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A detective in a dream symbolizes doubt in waking life. However, the interpretation can be different. It depends on the context in which your dream took place, as well as on the details that followed it.

Dream about a detective

If you see a detective in a dream, that is a warning to watch out for a robbery. Someone may try to con you in an extremely sneaky way.

They will offer you their friendship so that you would start confiding in them and revealing your secrets right away.

After some time, you will realize that their intention was to manipulate you and achieve their goals that way.

Being a detective in a dream

When you are dreaming of being a detective, it means that you are suspicious of other people.

You will not trust anyone in the following period, and you will make sure to do all the important things alone.

Having such an attitude will protect you from people with bad intentions, but it will also make you unapproachable to those who are honest with you.

Dreaming about hiring a detective

Dreaming of hiring a detective means that you don’t want to accept the painful truth.

You will probably find proof that someone you truly care about is not honest with you, but you will refuse to believe that.

You will search for excuses for their actions, and you will be angry with anyone who will try to open your eyes.

The symbolism of a private detective

This dream warns of secret danger. Be extremely careful when making important decisions.

Don’t rush with anything before you receive all the information that you need to make a judgment.

Don’t let other people persuade you to do something you don’t want.

Dreaming of a detective arresting you

If you are dreaming of a detective arresting you, it means that you will get an unexpected business proposal.

One person that you just met may offer you some type of collaboration.

Don’t accept before you inform yourself well about the whole thing. Otherwise, you could end up in trouble.

A dream in which you see a detective arresting someone else suggests that there is a possibility that you will lose the privileges that you enjoy at the moment.

They are probably related to your job. Be careful when talking to superiors because some of them are too vain to accept an opinion that differs from theirs.

To dream of a detective questioning you

This dream suggests that you are desperately trying to hide some juicy details from your private life.

You may have a habit that other people find strange, or you did something in the past that you are not proud of.

The bad news is that your secret will come out to the surface almost certainly.

If you are dreaming of a detective questioning someone else, it means that you may end up in an uncomfortable situation.

You may witness an argument or conflict between two people that you don’t know well.

That will not stop them from saying harsh words to one another.

You will not know how to react, so you will want to get out of there as soon as possible.

Dreaming about a detective following you

When you are dreaming of a detective following you, it means that you should show maximum restraint and a high degree of tolerance in the real world.

Make sure to avoid arguments and conflicts in public institutions like a township, schools, police stations, and so on because that will not bring you anything good.

You will only seem like an aggressive person who doesn’t know how to control yourself when necessary.

Running away from a detective

If you are dreaming of running away from a detective, that symbolizes trouble and problems. You may do something that is not in accordance with the law.

If you get in that kind of trouble, make sure that no one figures out what you are doing.

A dream in which you see someone else running away from a detective means that your friend or acquaintance will tell you a secret.

You wouldn’t guess what that is in a million years, so the secret will truly shock you.

However, you will promise not to betray them, and you will make sure to keep your word.

Dream meaning of arguing with a detective

When you are dreaming of arguing with a detective, that is a warning to stop making your life complicated more than it should be.

You can make a problem out of the most trivial things. You often panic and can’t control yourself.

You are often bothering people around you with your problems, so don’t get surprised when they become indifferent to the things you believe are big problems since they are ridiculous to them.

If you are dreaming of someone else arguing with a detective, it means that someone you least expect help from will come to your rescue.

They are not your friend, family member, or partner, but an acquaintance that you encountered only a couple of times in your life.

You will be grateful for the favor they will do for you for the rest of your life.

Fighting with a detective in a dream

Dreaming of fighting with a detective means that you should stop imposing your attitudes and opinions on other people.

You are capable of advising everyone around you, but you haven’t dealt with some of your problems either.

People already know that you like meddling in other people’s lives, so it is time to stop that nasty habit.

If you see someone else fighting with a detective, that symbolizes legal issues. You may get a fine for unpaid bills or taxes.

If you have proof that you paid for it, you will deal with this quickly and easily.

However, if you have thrown the recipes away, get ready for months-long proving that you are right.

Wounding a detective in a dream

If you dream of hurting a detective with firearms in a dream, that symbolizes a restless consciousness.

You have probably done something that you are not proud of. Make sure to make things right if that is possible. If it is not, learn to live with it.

When you see someone else shooting or wounding a detective, it means that it is time to stop living in illusions.

Face reality and try to take as much as you can from the things you currently have. Don’t let your wish for wealth separates you from true nonmaterialistic values.

Dreaming of killing a detective

A dream in which you are killing a detective symbolizes a new beginning.

You may make a decision that will change the course of your life since you might change your job, college, or dwelling place, or you will finally get out of the marriage or relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

If, however, you see a dead detective in a dream, it means that you will find a solution to a problem that has been bothering you for a long time.

Kissing a detective in a dream

If you are dreaming of kissing a detective, it means that you will have an interesting encounter.

You may meet someone who will fascinate you with their attitudes and appearance in an unexpected place.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have worked as a detective, or you want to hire one, that has made an impression on you.

Another possibility is that you have watched a movie with a similar topic, which has affected your subconsciousness.

Definition of a detective

A detective is a person whose job is to collect shreds of evidence from crime scenes that they are investigating.