Eagle – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about eagles are rare dreams. Dreaming of them can have various meanings, so some dreams can have positive meanings, while some can be negative. Interpretation of dreams depends on the context of the situation and an eagle in a dream. In the following article we bring you interpretations of dreams about eagles.

To see an eagle standing in a dream
To see an eagle in a dream shows that people from your surroundings appreciate you. You are extremely intelligent and educated person who knows how to act in different situations. Everyone shows you a lot of respect, so you are lucky when you have time to talk to people. That helps you too, because you love to exchange experiences and learn new, yet useful things.

Dreaming of an eagle flying
To see an eagle flying in a dream symbolizes freedom. You are someone who is not attached to material things, but you try to invest in your education, family and friends. You know that no one can take away your knowledge, so you are only pretending to listen when someone tries to persuade you into something you don’t believe in.

Dreaming of being an eagle
There are no limits for you. What you imagine and truly dedicate your time to always ends up being successful. You should invest time in bigger projects and things that will pay off in the long run.

Dreaming of an eagle’s nest
To see an eagle’s nest in a dream symbolizes gain. If you see a baby bird in the nest that means that you will have a newborn in your family. To see an eagle in a nest means that your family appreciates you.

Dreaming of catching an eagle
This dream symbolizes anger. It is possible that you will blame your parents for putting limitations in your life and for stopping you form doing things that make you happy. Even though they do it because they want the best for you, it will bother you that they see you as an immature child who is not capable of making decisions and taking care of themselves.

Dreaming of being caught by an eagle
You are in mercy of a powerful person. Your job doesn’t depend on you. A string of your decisions has led you to this situation.

Dreaming of killing an eagle
When you kill an eagle in a dream, it warns you that you will suffer damages. You will probably not treat someone nicely, so they will get back at you completely unexpectedly. You think that you are untouchable, so you don’t care for other people’s feelings. However, you will get what you give to other people by someone in who you have invested a lot.

Dreaming of a sick eagle
To see a sick eagle in a dream symbolizes sickness in real life. It is possible that you will be stressed out because of work and everyday problems, so you will neglect yourself. You will maybe even find comfort in some vice like cigarettes or sugar. You will need to always chew something or hold it in your hands, in order to calm and control yourself.

Dreaming of being attacked by an eagle
You’ve stepped on a powerful person’s toes. You were probably arrogant and egotistical, or you maybe said something you shouldn’t have.

Dreaming of a white eagle
Elderly people appreciate you.

Dreaming of a black eagle
Younger people appreciate you.

Dreaming of a multicolored eagle
Everyone around you appreciates you.

Dreaming of an eagle hunting
To see an eagle hunting in a dream symbolizes a business opportunity in your surroundings. You have a chance to find, change or improve your job.

Dreaming of an eagle holding his pray
To see an eagle holding pray in his clutches can have many meanings. If it has caught a fish, then a dream signifies gain. If it has caught a rodent, then a dream symbolizes financial stability. If an eagle holds some object like a branch or a piece of clothes, then a dream symbolizes expenses.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen an eagle in the forest or on a tree recently, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of an eagle

Eagles are predatory birds from Accipitridae family.

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