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To inherit an estate in a dream
If you are dreaming of inheriting an estate, that symbolizes a wedding. You may be in a relationship for a long time, and you wanted to celebrate it with marriage, but your financial situation was something that stopped you in that intention. However, you will get a large sum of money soon, so you will be able to organize everything the way you have imagined.

To lose an estate
When you are dreaming of losing an estate, that is a warning that you will hear bad news. They will probably be related to the business side of your life, so you will have to change old plans and adjust to the new situation. You have been in trouble many times before, but your determination and readiness to fight will keep you going and help you continue on with your head high.

To buy an estate
Dreaming of buying an estate suggests that wastefulness will lead you to destruction. You are someone who has never had the need to save money or work hard for something since you had everything you wanted. You often fall in debt because of such a way of life, but you will not create anything that will benefit you in the future.

To sell an estate
If you are dreaming of selling an estate, it means that someone is stealing from you. That person is probably your associate or family member who you confide private things in as well as the situation on your bank account. They will misuse your trust and try to gain material gain from you.

To bestow an estate to someone
If you are dreaming of bestowing an estate to someone, it means that you want to forget about the past and move on. Something has probably shaken you up, saddened, or scared you badly, and you couldn’t forget about it. People who have left their family home or homeland or those who are going through a difficult divorce have these dreams more often. You may leave your old life behind you in your attempt to find a better life somewhere else or with someone else, which will require truly radical changes.

To dream of someone giving you an estate
When you are dreaming of someone giving you an estate as a gift, it means that you feel like you owe someone for the favor they did to you. You know that you don’t have a reason to feel like that and that they have done a good deed, but you think that you should return the favor somehow. You have even started imagining that they resent you for it, even though that is not the case at all. If you can’t stop thinking like that, give them something small in return.

To get an estate as a dowry
A dream in which you get an estate as a dowry has something to do with the chronic lack of money usually. You are someone who likes spending lavishly and often, and you are always on the verge of bankruptcy. You are not afraid of spending when you have the money, even if we are talking about something completely unnecessary. However, you don’t learn anything from your actions, no matter how many times you end up in a crisis.

To dream of your estate taken away from you
If you are dreaming of your estate taken away from you, it means that you have legal issues. You probably have a dispute that took longer than you have expected. Another meaning is that you feel injustice because you didn’t get a reward that you feel you deserve because of the effort you are putting into something. If that is the case, you need to know that you are the only one responsible for it. If you are not satisfied with your paycheck or the job you are doing, change it. Don’t just sit around and complain over your destiny.

To dream of someone stealing your estate
This dream symbolizes regret because of missed opportunities. You may have decided to refuse one offer for a job because of the family, parents, or kids, even though it would provide you with a better salary and bigger progress in your career. You believed that you were doing the right thing then, but now you are asking yourself if you should have accepted it and organize yourself better so that either your family or business wouldn’t suffer. It is too late to question your decisions, so better start searching for new opportunities.

To estimate the value of an estate
If you are dreaming of estimating the value of yours or someone else’s estate, it means that you are a very perceptive person and that people can’t con you easily. You always think about the possible consequences of your decisions, so there are no surprises with you. The only thing you can’t apply this tactic to is the love relationships that you are not happy with, unfortunately. If you could relax and stop thinking for just a moment, you would probably find someone who would suit you.

To work on your estate
When you are dreaming of organizing or remodeling your estate, it means that you don’t regret either money or time when it comes to your pleasures. You are a hedonist by nature, even though some people see it as being lazy. There is the right moment for everything in life. If you want to rest, you will rest because you don’t want to do anything forcefully. You get stressed out rarely because of such a way of thinking. The only thing that can ruin your day is the pressure coming from your partner, bosses, or family members who don’t understand your system of work.

To destroy an estate
A dream in which you are destroying yours or someone else’s estate predicts material and emotional losses. You may invest money into something unprofitable, or your loved one will decide to go live somewhere far away from you. Anyhow, you will be sad and disappointed, and you will need a lot of time to make peace with the situation. This can’t discourage you, but motivate you to keep developing your ideas and surround yourself with people who suit you.

To burn an estate
This dream symbolizes repressed anger. You may have experienced something that has shaken you up, but you didn’t respond properly. You are not mad at the person who put you in that situation but at yourself. Instead of counting on your reason, you have let your feelings control you.

If someone else is burning your estate in a dream, that is a warning to watch out for envious and jealous people who are ready to do anything to harm you. Someone close to you is presenting themselves as an honest friend, but their intentions are bad.

Meanings of dreams can be a lot simpler. If you have recently inherited, sold, or bought an estate, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of an estate

An estate is a land that includes all construction sites located on it.