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The blue-eyed child is crying

Crying alone in a dream

If you are crying alone in a dream, it means that a celebration expects you. Beautiful things could happen to you in the following period, which will cause emotional reactions.

You will want to share them with people close to you, which is why you will throw a party and gather everyone who helped you make progress and overcome obstacles that other people and you yourself have set.

A dream of watching others crying

If you see someone else crying in a dream, it means that you will offend a friend. You might want to point out the mistakes that person is making, but you will do it harshly, which will hurt them.

You will be sorry for acting like that, but since you know your loved one well, you know that such an approach will make them wonder and do the right thing.

Dream meaning of a child crying

When you see a child crying in a dream, it means that you will be in the company of joyful people. One of your plans will probably fail, and you will be forced to change your decisions last minute.

That will turn out to be better than you have expected because you will get a chance to meet new people who share similar interests and views on the world like you.

To dream of your loved one crying

If your loved one is crying in a dream, it symbolizes a sacrifice. You would never agree to be with someone you can’t make happy.

You know that love is not the only condition for a successful relationship or marriage and that it can turn into hate with time because of unfulfilled wishes and desires.

You prefer giving your partner the freedom to decide whether they will stay with you or leave because of it to forcing something.

Dreaming about an enemy crying

When you see an enemy crying in a dream, it means that you will forgive someone. You will realize that the insults the person in question has directed to you show their weaknesses and a way of hiding flaws only.

You will conclude that you don’t have to be mad at such people but explain that they will not make themselves look better by hurting other people.

Dreams of crying from laughter

Crying from laughter in a dream symbolizes beautiful moments in the company of interesting people.

You might soon have a chance to hang out with someone you can learn and find out a lot from, especially because they have a gift to pass their experience and knowledge to you properly.

You will experience various adventures thanks to those people’s stories and wish what they had a chance to feel to happen to you too.

To dream of crying from joy

If you dream of crying from joy, it means that you will soon enter a favorable period of your life.

Some things will finally fall into their place, and you will have more happy moments than stressful ones. It is necessary to stay patient until then and believe in a better future.

Nothing is only black or white, so make an effort to stay in the gray zone and keep the faith and hope necessary to achieve higher goals.

Dream interpretation of crying from pride

A dream wherein you cry from pride means that you are worried about a loved one.

Your family member, partner, or one of your friends might make risky moves or decisions. No matter how badly you want that person to listen to your advice and calm down, you have to support them in the achievement of their goals.

That person’s wishes will become a reality in the future thanks to their effort and hard work and your faith in them.

Dreaming about crying from sorrow

Crying from sorrow in a dream means that you will finally discover the source of your dissatisfaction and be able to do something to change such an emotional state.

Various dilemmas stress you out lately, and your relationship with a partner or family member is not the best. You like spending time alone more than being with people.

All of that will force you to retreat inward and realize what is actually happening to you. That will be the first step to achieving a higher level of satisfaction.

Crying from rage in a dream

If you dream of crying from rage, it is a warning to watch out for the way you treat the people you love.

You probably take out personal frustrations on the people who have done nothing to deserve it. Their tolerance is not limitless either, and you will soon see it firsthand, but it will be too late to keep them in your life.

You have to get rid of inner demons and not let them affect the people you care about.

Dreams and meanings of crying from despair

Crying from despair in a dream symbolizes impossible love.

You probably like someone you shouldn’t because that person is already in a relationship or unavailable for some reason. You know that nothing can come out of it, but that doesn’t change how you feel. You believe in a saying – time heals all wounds, but you are afraid you are an exception.

It is time to focus on something else and stop spending most of your days thinking about someone you will never have anything with.

Pretending to cry in a dream

Pretending to cry in a dream means that you are confused with your own feelings.

You might experience a very happy or sad moment and not be able to process it. You are unsure how it will affect your future and continuously think that your life will change from its core.

You have to know that you are still the same person, and you can increase your chances of having a more beautiful future.

The meaning of crying on someone’s shoulder in dreams

If you dream of crying on the shoulder of your loved one like a mother, father, family member, partner, or friend, it symbolizes something positive.

Such dreams suggest that you have your loved one’s support and that they push you to achieve your goals. You have to be grateful for it because not everyone can say the same.

A dream wherein you cry on the shoulder of someone you are not close with suggests that you are lonely. You probably don’t have anyone to complain to lately because you are afraid of getting misunderstood.

When you dream of crying on a stranger’s shoulder, it means that someone you are not close with will help you during rough moments.

You have probably met that person only recently, but the whole event will make your relationship stronger, and you might become friends or even lovers.

Dreaming about crying in someone’s embrace

If you dream about crying in your mother’s, father’s, or partner’s embrace, it means that some communication issues exist between you.

You probably can’t agree on trivial things lately, which bothers you a lot. If you show some sympathy and readiness to make compromises, everything will change for the better.

Dreaming of crying in the embrace of someone you are not close with can mean that you have to watch out for who you confide in.

You have to talk about your secrets, fears and wishes with people who have proven to be loyal to you only because others might take advantage of your trust.

To dream of not being able to stop crying

If you dream of not being able to stop crying, it means that you feel powerless because of a problem you haven’t caused. You often think about if you could stop it from happening or avoid it.

However, you know that you need not try to solve the issue alone because some people have to show that they are ready to make compromises. You have to let time do its thing and stop forcing something that is not in accordance with a natural flow of things.

Dreaming about crying in secret

When you dream about crying in secret or to yourself, it means that you are a closed-off person afraid of someone shattering the shell in which you hid yourself to avoid getting hurt.

Someone has managed to jeopardize your defense mechanism, which makes you nervous. You would secretly like to open up, but the fear is merely too strong.

It is time to get out of your comfort zone and let people make your life more beautiful, even if it doesn’t last forever.

To dream about crying on someone’s grave

Crying on someone’s grave in a dream means that you regret missed opportunities.

That can have something to do with your personal or business life. You probably regret being scared, lazy, or not being able to recognize the opportunities that would have made your life look different today.

Now is not the time for such emotions because you have to turn to the future and try to achieve your goals and wishes there.

The symbolism of crying on your own grave in a dream

This dream has only one meaning – pity. You are so in love with yourself, and you are focused on what is happening to you that you can talk about your problems without even giving a chance the dialogist to tell you their opinion.

You have convinced yourself that no one has it harder than you, with which you continue to attract the attention that you always long for.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen a child or loved one crying, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of crying

Crying is a normal part of grieving.

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