Documents in Dreams – Meaning and Interpretations

To go through documents
Dreaming of going through documents implies that you will make progress in your career. It is possible that you have been expecting a reward in the form of scholarship abroad for your efforts. If you are employed, you will have a chance to improve your knowledge in a foreign company. That will be fulfillment of your dreams. Everything you fought for and what you invested in will bring you a chance to make progress in your life. You will be proud of the fact that you can live where ever you want thanks to your own hard work. You will meet many people that will want to work with you. You will probably get a business offer that you will not be able to refuse, but it will require to move somewhere else temporarily. That will scare you a little bit, but your desire for success will overrule.

To destroy documents
When you destroy documents in a dream that warns you of troubles with the court. A trial that you have been expecting for a long time will start soon. However, its end result will not benefit you. It is possible that someone owes you money which they refuse to return. You will be forced to battle them at court, but when you take everything into account, you will be a damaged party. You are going to be furious, since you will not be able to fight for what you think is right.

Dreaming of scattered documents
If documents you see are scattered everywhere in a dream, oversights at work or school are possible. Your subconsciousness is telling you that you have a job to do, but you have been postponing it for a long time because of its complexity. It is time to deal with it, otherwise you might suffer consequences.

Dreaming of a pile of documents
A dream in which you see a pile of documents usually suggests that you have too many obligations that are starting to suffocate you. It is possible that you are afraid of not finishing them on time, but if you ask for help, people from your surroundings will think that you are incapable. You will overcome the situation with help of close associates who will be understanding of your problem. Don’t let vanity or society’s judgement affect your reason.

Dreaming of a pile of documents gutted into balls
When you dream of a pile of documents gutted into balls, you will probably decide to change a profession or studies. Your decision will not be well accepted by people close to you, especially because they think that a job you do or go to college for has a good perspective. Despite that, you will still think that your decision is right, especially because you are overwhelmed by your current job.

Dreaming of finding a file
If you dream of finding an important document, a wish to buy something you have been dreaming of for a long time will come true. Your financial situation will finally stabilize and you will be able to breathe easier. Your wishes have been affecting your bank account for a while, but you will be able to overcome that problem soon.

Dreaming of illegible documents
If you are trying to read a document in vain, it means that you are confused by the situation you got yourself into. It is possible that you will be in an awkward situation from the start and you are not going to know how to react. However, no need to worry, because you know that adroitness is one of your virtues.

Dreaming of a foreign language document
If you dream of a document that is written in foreign language, an unexpected trip is waiting for you. It is possible that a family member or a friend will invite you over, or you will have to travel abroad for business or school. That trip will not make you too happy, but you will not be sorry if you decide to go anyway.

Dreaming of reading secret documents or files
A dream in which you are reading some secret documents means that you are doubting partner’s fidelity. You think that they are hiding something from you all the time. In order to get a confession or proof that you are wrong, you will try to find information beating around the bush. However, after you realize that is a wrong way to go, you will put all cards on the table, which is something you should have done in the first place. Don’t make decisions solely based on your feelings. Listen to the other side of the story as well and then judge if your doubts are founded or not.

Dreaming of losing documents
If you dream of losing an important document, it is possible that you are afraid of something. Everyday worries affect your mood, but what’s worse, you are afraid of losing a job or loved one. The situation might seem bad to you right now, but you need to realize that no matter what happens, you shouldn’t perceive it as tragical.

Dreaming of signing documents
A dream in which you are signing a document has multiple interpretations. If you are signing a contract, it is possible that you will get a good job opportunity. You will receive a call from an influential person who could find you a stable job using connections they have. That will make your future less uncertain.

Dreaming of giving documents to someone
This dream suggests possible losses because of mindlessness and carelessness. Be very careful and think about every next move you make.

Dreaming of receiving a document
If you receive a document in a dream, it means that your superior will give you a responsible job, because they believe that you can solve it without troubles. You might feel like that is a huge responsibility, but you will also be proud for knowing that they find you capable of doing such a task.

Dreaming of burning documents
If you dream of burning documents, it means that you will be misunderstood by people from your surroundings in the future. Your colleagues, family or even a partner will not be able to understand why you have to spend so much time working. On the other hand, you are convinced that hard work and your effort will be greatly beneficial for you in the future. Try to talk to people dear to you in order to present them with your plans, because then they will realize that you are ready to make sacrifices for a better future.

Dreaming of cutting documents with scissors
This dream symbolizes restless consciousness. You have probably lied about something out of fear of being criticized, and now your subconsciousness is warning you that you should tell the truth. You are trying to get out of the situation by telling white lies, but they are piling more and more. Be careful because you could make everything even more complicated.

Definition of a document
A document can represent multiple things. Some of them are- treatises, legal actions or warrants.

8 thoughts on “Documents in Dreams – Meaning and Interpretations

  1. I dream when giving my documents to my friend. he said that he wants to see my documents, so I give it to him.

  2. I dreamt that one of my friend mistakenly fallen my documents and others arranged those documents and returned it to me. What does it symbolize?

  3. I went for an appointment interview with my friend, and I gave her some documents from the employers to keep, only for her to tell me later she cannot find it.

  4. My nephew’s property documents were taken by a man. So I helped her retrieve them. Finally I got the documents gave them to her and told her to run. But she refused and gave the documents O refused but she insisted.
    So I tried to hide them from the man in my bedroom. Then somebody knocked at tte door as I was hiding them. But it wD nolonger a folded small paper, but it was now a large paper the size of a news paper.
    The knock was my son in reality (not in a dream or vision), then I woke from the dream. What does this mean.?

  5. Hello.
    Pls I need help with my dream. In real life I am a teacher and manage a school however looking for advancement in my career. So we n my dream I saw my self in my former secondary school of learning as a class teacher but was searching for an attendance register to confirm something with my superior (my real life former class teacher).

    Pls what does it mean?

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