To dream of an enemy
If you see an enemy or rival in a dream, it means that your wish will come true. There is a chance that you will reconcile with someone with who you had a conflict. You will finally have the option to tell that person who much they mean to you and bury the hatchet to both of your pleasure. You will be careful not to ruin everything you have achieved with a wrong move.

To dream of encountering an enemy
When you dream of encountering an enemy, it symbolizes worries and difficulties. You probably can’t finish all of your obligations on time out of fear that your superior will criticize you. You find that person horrifying and see them as someone whose job is to ruin your life, but you are actually causing more unnecessary tension by thinking like that. You make sure not to attract attention, but people pick up on a negative attitude you have.

To dream of beating an enemy
Dreaming of beating an enemy means that you will face your fears. You will gather enough strength to say – Enough is enough to everyone who is constraining you. You are a fearful person by nature, and it is easy to scare you off, which is why you will avoid the company of harsh realists who see all their weaknesses and regret over missed opportunities in your fight.

To dream of an enemy beating you
A dream in which you lose a fight against your enemy means that you suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Your insecurities don’t let you start big things or even get closer to some people. After you work on it, your life will be a lot more beautiful and less complicated.

To dream of an enemy in your home
If you dream of an enemy in your home, there is a chance that you will have to choose between telling the truth or lying. That can be a difficult challenge sometimes, especially if you are afraid of the truth hurting someone’s feelings. However, you have to consider that a lie takes away a lot more energy than honesty. Ask yourself what you would like to hear if the situation was reversed, and you will solve the dilemma.

To dream about chasing an enemy out of your home
Chasing an enemy out of your home in a dream means that you have won a battle but not war. What you are doing at the moment might bring you minor success but not an end to your trouble. Thanks to that, it is necessary to stay motivated, persistent, and patient to achieve the final triumph.

To dream of your close friend becoming an enemy
This dream is a sign that you will experience a pleasant surprise. There is a chance that you will finish one of your projects successfully even though you have doubted it. Another possibility is that someone’s gesture will gladden you, or you will receive something you have been fantasizing about for a long time.

To dream of having a lot of enemies
If you dream of having multiple enemies, that symbolizes your vulnerability. You probably have a problem accepting criticism lately, and you get easily offended if people point out your mistakes. If you have never been like that before, you have to deal with your emotions and find out why such things keep happening. All of it might come down to your vanity, or the problems are a bit more complicated.

To dream of reconciling with your enemy
Reconciling with your enemy in a dream symbolizes immense changes in your life. That can have something to do either with the private or business aspect of your life. You might change a job or dwelling place. There is even a chance that you will get rid of some bad habits or start a new relationship. The following period will be exciting but filled with ups and downs, so it would be best to get ready for everything that expects you as much as you can.

To dream of apologizing to your enemy
Apologizing to an enemy in a dream means that you want to end a stressful period of your life. You have been through many challenges and problems and fantasize about a peaceful life phase. However, you can’t control some things, and you have to deal with a lot on the go. You have to make sure to do everything you can and not let the things on which you don’t have an impact create more tension.

To dream of an enemy apologizing to you
If you dream of an enemy apologizing to you, it means that you will rejoice. Someone will try to persuade you that you can’t do something, but you will prove them wrong. After that, you will not miss an opportunity to brag about your success in front of that person, and you will be content to see jealousy and envy on their face.

To dream about calmly talking to an enemy
When you dream of talking to your enemy without tension and anxiety, it is a sign that you have started maturing in every sense of that word. Wisdom comes with years, but that rule doesn’t apply to all people. However, it will turn out to be true in your case. You will finally learn how to deal with some worries, challenges, and problems.

To dream of lying to an enemy
Lying to an enemy symbolizes worry. There is a chance that you don’t want to upset someone close to you, which is why you are not saying some information about your health, work, or marriage problems to them. You will act like everything is fine and help others solve their issues. That will help you take your mind off the things that trouble you.

To dream of arguing with an enemy
Arguing with an enemy in a dream means that you have chosen the wrong way to deal with one problem. You will impulsively make poor life decisions, which will turn a small problem into a huge one. Ask for advice from people you trust to avoid such a scenario. They can help you see the whole situation in which you are now more clearly.

To dream of insulting an enemy
This dream symbolizes future trouble. There is a chance that you will end up in danger because of recklessness. Because of it, you can’t make decisions impulsively. That especially applies to your business and love relationships. If you quit now because you are not happy with the paycheck, you could regret it later. Also, if you say some nasty words to your loved ones and offend them, they will hardly ever forgive you.

To dream of an enemy insulting you
If you dream of an enemy insulting you, it means that you will make progress at work. Your boss will probably finally see how much your hard work and effort mean to them and decide to reward you with a promotion or transfer to a better position. With that, you will have better earnings and have a chance to relax when it comes to finances.

To dream of an enemy suddenly attacking you
This dream means that you have lost the strength that once characterized you. You have become too soft when it comes to problems, and you are missing the opportunity to solve them on time. If you let everything get out of control, you could strongly regret it later.

If you manage to defend yourself from a sudden attack in a dream, it means that you will be lucky. Some things will flow just the way it suits you. However, don’t think that you can count on luck forever because you will have to deal with certain difficult situations alone.

To dream of fighting with an enemy
Fighting with an enemy in a dream symbolizes repressed anger and dissatisfaction. There is a chance that someone offended or hurt you, but you didn’t react right. You are thinking about what you would have said if the situation happened again now. There is no point in going back to it because you will only jeopardize your mental health without taking revenge on the person that hurt you.

To dream about chasing an enemy
Chasing an enemy in a dream means that you will gather enough courage to make some big moves, that is, deal with the problems you have been pushing under the rug for a long time. You are afraid that your reactions could cause even bigger chaos, which is why you haven’t done anything so far. Now you will realize that you don’t have anything to lose and go into a battle.

To dream of running away from an enemy
Running away from an enemy means that you will act like a coward in one situation. You will not have the courage to stand up to one decision or opinion you disagree with. You will regret behaving like that in the future, but make sure to learn something from that situation.

To dream of wounding an enemy
Wounding an enemy in a dream means that you will solve a problem you have only partially. That will be a short-term solution that will bring you a break. However, you will have to think and work a lot more to get rid of that horrible worry. Recharge your batteries and move on.

To dream of an enemy wounding you
If you dream of an enemy wounding you, it means that someone or something will stop you from achieving your goal. That can be an objective situation or sabotage. Pay attention to the way people you see as competition act around you. That is the only way to stop them from harming you or obstructing your plans.

To dream of killing an enemy
Killing an enemy in a dream means that you will solve a big problem, but that will bring you only more worries. You will not cope well with one situation, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask for advice from someone who has a lot more life and work experience than you.

To dream about a dead enemy
A dead enemy in a dream is a sign of success. You will probably achieve something you have been fantasizing about for a long time. You will manage to achieve your goal, even though you will lose a lot of time and energy thanks to it. However, you don’t have to worry because your effort will pay off sooner or later.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, encountered, or beaten an enemy, it has made an impression on you.

Definition of an enemy

An enemy is a person you don’t get along with and with who you are in a bad relationship.