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Students have dreams about exams more often, but people can have them later on in life as well. Various dream interprets have various but pretty similar interpretations of dreams with this motif.

However, meanings are depending on the context in which a dream occurs and the details or feelings that follow it. You can feel fear, panic, anxiety, excitement, joy, or disappointment while dreaming of an exam.

Having an exam in a dream

Dreaming of having an exam means that you will finally succeed after a lot of hard work.

This applies especially to those who are finishing school and getting over this important chapter in life.

You will have the chance to show everything you have learned and finally become independent since you have fantasized about it from an early age.

Dreaming of cheating on an exam

If you are dreaming of cheating on an exam, it means that taking risks will pay off for you.

You believe that people should be resourceful even in the most difficult situations and never give up but fight till the end.

We can say that you are often very lucky, so you count on it and wait patiently for a higher power to send you a solution that works best for you.

Dream meaning of failing the exam

When you are dreaming of failing the exam, that is a sign that you should question your decisions well.

You have done many things in life just because you believed that you were supposed to do them, not because you wanted.

You feel like you are missing something despite many achieved successes that are extremely appreciated in society.

You need to find a new hobby that will be an escape from difficult obligations and a source of positive energy.

To pass an exam in a dream

If you are dreaming of passing an exam, it means that you have achieved what you planned despite many obstacles and various challenges.

That can be related to college or your job. It is even possible that you had this dream because you are trying to find the right way to seduce someone you like for a long time.

Anyhow, you will get a reward for your effort. Be patient so that you could enjoy success later on.

Dreaming about studying for an exam

A dream in which you are studying for an exam suggests that you are a hard-working and responsible person.

You don’t mind neglecting private plans for work, even when you have to cancel a date with a friend or partner.

Your love life suffers because of it, but you are currently in a place where your career comes first.

Taking an exam unprepared

This dream is a common nightmare for students or those who have finished college recently. It gets caused by thinking about it and the anxiety that most people feel when their knowledge and skills are getting evaluated.

If you didn’t go to college, or you finished it a long time ago, dreams with such motifs are connected to something that you don’t like doing.

The job you don’t enjoy may be stressing you out too much, which is why you make mistakes often.

If you managed to find one small thing that would make it bearable, you could get rid of a lot of stress that you feel at the moment. If this torturous situation continues, that is a clear sign that you should change your job.

To dream of not answering a single question on an exam

If you are dreaming of not knowing the answer to a single question on an exam, it means that you will face a situation in which you will not know how to react.

That will be a completely new and a little bit unpleasant experience for you, and you will remember the feeling you felt at that moment for a long time.

However, you will be richer for one experience, so you will not have a problem reacting the next time you face such a stressful situation.

Dreaming of helping someone during an exam

When you are dreaming of helping someone during the exam, it means that your friend, family member, or acquaintance will ask you for advice.

You will have a hard time stating your opinion since you have never faced something like that before, but the fact that you tried to put yourself in their shoes will bring them a fresh perspective on the problem.

There is no reason to have a guilty consciousness for not doing a lot.

To dream of someone helping you during an exam

If you are dreaming of someone helping you during an exam, it means that you are bothered by the influence some people have on your life.

If you are married, the fact that your in-laws are meddling in your decisions probably bothers you, but you don’t know how to say that to your loved one not to offend them.

It sometimes seems to you that their words are worth more than yours, which is affecting your vanity. It is time to change your approach and ask your partner sometimes what they want first and then state your wishes.

The most important thing is for your wishes to be in sync, while you will deal with the rest easily.

Dreaming about being late for the exam

No matter if you are twenty, thirty, or sixty, you have dreamt of being late to an exam or important meeting at least once in your life.

These dreams are a warning that you have forgotten to do something important in real life.

It has to do with some kind of call, the unpaid bill, or a promise you made. You probably can’t figure out what that is about, but you will remember it with time as always.

To dream of your exam postponed

If you are dreaming of your exam being postponed, it means that one problem that has been torturing you for a long time will get solved on its own.

You have spent a lot of time thinking about every possible variation and possibility, but you forgot the most obvious one. Time can help things fall into their place.

A graduate exam

A dream in which you are taking a graduate exam is connected to your need for people to respect you more.

You are trying to present yourself in a better light so that your reputation in society would be better.

You are often surrounded by appreciated people who you are trying to gain respect through since you long for it so much.

The symbolism of the driving test

When you are dreaming of taking a driving test, that symbolizes your feeling that things are getting out of control.

You probably have a hard time balancing your business and private life. Take care of yourself a little bit instead of trying to please everyone else.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently had an exam, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of an exam

An exam is a written or oral test of someone’s knowledge.

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