What Does It Mean to Dream of Copper Money or Coins?

To dig copper money out
Dreaming of digging out copper money symbolizes vain wishes. You will have too high expectations from something that you have dedicated a lot of effort to. It can be related to work or studies, or something that requires time, so that it would start paying off. You will be disappointed for not getting recognition and status from the society, because you believe that you deserve it. It is possible that you will be frustrated with such development of events, so everywhere you go, it will seem to you that people are receiving undeserved praises, rewards and promotions.

To see copper money or a copper coin
This dream symbolizes unrealistic love wishes. You are probably interested in someone who is not returning love back to you. Even though you will do everything to win them over, you will not succeed. That person already has a partner and they are satisfied with their relationship or marriage. It is possible that your ego will be hurt for being rejected, so you will use expensive gifts or other flashy things to make them pay attention to you.

To bury copper money
Dreaming of burying copper money implies that you have a secret which you want to hide from other people. You are afraid that they will find out something you are not proud of. It is possible that you have done something in a moment of weakness and you want to forget about it. You are ashamed of being so naïve. You haven’t thought about consequences and it seems to you that everyone will find out about your dark past. You will stress yourself out too much, so there is a possibility that you will confess everything to a wrong person or that your strange behavior will make people question your actions.

To get copper money
Receiving copper money as a gift in a dream symbolizes big expenses. It is possible that you haven’t solved a problem in time, so now you have a debt that is giving you headaches. Recklessness and irresponsibility will cost you again, so you will promise yourself one more time that you will not let that happen ever again.

To bestow copper money
Dreaming of bestowing copper money suggests that your ambition and persistence will finally pay off. You are trying for a long time to prove your loved ones that you haven’t made a bad decision when choosing a job, because it has a perspective. However, some time has to pass in order for the results to be visible. You will enjoy in your own success, but also be glad for proving everyone that you were right.

To clean copper money
Cleaning copper money in a dream suggests that you will make a wrong decision because of a lack of experience. It is possible that the decision will not affect your life forever, but with time, you will realize that you have acted recklessly. People make mistakes and learn from them until they die, so don’t let a few bad choices to unhinge you.

Dreaming of other people cleaning copper money symbolizes the need for attention. If you are single for a long time that is understandable. However, if you are in a long relationship or marriage, it is possible that your partner is neglecting you. They have probably put other people or a job ahead of your relationship or marriage, so you sometimes feel like an excess. You are hoping that all of it is just a phase and you are trying to be understanding, but your patience is not infinite either.

To lose copper money
Dreaming of losing copper money suggests that you are lamenting missed opportunities. It is possible that you have rejected a good job offer because of love or vice versa. That feeling is torturing you for a long time and you can’t get away from it. If you continue paying attention to the past, you will miss many important moments in the presence. Don’t let one missed opportunity make you lose others, as well.

To find copper money
To find copper money in a dream suggests that you will completely dedicate yourself to work in the following period. You will have many obligations and chores, but executing them will not be a problem for you. You will face every challenge stress-free, because you will have enough knowledge and self-confidence to finish everything on time. Your hard work will be rewarded, you just need to be patient.

To steal copper money
Stealing copper money in a dream suggests that your behavior will offend someone who loves and respects you. You will probably say something impulsively that will hurt them, even though you don’t mean it. Your subconsciousness is telling you to apologize before it is too late.

If someone has stolen money from you in a dream, it means that you will not be able to get justice for something, no matter how hard you try. You will witness some injustice being done to you or someone else. All of it has made you mad or sad, so you will do everything to make it right. Unfortunately, your attempts will be in vain.

To hide copper money
Dreaming of hiding copper money implies that you are a quiet person who doesn’t like arguments. No matter how much a situation forces you to react impulsively, you don’t let anyone or anything to provoke you. It is possible that arguments or fights affect you negatively, but you are trying not to show it. Your enemies are even angrier because of your attitude, but you know how superior you are to your opponents. However, ask yourself what consequences that leaves on your health, because you are probably beating yourself down when you are alone with your thoughts. Try to find someone who you will be able to talk with about everything.

Dreaming of other people stealing copper money means that you are afraid that your partner will betray you. It is possible that they have shown some signs of infidelity, but it is also possible that you have imagined all of it. Don’t let paranoia take control over you and try to solve problems with your mind instead of heart.

To count copper money
A dream in which you are counting copper money symbolizes bankruptcy. It is possible that things regarding your financial situation are not going according to a plan, or you have expected to get money, but that didn’t happen, unfortunately. You are counting on your intuition and the ability to survive, but you haven’t expected to end up in the situation you are currently in. You will have to make a real effort in order to get over that, both mentally and physically, but in the end, you will learn a lot from this.

Meanings of these dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen copper money on TV, or read about it, your brain is processing information you’ve received, while sleeping.

Definition of copper money

Copper money was called the “folar” in the Middle Ages. It was used for everyday needs and for small turnover.

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