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People usually consider these dreams nightmares, while their interpretations depend on the person who strangled them, the context in which they occurred, and the details that followed them.

You can feel fear, panic, and powerlessness while dreaming of strangling.

Dreaming of strangling yourself

If you are dreaming of choking, it means that you don’t have a reason to worry. You are sensitive by nature, and you care about what other people think of you too much.

You are capable of going back to some events and analyzing every gesture and word you have exchanged.

You are trying to please everyone, which requires adjusting to their attitudes and opinions that are not in accordance with your sensibility often.

Another meaning is that you should visit a doctor. You probably don’t know when was the last time you had your blood tested, even though that is a checkup that should be done once a year.

You believe that you are indestructible, and you will not pay attention to signals that your body is sending you.

Also, you don’t pay attention to your nutrition and advice that professionals believe is the foundation of leading a healthy life.

To dream of someone strangling you

Dreaming of someone strangling you symbolizes arguments. You may argue with a family member who has too high of expectations from you.

You will feel like they want you to achieve what they didn’t, which suggests that they are taking the frustrations from the past on you.

Even though you are trying to stay true to yourself, you will have a hard time fighting off the pressures that you have been exposed to daily.

Dream meaning of your father strangling you

When you are dreaming of your father strangling you, it means that you are often panicking for no reason. You can make a huge deal out of nothing without any cause or reason.

You are frustrating people around you with your behavior, especially because you don’t want to listen to anyone in such moments or realize that you are wrong.

That is in your nature, and you can’t go against yourself, but you should face the fact that you have a problem because of your health so that you could start solving it gradually.

Dreaming about your mother strangling you

This dream means that you are afraid of responsibility. You don’t want to settle down or give promises to anyone since you don’t believe that you will be able to keep them.

Younger people will be in some sort of informal relationship for a long time because of these characteristics, and they will have a hard time deciding to get married or have kids.

However, older people will always expect their partners to make important decisions for them so that they would reduce the risk of being guilty of possible failures.

To dream of your child strangling you

If you are dreaming of your child strangling you, it means that you are worried about their future. This fear is completely normal, and most parents have it.

However, you don’t have a reason to worry if you are giving love, attention, and support to your child. They will become a person you will be proud of.

If you are dreaming of someone else’s child strangling you, but you don’t have kids in real life, it means that you are worried about your existence.

You may have fallen into a financial crisis, and you don’t have as much money as you used to have. You will have to cut down on expenses, which doesn’t make you happy at all.

Luckily, this phase will not last for long, and it will not leave serious consequences for you. In the meantime, you will learn how to spend the money you have more rationally.

If your partner strangling you

When you are dreaming of your partner strangling you, it means that you are not happy with your relationship.

Both of you have been stressed out lately, so your communication is bad. It seems to you that your partner functions a lot better with other people than you, but you don’t see that this applies to you as well.

Give yourself some time and space, and then start an honest conversation about the things that bother you. If you want your marriage or relationship to work, you need to put in more effort.

To dream of your siblings strangling you

A dream in which your brother or sister is strangling you suggests that they have a problem, but they are hiding it from you.

You have probably noticed that they have been acting weird lately, and they are avoiding confiding in you.

Considering that you have always had a good relationship, their behavior will surprise you. However, don’t insist on talking but wait for them to be ready to come to you.

Dreaming about your boss strangling you

If you are dreaming of your boss or supervisor strangling you, that is a clear sign that you are not happy with the treatment you have in the company you work for.

You believe that they should value and appreciate more your hard work and effort, so you will work less to spite them instead of trying to fight for a higher salary.

Your tactic is completely wrong because they will fire you if you continue acting like that.

To dream of a doctor trying to strangle you

This is a very unusual dream considering that a doctor is someone who helps people, but it doesn’t have a negative meaning.

It can be interpreted as the recovery and improvement of your physical and mental state. You will feel good in the following period.

You will have a lot of strength and the will to work, hang out with people, and enjoy life. It is even possible that you will go on a trip that you will have a great time on.

Use this period in your life the best you can.

Dreaming of a postman strangling you

This dream symbolizes bad news. If you are expecting the results on an exam, job interview, or visa for moving abroad, there is a big chance that you will end up being disappointed.

However, you can’t let that discourage you, but keep on working on yourself and make sure to achieve what you have imagined.

A priest strangling you in a dream

If you are dreaming of a priest strangling you, it means that you will be sad because of someone.

You may lose someone who means a lot to you. That loss will have an impact on your mental state, so you will need a lot of time to recover.

It is even possible that you will feel bad because a loved one will decide to move to another city or state.

The separation from them will mean that you have lost someone who you could have counted on at any moment.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen someone choking, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of choking

Choking is a disorder caused by the impassability of airways and respiratory organs.

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