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Holding a dagger in a dream

When you are holding a dagger in your hand, that symbolizes business success. Many people will admire your determination and everything that you’ve accomplished in life.

However, only you will know the cost that you have had to pay and what you’ve had to do to be where you are now. When you think of the past, you wouldn’t change much.

Obstacles have taught you the most and motivated you to prove to yourself and others that you can do everything you want. You don’t accept excuses and you have always been a fighter.

Dream meaning of a bloody dagger

If you see a bloody dagger in your dream, it warns you to be careful. Someone from your surroundings is bothering you and they are doing everything to ruin your plans.

You will often have brisk arguments that will end up with harsh words, or even actions. You will want to take revenge on that person and you will start to think of ways to make their life miserable.

However, you will realize that all of it is taking away too much of your energy and that they are not worth doing something stupid. You will try to control yourself and ignore their provocations.

Dreaming of losing a dagger

If you are dreaming of losing a dagger, it means that you will not be ready for an argument. You will try to state facts to defend the rightness of your beliefs, but you will not have enough proof.

Your interlocutor will be able to outsmart you in all fields. This will teach you that demagogy simply doesn’t work with certain people.

Finding a dagger in a dream

This dream symbolizes the happiness and prosperity that you will experience in the near future.

It is possible that you will not get rid of all problems that are tormenting you, but you will learn to appreciate what you have.

Dedicate your time to family and friends and find the comfort that you are longing for in them.

To see a dagger thrust into the ground

A dagger thrust into the ground symbolizes great worries. The following period will be filled with difficult challenges.

You will need a lot of strength to overcome it, but you could also jeopardize your health in the process. You have to watch out for that the most.

You will manage to successfully overcome everything else, but stay healthy. Keep that in mind.

A dagger thrust into a table

If you dream of a dagger thrust into a wooden table, that symbolizes your fear of meeting new people. You are a closed-off person and you like to be alone, instead of hanging out with a lot of people.

You often refuse to go to mass gatherings, so friends are rarely calling you to dinner or night outs now. You prefer taking a walk or having coffee with one person, instead of participating in big conversations.

However, you need to know that it is time to change if you don’t want to become lonely and bitter.

Cutting yourself with a dagger in a dream

Dreaming of cutting yourself with a dagger symbolizes financial gain. No matter if the sum is big or small, it will be useful to you, because you have been struggling to satisfy your needs for a while now.

Being stabbed with a dagger

Having these dreams means that you are in danger. Someone from your surroundings is trying to achieve their malicious plan in order to ruin your reputation.

Watch out for what and where you are talking and confide only in people that you completely trust.

That is the only way to protect yourself from nasty gossipers who are not choosing means to hurt you.

Dreaming about stabbing someone with a dagger

This dream symbolizes repressed anger or hatred toward someone. Someone has probably hurt you a lot with their actions and you would like to take revenge on them, but you can’t find the right way to do it.

You believe that only revenge will bring you satisfaction and you are often thinking about it. In order to take your mind off of it, try to look at things from another perspective.

That horrible experience has probably taught you something.

Buying a dagger in a dream

If you are dreaming of buying a dagger, it means that you are a dominant person who likes to decide about everything, starting from house chores to sex.

However, this dream is warning you to control your desire for constant commanding, because your partner could snap under pressure and threaten you with a divorce.

You can use that trait in your professional life, but it is pretty unpopular when it comes to private relationships. Not all people like to be bossed around all the time.

Dreaming of selling a dagger

Dreaming of selling a dagger means that you could soon get a valuable gift that is not going to be a sign of affection, but an effort to get you out of trouble, because someone has betrayed you.

It is possible that your partner will bestow you with something that you have been fantasizing about for a long time. If that happens, question their true intentions.

To receive a dagger as a gift

Dreaming of getting a dagger as a gift means that you will expiate for your ancestors’ sins. You will inherit a big problem that will require a lot of time and effort, in order to be solved.

You will realize that all of it is unfair to you, but you will simply not have a choice, but to fight for your own survival.

Dreaming of bestowing a dagger

A dream in which you are bestowing a dagger on someone suggests that you need to control your emotions. You are extremely temperamental and you don’t know how to hide rage, sorrow, or happiness.

Those who love you have learned to deal with you, but be sure that you are enabling people who don’t wish you well with your behavior.

Don’t expect to change overnight, because that process can last for years.

A new dagger in a dream

A new shiny dagger suggests that you are ready for new challenges. You currently have enough energy to overcome all obstacles.

You will be efficient at work, so your boss might decide to reward you. That will only motivate you to continue doing what you have already planned.

The symbolism of an old dagger

An old rusty dagger means that it is time to visit a doctor. You probably haven’t done a full checkup for a long time, but you feel unusual symptoms.

You are often thinking about it, but you are constantly postponing your visit.

Even though most people would do the same, you need to know that you shouldn’t gamble with your health. Don’t be lazy, but do what needs to be done.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently held or bought a dagger, that has made an impression on you.

To dream of stealing a dagger

Stealing a dagger in a dream means you go through life believing the means justifies the end goal. You are very ambitious and don’t care how many bridges you have to burn to achieve what you want.

You have to ask yourself whom you will celebrate success with if you chase all the good people away.

To dream of someone stealing your dagger

If you dream of someone stealing your dagger, it means you will be the target of someone’s ambition.

It is necessary to choose your friends and business associates carefully in the following period.

You ought not to get involved in risky business deals or trust people who promise much. That is the only way to protect yourself from negative and stressful situations.

To dream about sharpening a dagger

Sharpening a dagger in a dream symbolizes delicate problems in the future. You might face an unfamiliar situation and be confused.

If you stay confident and believe in yourself, you will overcome all of it more easily.

To dream of other people sharpening a dagger

A dream wherein you see someone else sharpen a dagger means you might be your loved ones’ victim in one situation.

You might have a chance to make progress but will decide to pass on it to be at the service of people you love. You might soon wonder how your life would have looked like if you had acted differently.

Dream symbolism of washing a dagger

Washing a dagger in a dream suggests you have to stop sweeping one problem under the rug or trying to minimize it because such behavior might backfire on you over time.

You have to deal with it as soon as possible. It will not be easy, but it is better to do something about it now than to wait for the last moment to do it.

To dream of other people washing a dagger

If you dream of someone else washing a dagger, it implies recklessness might cost you. Bad or impulsive decisions might lead to specific consequences in the future.

You will overcome every challenge or issue if you are wise, patient, and persistent.

To dream of someone threatening you with a dagger

If you dream of someone threatening you with a dagger, it means you will step on the wrong person’s toes.

Someone will probably misinterpret your words, decisions, or actions and try to take their revenge on you.

You have to talk about your secrets, fears, and plans with those who have never betrayed you.

Dreaming about threatening someone with a dagger

Threatening someone with a dagger in a dream symbolizes a bruised ego. Someone might try to provoke you by minimizing your success, effort, hard work, or knowledge.

You ought not to react aggressively because you will only help the person in question actualize their plan that way. Instead, respond with a smile, which will be a hard blow.

To dream of throwing a dagger away

Throwing a dagger away in a dream means you might change your opinion about someone or something. You will realize you have let prejudices blind you.

However, once you gain more knowledge about it or get to know someone you didn’t like a bit better, you will realize you were wrong.

To dream of someone else throwing a dagger away

When you dream of someone else throwing a dagger away, it implies someone’s action might surprise you. The person you believe couldn’t stand you will express their wish to get to know you better.

You ought not to deny yourself or the person in question that opportunity.

Definition of a dagger

A dagger is a cold weapon used for fighting. It is used as a knife for stabbing people.