Drawing in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To draw in a dream
If you are dreaming of drawing something, that symbolizes hope. You have probably given up on something that you wanted because it seemed to you that you don’t have a chance of achieving it. This dream is a sign to continue fighting on because your effort will not be in vain. That is especially true if you are thinking of dropping out of school or college.

To see someone else drawing
When you are dreaming of other people drawing something, that symbolizes worry. You are constantly afraid that something bad will happen and that things will start going differently from what you are expecting. You would like to be able to relax like other people from your surroundings, but you are not successful in it.

To stop drawing
Dreaming of drawing something and then stopping means that you need a change. Nothing you do makes you happy or gives you a feeling of passion and desire for improvement. Everyday obligations have become boring to you and you can’t wait to get over with them. You will start thinking of doing something in your free time that interested you in the past since it was giving you the strength to fight off a monotone routine.

A dream in which you see that someone else has stopped drawing means that you have an enemy. It is possible that your colleague from work is trying to sabotage you, in order to take over your job or make progress in their career. Luckily, you will not let them do it.

To learn how to draw
If you are dreaming of learning how to draw, it means that you need a change. You have fallen into a rut, so it seems to you that your life has been reduced to a few things that you don’t even enjoy. You would like to travel somewhere in order to recharge your batteries, but your financial situation and many obligations are not letting you do that at the moment. Try to find ‘a punching bag’ for your frustrations. Dedicate your attention to a hobby or start being physically active during the day.

If you see someone else learning how to draw in your dream, it means that it is time to give up from something that doesn’t bring you either material or moral satisfaction. You are wasting your time and nerves on things that will not change or people who are not willing to act differently.

A dream in which someone is teaching you to draw suggests that you could get an idea that might bring you a lot of money in the near future. You have been thinking for a while what you could do to achieve the things you want without a lot of effort, and now, you will finally succeed.

To dream of kids drawing
This dream can have multiple meanings, depending on the period in life that you are currently in. If a younger man or woman dreams of children drawing, it means that you have the need to have a child. You are probably in a phase when parental instincts are kicking in.

If you have overcome that phase a long time ago, this dream can symbolize regret for missed opportunities in the past. It is possible that you refused some job or offer out of fear of failure, even though your life would be completely different now, so you are sorry because of it.

To draw a portrait
If you are dreaming of drawing a portrait, it means that you feel good in your skin. You are finally satisfied with your physical appearance, job or emotive situation. You radiate positive energy that draws attention wherever you go. If you are single at the moment, everything could change in the following period.

When you are dreaming of drawing a portrait of a stranger, it means that you will be in the company of interesting people who will amaze you with their attitudes and views on life. You will realize that you have been looking at things from a wrong perspective for too long, so you will decide to change some habits to make your life better.

If, however, you are drawing a portrait of someone you know, your subconsciousness is warning you that it is time to honestly say how you feel. It is possible that you are trying to hide a crush for a colleague or friend that you have known for a long time. On the other hand, you might be hiding that you disagree with most of someone’s attitudes and that you don’t feel good in their company.

To dream that someone is drawing your portrait
If you are dreaming of a stranger drawing your portrait, it means that you are too worried about what people think of you. You are questioning every decision, not because of yourself, but because you are afraid of how people from your surroundings will react. It is possible that you are not even aware of the burden you are carrying and the fact that you are losing your identity. You can’t make everyone like you, so relax and live the way you find most fitting.

A dream in which your portrait is being drawn by someone you know means that that person will tell you good news. They might be getting married, expecting a baby or starting to work on a good job position. Anyhow, the information you will get will gladden you a lot.

Interpretations of dreams depend on the object you are drawing with, as well. Everything written above is applied to drawing with a pencil. If you are dreaming of drawing with charcoal or you see someone using that technique in your dream, it means that you should look at life more positively. Make an effort to enjoy more and worry less.

If you are dreaming of drawing with ink, that symbolizes uncertainty regarding your own knowledge and skills. You are afraid of not being capable enough to do a job that you currently have, so you believe that someone might take your position. Ask yourself if anyone would pay you if they thought that you don’t deserve it. Work on your self-esteem because the only person you could jeopardize thinking like that is you.

If, however, you are dreaming of drawing with chalk, it means that the lack of experience will put you in trouble. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you don’t know how to do something by yourself. It is good to be able to learn on your own mistakes, but why wouldn’t you eliminate them if you can.

Drawing with crayons means that deep down you are still a child, which is a very positive trait. However, don’t act childishly when you are at work because superiors value maturity and initiative more than your talent to entertain people around you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you do something that requires drawing, that has definitely made an impression on you. Another possibility is that you have observed others while they were drawing which has affected your subconsciousness.

8 thoughts on “Drawing in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

  1. In real, waking life I am a professional illustrator who draws extremely well. I even conduct national performances exhibiting my drawing skills on a large screen. But I have this reoccurring dream where I’m trying to impress someone with my drawing skills and I can’t find a decent piece of paper to draw on. And when I finally find something half assed, I attempt to draw but I can’t. The person basically tells me that even though he can’t draw a stick person, he still draws better than me. And he begins to draw on a chalkboard and draws wonderfully. I then remember I could show him my finished art on my laptop and no matter how hard I try my computer is going crazy and won’t allow me to share it. I’m utterly humiliated and yet retain my composure despite my anger inside.

    1. I don’t know if you’re interested in anyone else’s opinion but I think your dream might be related to you not giving yourself enough credit and maybe admiring others work more than your own, maybe you worry and have a doubt about how you or others see your work. The computer bit might be referring to how you are able to create but not share what you are confident in, and yet, the whole time you are able to maintain composure. I think this could mean that you either have a confident exterior to hide your frustration or an understanding that this is not true about yourself or that it does not matter all that much, it may also represent a suppressed feeling about a feeling of lacking, worry, or self doubt. These emotions can also come in combinations and can, and often are, more complicated than we often put to the meaning of these words. I hope you don’t mind me commenting and if I got anything right I would like to know if you’d like to share! I hope the dream is/ will be gone soon.

      -E. Geddes C.
      [email protected]

  2. I had a dream, in the dream I saw myself discussing with an artist who was going to take a full body drawings of me, and he was trying to explain how huge I was that I’m like 200 ft tall that it wasn’t going to be easy for him and that he might make some mistake while drawing especially from my shoulders to my head part.
    Some how I woke up from the Dream

  3. I had a dream but since I like to go into great detail (or what I think is detail) I will write it in story form:

    I ‘wake’ up in a dark but lit, giant, cement building. There are no lights and yet you can easily see where you are going. I, and some others who are vaguely familiar, one in specific looks like my neighbor, are standing at the entrance of a large maze built from walls of cement. My view suddenly shifts from first person (as you would normally see in real life) to a more third person view where I leave my body to get a view of the maze from high above. The maze has a large perimeter of open space that surrounds it allowing you to walk around it without seeing inside. The surrounding building is like an oval, cement, dome. It reminds me of what a football stadium looks like or even more like a soccer stadium (since it seems to be a more commonly used shape for soccer stadiums). I the zoom back to my character but this time I follow it around like in a video game. My character, and others (which is strangely look like animated Wii characters but in proportion), are walking around in the perimeter of the maze (in between the inside of the dome and the outside of the maze). Almost all of the paths within the dome are about ten feet across and inside of the maze they lead to rooms that are about forty feet by thirty feet. The characters, including mine, head into the maze and start winding through the paths and going into rooms where they would spend varying amounts of time, usually above thirty minutes, drawing on a forty foot wall that immediately catches your eye as soon as you enter any room. I should also mention that the maze has no roof so at any moment or area in the maze, or out of the maze, you are able to look up and see the roof of the dome. My character goes into the third room it passes by and starts to draw some characters, which I have recently become a fan of, with some nice markers that have the fast appliance of spray paint and the sharp edges of what you would see on digital art. I feel a bit uneasy but my character seems pleased and quite at home. After twenty fast minutes, the character that resembles and reminds me of my neighbor comes in and we talk very pleasantly. We both seem to be enjoying the conversation as my view switches from my work on the wall to her. Once I finish putting my signature as the last part, we leave and search for new rooms. I believe, if I recall correctly, that she shows me her room that was the one before mine and then we leave and my view switches to an arial view once again, looking down on the maze watching the characters go from room to room painting their art on the forty foot long walls in the rooms. I somehow know that once we finish painting once in every room on the first wall, we will have to start doing a second wall and so on until the rooms are full. Then I wake up in my bed and I feel exhausted.

    I might try and draw this out someday as well and I think it would make for a lovely gallery set up…but I would probably add more light. In my dream it was very gloomy. I can try to read into this dream of mine if I use more information about hat is going on in my life but I don’t really want to and it still confuses me a bit, so I will leave it be. For the time being, I will just leave it be as a story.

    Please share your thoughts on my dream if you wish.

  4. I had a dream I found a special book. That book allowed me to draw whatever I seen or thought of visually right in that moment. I didn’t use this new gift for monetary gain, but to want acceptance from my family . What could this mean?

    1. It could be someone reaching out to you from the other side or whatever you want to call it. I personally wouldn’t accept or even touch the book because most times its a trick and means something bad will happen in the future.

  5. I had a dream that some guy with piercings kept drawing some strange swirls on my arm. I think it was symbols I don’t know, but this is not the first time I dreamt about this. He also cuts me and tries to put things in my cuts. In the end there’s always something intertwined with my belly button. Strange I know but what could this mean?

  6. I had a dream that I drew a sketch of someone who I work with, and I drew them slightly wrong, and they pointed it out. What could this mean?

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