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Watching someone playing cards in a dream

If you dream of watching someone play cards, it means that you will earn money by committing fraud.

You might have gained a good reputation and wealth by doing things that are not really in accordance with the law.

Since you are aware of everything that could happen to you, you will not trust anyone, but make sure to finish your important projects alone, which will make you irreplaceable in the company you work for.

Dreaming of your parents playing cards

Dreaming of your parents participating in a game symbolizes an argument.

You will probably start a business with your friend, which will turn out to be a bad decision, contrary to your expectations.

As soon as you become aware of the fact that your ship is sinking, you will start blaming one another instead of dealing with things that could get you out of the bad situation that you are in.

Hiding cards in a dream

When you are dreaming of hiding cards, that symbolizes love intrigues. You are secretive by nature, and you never reveal what you think or about whom completely.

You believe that people that you care about can hurt you, so you are trying not to get attached to anyone.

As soon as you realize that things are becoming more serious, you leave your partner, comforting yourself by believing that it is best that way.

To play cards for fun

If you are dreaming of playing cards for fun, it means that you will achieve your future plans.

The circumstances will go in your favor, and you will have a lot of luck, even though you will work hard.

Also, these dreams can symbolize recovery.

If you feel that you have some symptoms, don’t be lazy but ask a doctor for help so that you get better as soon as possible. Don’t ignore even less serious health problems because they could turn into a big worry with time.

Play cards for money in a dream

This dream is a warning of the problems that you could face in the future.

No matter whether you will worry about work or your private life, you have to prepare yourself for something like that.

Don’t despair right away or as soon as some stressful situation happens. All of it is a part of life, and remember that no one is perfect.

Show to yourself and others that you are strong enough to overcome every obstacle or challenge.

To dream of a loved one playing cards

When, for example, a woman dreams of her partner playing cards, that means that their intentions are not completely honest, unfortunately.

They might be trying to take some sort of advantage out of your relationship, while you believe that they love you unconditionally.

This is also a message not to trust anyone blindly, not even people who have always been a part of your life.

Put their loyalty to the test, and you will see that things are not the way they seem.

These dreams have the same meaning as men have them, as well.

Dreaming of winning in a game

If you are dreaming of winning a game, it means that you will soon meet someone who will stay your friend for the rest of your life.

They will be there for you during extremely difficult moments, so you will start to believe that God sent them to you.

You will make sure to let them know that they can always count on you, as well.

Losing the game in a dream

A dream in which you lose in a game of cards is a very bad sign, unfortunately.

This dream warns of failure when it comes to business and private life.

You will experience some difficulties that will be hard to overcome. You will fall into a moral crisis and experience a lot of stress.

However, you will manage to get out of those situations, thanks to your qualities and skills, and you will be stronger than before.

You will also learn an important lesson that will help you in the future.

Dreaming about building a house of cards

If you are dreaming of building a house of cards, it means that you are an optimist.

You are someone who can always find something good in every bad situation.

People love and respect you because you give them comfort, advice, and help when they need it the most.

They often believe that you never have a hard time, but they are wrong. You just know how to deal with problems, which is extremely important in both your private and business life.

If others build a house of cards in a dream

This dream symbolizes good news. Any information that you have been waiting on for a long time could gladden you soon.

You will finally have a chance to put your ideas into action. You might make a good business deal or succeed in seducing someone that you like for a while.

Meaning of destroying a house of cards

Demolishing a house of cards in a dream usually means that you will give up on one job that didn’t bring you either moral or financial satisfaction.

If you currently do something that doesn’t fulfill you and that you can’t live comfortably, it is obvious that you will quit and look for happiness in another company or even start your own business.

To see others destroying your house of cards

When you are dreaming of someone else destroying your house of cards, it means that your colleagues, bosses, and even your friends will talk badly about your plan.

You will suffer great criticism, and you will take it personally, even though you shouldn’t. You can’t let someone disrupt your self-confidence.

Try to use some suggestions and improve your idea. You will have bigger chances for success that way.

Dreaming of someone showing you a trick

If you are dreaming of someone showing you a trick with cards, it means that you should watch out for sweet-talkers and avoid their business propositions.

Someone will try to con you, so be careful. Don’t sign any contracts before you make sure that you have understood every point in there.

Showing someone a trick in a dream

This dream means that you will surprise a loved one and gladden them.

You might throw a surprise party for someone’s birthday, or you will decide to make your partner happy with a romantic dinner or a short trip.

When you see the smile on your loved one’s face, you will know that you have done the right thing.

Interpretations of dreams depend on the signs that you see on cards, as well.

So, for example, if you see hearts, that symbolizes a pleasant encounter with someone who you haven’t seen in a long time.

Diamonds symbolize arguments, while clubs represent money and prosperity. If you see spades on your cards, that symbolizes trouble and sorrow.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently played cards or watched someone play, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of cards

Playing cards are thick rectangular paper with numbers and pictures on them.

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