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Engine interior in a dream

To dream of an engine or a motor
If you see an engine or some other kind of machinery working, it means that you have to control your anger. You are very sensitive by nature and don’t need much to get angry with the people from your surroundings. You often analyze every word someone directed at you and find hidden provocations and insults at your expense. You close the door to many things and step on the toes of the people who don’t have bad intentions and could help you in the future.

To dream of a turned-off engine
Dreaming of a turned-off engine means that something bothers you. There is a chance that you will soon retreat inward because you will not want to stress anyone out with your worries. You will resent yourself the most for not being brave enough to fulfill the dreams you find meaningful.

To dream about repairing an engine
When you dream about repairing an engine, it means that your effort is in vain. You will probably give a chance to the person you love but who didn’t prove that they are reliable for the hundredth time. You will realize again that only love is not enough for a relationship to survive because other things that your partner doesn’t do are also important.

To dream of other people repairing an engine
If you see someone else repairing an engine in a dream, it means that you lack motivation and ideas to solve one problem. You have reached a certain point and need to change your viewpoint to make progress. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask for advice from someone you trust and who already has experience with such a problem.

To dream of replacing an engine
Replacing a car, truck, or bus engine in a dream means that you are quite confident and full of the will to work. You have a lot of strength at the moment to deal with the projects you have neglected for a long time. There is a chance that you will finish some chores that you are not fond of and that you wanted to pass on to someone else. You are going through a favorable period, and it would be great to take advantage of it the best you can.

To dream of other people replacing an engine
If you see someone else changing or replacing an engine on a car or some other vehicle or device, it means that it would be best not to get involved in businesses about which you don’t know much because they could bring you more harm than good. You have to ask for help from professionals, that is, people who have more experience at it than you.

To dream about changing engine oil
Changing engine oil in a dream usually means that you are good with finances. You carefully plan your budget and always have money because of it, no matter how high your income is. You save a certain amount every month and avoid taking loans or borrowing from friends or family.

To dream of other people changing engine oil
If you see someone else changing engine oil in a dream, it means that you or your partner could inherit something. That can be a house, property, money, or even something symbolical that has an immense sentimental value to you. Even though you are financially stable, you will be happy because someone decided to gladden you with such a gesture.

To dream about starting an engine
Starting an engine in a dream means that you are ready to face challenges and obstacles on the way to achieving your goal. You know what you want and how to get it. You are also not afraid of difficulties or hard work. We are almost certain that you will see the first results of it soon. A lot of success and joyful moments expect you.

To dream of stopping an engine
Stopping the car or an engine in a dream usually means that you sabotage and prevent yourself from being happy. There is a psychological barrier that doesn’t let you relax when it comes to love relationships or get to planning or taking risks in relation to your business life. We are probably talking about a lack of self-confidence that doesn’t let you make progress.

To dream of buying an engine
Dreaming of buying an engine means that you or someone close to you will start a private business. You will realize that you have lost too much time working for someone else, witnessing your boss getting rich because of your hard work and effort, and decide to stop. Your business will be more stable and better with time and after you overcome a few bumps in the road at the beginning.

To dream of someone selling a broken engine to you
When you dream of someone selling a broken engine to you, it symbolizes expenses. There is a chance that repairing a car will not pay off to you, and you will have to buy a new one. The same applies to house appliances that are not working. You will find it hard to pay a lot of money at once for something, which is why you will probably borrow or take a loan.

To dream about selling an engine
This dream means that you will give up on one idea or project. You will realize that you have invested too much time and effort into it, but the results are not visible. You will start to doubt that job’s success and give up on it or dedicate your time to more constructive things in life. That will be the best decision you could have made at this moment.

To dream of stealing an engine
Stealing an engine in a dream means that you believe in a saying – the end result justifies the means. You are capable of fighting for what you want using all kinds of methods, even if that means that you will hurt other people with your actions. You have probably burned many bridges so far but don’t regret it. However, you have to change your way of thinking because you will have to celebrate the final victory entirely alone.

To dream of someone stealing your engine
If you dream of someone stealing your engine, it means that you will let someone’s comment or negative criticism entirely discourage you. You dedicate your attention to something you believe in, but after someone scorns you because of it, you will doubt your own success. You have to find spite within yourself and prove to that person that they are mistaken.

To dream of finding an engine
Finding an engine in a dream means that you will get lucky and get out of a horrible situation pretty easily. You were probably in danger or trouble because of reckless decisions and risky moves. Luckily, you will get out of it without negative consequences. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn something for the future from that experience.

To dream about throwing an engine away
Throwing an engine away in a dream means that someone’s negligence, laziness, or irresponsibility will disappoint you. You will have a chance to work with a person who is not making an effort to do their share of the work or learn how to do it. You will realize that they are entirely disinterested and give up on them.

To dream of other people throwing an engine away
If you see someone else throwing an engine away, it means that your loved one will talk to you about their work or family problems. That person will tell you many things you didn’t know about, and you will be sorry for not being able to help. However, you can at least make an effort to listen to them and comfort them.

Interpretations can differ depending on the condition or type of the engine in your dream, as well.

To dream of an old and rusty engine
When you dream of an old and rusty engine, it means that you have bad working conditions. You don’t have a problem putting an effort to finish all of your obligations, but your superiors didn’t even provide you with the basic needs so that everything would function normally.

To dream about a new engine
A new engine in a dream symbolizes new beginnings. You will probably dedicate time to a new project, change a job, or move. You will have to deal with many challenges at the beginning until you get used to the current situation, but you will never regret making such a decision.

To dream of a small engine
A dream in which you see a small engine, like the ones that power the house appliances, means that you underestimate someone’s abilities. You probably haven’t noticed what qualities one of your associates has or believe that your kids are too young to make decisions alone. If you look at the situation a bit better, you will realize that you have an equal partner at work or in your household.

To dream of a plane engine
If you manage to recognize a plane engine in a dream, it means that things related to your career will develop pretty fast. There is a chance that you will soon get an appealing business offer. Another possibility is that your superior will decide to give you a promotion or reward your hard work and effort with a stimulus check.

To dream of a car engine
If you see a car engine in a dream, it means that you will want to give up on one idea because of an obstacle. You might start to believe that it is a sign to dedicate your attention to something else. However, you have invested a lot of time and effort into it, and it would be a pity to walk away from it now.

To dream about a boat engine
A boat engine in a dream implies that you will get a reward for a job well done and loyalty. Your boss will finally realize that you are an irreplaceable factor in their company and increase your salary or gladden you with a stimulus check.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen or repaired an engine, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of an engine

An engine is a propulsion machine that converts energy into mechanical work.