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Interpretations of these dreams can depend on the context in which they occur as well as on the feelings that follow them.

If you feel good in the crowd, it means that you will soon have an encounter with an interesting person who could seduce you quickly with their charm.

If you get scared or start panicking in a dream, it means that you will have to postpone a trip or date that you have been looking forward to for a long time.

Dreaming of being in the crowd

When you are dreaming of being in a crowd, that is a warning that you will argue with someone.

You may be burdened with problems lately that don’t let you relax and forget about the harsh reality. The result of such a situation will be excessive sensitivity to every word or look that your loved ones direct at you.

You will be sorry for acting badly after an impulsive reaction, and you will wish that you can turn back time and correct your mistake.

Those who know you well will wait for the storm to pass, but they will let you know that you should watch out for your behavior and work on self-control.

To dream of pother

If you see pother in a dream, that symbolizes gain. It probably won’t be materialistic, but it will be measured through good friends and the unforgettable moments you spend with them.

You like your house to be full of people, voices, and children’s laughter. You are trying to always smile and lift everyone who needs it with your energy and positive attitude.

Getting lost in a crowd

This dream means that you are not doing well when you get surrounded by a bunch of people. You don’t like public performances, and you are trying to avoid them whenever you can because you are anxious when you need to speak in front of many people.

You are a hard-working and responsible person by nature, but other people get rewarded for your effort often, just because you have that problem.

However, you need to know that you can work on it if you ask for help from a professional from that field or a psychologist who will help you overcome your fears.

Dream meaning of losing someone in the crowd

If you are dreaming of losing someone in the crowd, it means that you are thinking about something you can’t control too much. One event from the past probably doesn’t let you move on.

You are looking back constantly and making mistakes because of recklessness. It is time to finally bury that problem and continue living in the present and thinking more about your future.

Fighting in the crowd in a dream

A dream in which you are fighting in a crowd is a warning to watch out for a panic attack. You have been under a lot of stress lately, so even small conflicts or arguments can push you over the edge easily.

You are a little bit anxious and depressed, which is a direct consequence of stress. Try to find a way to get out all of that negative energy.

Hang out with people who think positively, read a book, go for a walk, or have more physical activity in your everyday life to get rid of dark thoughts.

To dream of others fighting in the crowd

If you see someone else fighting in the crowd, it means that you will suffer because of someone else’s mistakes.

Your colleague may do something stupid, and they will blame you for it. You will seem incapable in your superiors’ eyes, and you will get embarrassed.

However, you can easily prove that you are not the problem but someone else if you ensure yourself on time. Take notes of everything you do, and you will not be in danger of getting accused of something you didn’t do.

Dream about being naked in the crowd

When you are dreaming of being naked in a crowd of people, it means that you are a conformist who never states their opinion if it differs from the rest of the group.

You won’t confront the authority, even though you often believe that they are not right. You are doing all of it to have a better status in society, gain power over someone, or get a leading position in a company.

Even though many people don’t like you because of it, you don’t see yourself as a conformist but as an ambitious person.

To dream of the crowd at a football game or some other sports event

This dream means that you will be lonely, even when a bunch of people surround you. It sometimes seems to you that no one understands you and that you don’t have anything to talk about with most of your friends.

People change over time, as well as their interests. You should maybe expand the circle of people you spend your time with.

Those who are currently single and probably surrounded by couples believe that they will never find a soulmate.

The pother at the airport

When you are dreaming of an airport with many passengers, that symbolizes a great period when it comes to love.

You may experience some unexpected and great things in your love life. You will meet someone who will change your outlook on the world.

If you are in a relationship or married, your partner will probably throw a big surprise for you. That will improve your relationship which was not been the best lately.

Accept their proposal and dedicate more time to one another.

Dreaming of the pother on the border crossing point

If you are dreaming of the pother on the border crossing point, that symbolizes your need to change your dwelling place. You probably haven’t traveled for a long time, so you want to feel that excitement again.

If you don’t have money or time to go to an exotic destination, go on a field trip near you or to a place that you have never been to before. That change will affect your body and soul positively.

The crowd in a supermarket or café

If you are dreaming of a bunch of people being in the café or grocery store, that symbolizes difficulties at work. Your career may not be going in the direction you have imagined, or you are not making progress as fast as you have planned.

However, don’t despair because you will get many good opportunities. Pay attention to them and grab them when the time for it comes.

Dream about the crowd at a concert

A dream in which you see a big crowd of people at a concert symbolizes boredom. You have probably fallen into a rut, and every day seems the same to you.

You lack excitement, but you are not doing anything to change that. If you get the courage to get out of your comfort zone, many interesting things may happen to you.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently been in a crowd, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a crowd

The crowd or pother is a gathering of many people in one place.