family member, friend, or even someone you have never seen in your life.

That person will be very grateful to you for it and will make an effort to return the favor sooner or later, even though you don’t expect that.

Dreaming about someone stopping your execution

This dream means that you have good friends that you have to cherish. You are surrounded by people who would give their life for you at any moment.

You have probably earned that thanks to your behavior, which is why you know for sure that they would never betray you.

Such friendships are rare and precious, and you have to remind yourself that you are honestly a lucky person because of them.

Being an executioner in a dream

If you dream of being an executioner, it means that you have to make a tough decision.

You might be a mediator in a conflict between two people you love and respect equally. They will ask you to say who is in the right, but one of them will get mad at you once you state your decision, for sure.

Interpretations of these dreams can differ depending on what kind of execution you saw.

To dream of execution on a guillotine

Execution by a guillotine is a brutal act both in dreams and in real life.

If you dream of watching someone getting murdered on a guillotine, it means that you will witness a stressful event. That doesn’t have to concern you necessarily but could happen to a stranger on the street.

Anyhow, you will see something that will shake you up.

Dreaming of execution at the stake

Witnessing execution at stake in a dream symbolizes a guilty conscience. You probably had a chance to help someone but didn’t do it.

That can be a lesson on how not to act in the future to be able to sleep peacefully.

To dream of execution by shooting

If you dream of observing execution by shooting, it means that one of your loved ones will tell you about their problems.

Your family member or friend will tell you about a humiliation they experienced in their circle of friends or at work.

You will try to explain to them why it is not important what other people think about your loved one as long as they have the support of those who love and respect them.

Dreams of execution by stoning

When you dream of witnessing execution by stoning, it means that you will try to change someone’s decision because it seems too radical to you. Your boss might decide to fire your colleague for making a mistake, and you will stand up for that person.

Another possibility is that you will protest against the brutality that you or someone you know has experienced.

Dreaming about execution by hanging

This dream means that you will stand up for someone. Everyone will probably go for your partner’s, friend’s, or family member’s neck because that person has done something others don’t like.

Even though you also believe that your loved one’s actions are not good, you will decide to defend them. You will explain to that person where they are making a mistake in private and help them realize that they can’t do something like that again.

Dream meaning of execution in the electric chair

Execution on an electric chair in a dream means that you will see someone’s breakdown.

You will have a chance to see that the person you found strong and fearless is also vulnerable. You will not know what to do and how to react since you will be pretty surprised.

Only then will you realize how important it is not to hide emotions, whether positive or negative.

The meanings can differ depending on what emotions the execution evokes in us, as well.

Dreaming of being sad because of someone’s execution

If you dream of someone’s execution making you sad, it means that you are an empathic person.

You want to help anyone who is in any form of trouble. You also gladly participate in charities because you believe that it is your responsibility and duty.

Besides that, you help individuals whose problems other people know nothing about.

Being happy because of someone’s execution in a dream

If you dream of someone’s execution making you happy, it means that you long for revenge.

Someone hurt or offended you in the past, and you can’t get over it. You believe in the saying what comes around goes around, but you are also working on giving everyone who wronged you a taste of their medicine.

Such negative emotions are not beneficial for your mental health, which is why you have to make an effort to forgive and move on with your life.

Dreaming about being scared because of someone’s execution

When you dream of someone’s execution scaring you, it means that a turbulent period expects you. You will face various worries and challenges and need a lot of patience and energy to overcome any problem.

Luckily, you have the support of your loved ones, and you will manage to go through that stressful phase of your life with their help.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently watched a movie with scenes of execution in it, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of an execution

Execution is the execution of the death penalty.

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