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The motif of dishes in a dream is not uncommon, considering that we use it daily while cooking or serving food. However, studies have shown that women dream of it more often than men.

To get as precise interpretations of your dream as possible, try to remember the context in which it occurred and the details that followed it.

The meaning of dirty dishes in a dream

If you see dirty dishes in a dream, it symbolizes an argument in your home. You probably have issues with your family members because you can’t divide the chores and make other members stick to an agreement.

Your loved ones always have excuses and don’t see you as the authority to leave their temporary whims aside and do what they are supposed to.

What does it mean to dream of clean dishes?

If you see clean dishes in a dream, it symbolizes harmony. You are always ready for compromises, which is why you function well with a large group of people from your surroundings.

You respect everyone’s habits and can sense who you will agree with and who to avoid for your own sake.

Breaking dishes in a dream

When you dream of breaking dishes, it symbolizes inconveniences. You might do something that will seem like a tragedy to you, while others will assure you that things are not that bad.

You will continuously think about the impression you left and wonder if that trivial thing will change your friends’ and colleagues’ opinions about you.

Dreaming of doing the dishes

If you dream of doing the dishes, it means that you are a hard worker. You can’t sit still but have to find something to do even when there is nothing.

You are not used to being bored, which is why you come up with new obligations instead of looking at the watch and waiting for the end of a shift.

To dream of buying dishes

Dreaming of buying dishes means that you will move. You will probably change a dwelling place because you will find an apartment that will suit you better.

You will not look forward to packing things and moving them, but you will hardly wait to get into a new living space that will have a deeper meaning for you.

Dreaming about other people doing dishes

A dream wherein you see someone else doing dishes means that you will envy someone for the amount of energy they have. We are talking about someone that one can shortly describe as a workaholic.

You sometimes get ashamed when you see how many obligations and tasks that person finishes in one day while you don’t have the will or strength to move. Let them be an example to you of how to behave if you want to achieve success.

Breaking dishes on purpose in a dream

If you dream of breaking dishes on purpose, it suggests that you have to learn to channel negative energy properly and not to take your frustrations out on the people who have done nothing to deserve it.

It is time to look within, ask some questions, and try to give specific answers to them. That is the only way to make peace with yourself and the whole world.

Dreams of others breaking dishes on purpose

To see someone else breaking dishes on purpose is not a good sign, unfortunately. Such dreams symbolize conflicts with your family or partner.

Your communication has probably been poor lately, and there is a chance that everything will escalate even further.

You have to make sure not to say something in the heat of the moment you could regret later.

The symbolism of selling dishes in dreams

Selling dishes in a dream means that your journey to success will be bumpy.

You will have to face various challenges and obstacles. You will probably want to give up on everything at some point, but you have to focus on your goal to stay motivated.

That is the only way to be sure that you will get what you want.

Receiving the dishes as a gift in a dream

When you dream of someone bestowing the dishes on you, it means that you will throw a party or organize a get-together for the people you love soon. The reason for it can be someone’s birthday or the celebration of your success.

Anyhow, hanging out with the people you care about will help you recharge your batteries for the upcoming obligations.

Dreaming about bestowing the dishes on someone

Bestowing the dishes to someone for their wedding, birthday, or another event can mean that you have put your time at the service of other people entirely.

You neglect personal obligations, wishes, and needs to please your loved ones. It is high time to learn to say I can’t, I don’t want to, and I don’t have time for it.

If you continue to act this way, you will become dissatisfied with your life.

What does it mean to dream of stealing dishes?

Stealing dishes in a dream means that a loved one might accuse you of being irresponsible or immature.

You probably believe that they are wrong, but if you think about your actions a bit better and the chances you have missed for being lazy, you will realize that your loved one is right.

It is time for immense changes that will contribute to building a better and more quality future.

A dream of watching others stealing dishes

If you see someone else stealing dishes in your dream, it means that a loved one will embarrass you in public. One of your family members will probably do something entirely stupid, and you will perceive it as your mistake.

Considering that you are not responsible for other people’s actions but yours, you need not worry about what others say or do.

The meaning of plastic dishes in a dream

Plastic dishes in a dream symbolize a pleasant get-together with the people you love. You might decide to go on a field trip with a partner or friends.

You haven’t relaxed in nature for a long time and now is the right moment for it. Don’t justify laziness or a lack of energy with a lack of time.

To dream about glass dishes

Glass dishes in a dream suggest that you need to have more sympathy for your partner or family members. Your relationship has been quite intense lately, and you have become a bit rough.

The reason for it is that you believe that one of the people you care about betrayed you, but things are not the way they seem.

If you give that person a chance to explain what is going on, you might change your attitude.

The symbolism of metal dishes in dreams

Metal dishes in a dream mean that you will soon have a desire for learning again. You might take a course or training to upgrade your knowledge about specific areas.

You might use gained skills to turn your hobby into a private business, which means that your hard work and effort will pay off double.

What does it mean to dream of porcelain dishes?

If you dream of eating out of porcelain dishes, it means that you don’t accept compromises. You know your worth and make an effort to get rewarded for your hard work the right way.

You probably often have conflicts with your bosses or change jobs pretty regularly. It is admirable that you respect yourself, but you also have to adjust to present market conditions.

Dream interpretation of gold dishes

Gold dishes in a dream mean that you fight for living in luxury.

You believe that you have refined taste, which is why you want to have quality clothes, food, and living space. You fantasize about being in abundance without having to do much.

You have climbed the social ladder by hanging out with rich and influential people, but everyone knows about your methods now, which is why you will not be able to live at someone else’s expense for long.

Dream meaning of silver dishes

Silver dishes in a dream mean that you think highly of yourself. That wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t underestimate everyone around you.

If you continue to look at people from a high and be arrogant or rude, you will get a taste of your medicine sooner or later. You have to know that you can’t show your worth by minimizing someone else’s.

To dream of a dishwasher

If you see a dishwasher in a dream, it means that you will give some of your chores to someone else.

You will probably realize that you don’t have enough strength or time to dedicate as much attention to every task as it requires.

You will share a part of your tasks with colleagues at work or family members at home and finally have a chance to rest and relax a bit that way.

The interpretation of dreams about dish soap

When you dream of dish soap, it means that someone will ask you for advice. Your friend or family member might be in a dilemma and turn to you for help.

You are known as someone people like talking to because you have a gift to listen to your interlocutors and suggest to them what to do. You could make a profit from that skill if you worked in counseling.

To dream about a sponge or rag for washing dishes

If you see a sponge for washing dishes in a dream, it means that you will wonder if some people are worth your time and effort.

You probably often initiate hanging out with friends, call them, and organize get-togethers while they don’t even show interest in it.

That has started bugging you, and you might ask yourself soon if those people even deserve you.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently bought, washed, broken, or seen clean dishes, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of dishes

The dishes get used for preparing, storing, and serving food.