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The cross has strong symbolism in dreams. The interpretation of such dreams depends on the environment in which they took place, as well as on the details that followed them.

Dream about the cross

If you see the cross in a dream, it means that difficulties expect you at work, but you will overcome them.

There is a chance that unexpected problems will emerge, so your superiors will accuse you of being reckless and irresponsible.

Since such comments will hurt you, you will do your best to fix the damage and make sure that something like that never happens again.

Another meaning is that someone will gossip about you.

Your partner will probably hear lies that envious people are spreading around and start to believe that you are not honest with them.

Even though you try to prove to them that you love them every day, their doubt will be enough to ruin a harmonious relationship that you have built for a long time.

The fact that your relationship is like a house of cards will hurt you because it can crumble with minimal effort.

To have the cross on

Dreaming of having a cross around your neck means that you feel safe.

You are someone whose parents taught you to be confident from an early age and not afraid of challenges or other people.

You believe that justice is slow but reachable, which is why you always try to act toward others the way you would like them to act toward you.

Peaceful consciousness is the main trick in your sleeve that helps you walk with your head high.

Find the cross in a dream

When you are dreaming of finding the cross, it means that you are on a good path.

If some dilemmas trouble you, you will soon conclude that the decisions you have recently made are right.

You should fight for the things you want, and success will follow.

Also, it is important to be surrounded by people that you love and respect.

Their support will mean a lot to you when facing the following challenges and obstacles.

When you see someone finding the cross in your dream, it means that you can relax since the problems that your loved one has been facing will finally get resolved.

You were desperate since you couldn’t help them, but both of you will be relieved and joyful soon.

Dreaming of losing the cross

Dreaming of losing the cross symbolizes danger.

You probably shouldn’t get involved in risky businesses or jeopardize your health and existence in any way since the existence of people that depend on you will also be put into question.

Now is not the right time for bold moves, so play it safe in the following period.

If you are looking for the cross that someone lost in your dream, it means that better times are coming.

There is a chance that you are sad or depressed because of something, and nothing can make you happy at the moment.

However, such a phase will not last for long since some beautiful things will happen in your life.

You just need to be patient and believe in a positive outcome.

Life always puts us in front of challenges and temptations, so it is up to us to get out all of it stronger, braver, and smarter.

If someone gives you a cross as a gift

A dream in which someone gives you the cross as a gift is a sign that you should believe in yourself more.

Some events have ruined your self-esteem, so you have been sinking deeper and deeper into depression.

You were afraid of never getting out of it or being helpless.

However, once you realize how many reasons you have to be proud of yourself and when someone points out all the qualities that you possess, your self-confidence will get restored.

You need to believe that you can achieve everything you want, and that will come true.

To bestow the cross

If you are dreaming of bestowing the cross on someone, it means that you need a good piece of advice.

You are probably at a crossroads, and you don’t know which way to go.

Numerous questions and dilemmas trouble you, but you have rejected all the pieces of advice so far as useless.

Take what is best out of every piece of advice, and then do what your gut tells you.

Buying the cross in a dream

Dreaming of buying the cross means that you are aware of wronging a loved one, so you are constantly looking for a way to make things right.

You have done something that hurt them a lot and forever ruined your relationship.

You regret your actions, and all of it hurts you because you know that you shouldn’t have acted that way.

Unfortunately, a lot of time will pass before you gain their trust back.

They still love you, but they have a hard time getting over everything that happened between you.

Dreaming of selling the cross

When you are dreaming of selling the cross, it means that you will do something reckless.

The urgency of the situation will probably make you act like that, so your reaction will turn out to be wrong.

It is extremely important to sleep on some problems before you try to solve them. Analyze all aspects to see what options you have.

The last thing you need now is an additional problem or worry.

To steal the cross

If you are dreaming of stealing the cross from someone, it means that you have chosen the wrong way to redeem yourself for some sins.

Your approach seems arrogant, even though your intentions are honest. If you show that you are sorry and open your heart, you will have better chances to get forgiveness from those that you hurt.

If you are dreaming of stealing the cross from a shop, church, or jewelry store, that is a sign that you lack excitement in your life, which is why you have started to do stupid things.

You are probably bored if you are doing such reckless things.

Find a way to properly channel your energy as soon as possible.

Dreaming of others stealing the cross from you symbolizes disappointment.

The dishonesty coming from your loved one will hurt you a lot. You will be afraid that you can’t trust them anymore, even though you want to.

Their lies could jeopardize your relationship permanently, considering that you believe in a saying – once a liar, always a liar.

Throwing the cross away in a dream

This dream can symbolize blasphemy in the Christian world, but most dream books don’t interpret it like that.

If you are dreaming of throwing a cross away, it means that you will get rid of everything that bothers you or makes you unhappy in life.

Those can be negative people, bad habits, or dark thoughts.

Anyhow, you will step away from everything bad that has been ruining your happiness.

When you see someone else throwing the cross away in a dream, it means that you shouldn’t argue with stubborn people.

You might end up in a situation where you will have to defend your attitude from someone who doesn’t want to listen to you.

You will try to prove that you are right using facts, but that will not mean anything to them.

Because of it, it is better not to argue with such people because they are only wasting your time and nerves instead of bringing you something positive or good in life.

To kiss the cross

Dreaming of kissing the cross is a sign that you are hoping that someone will solve a problem that you have.

You are afraid of facing it, so you secretly believe that your loved one will deal with it.

However, you need to know that something like that will not happen and that you need to take care of it alone this time.

If you are dreaming of other people kissing the cross, it means that you should watch your words when in a bigger circle of people. Your gossip could backfire on you.

The meanings of dreams can differ depending on the type of cross that you see, the materials that they are made of, and other details.

The symbolism of a wooden cross

Dreaming of a wooden cross is a good sign. Dreams with this motif often have a positive meaning and symbolize success, prosperity, and peace.

The following period will be good for achieving your plans and goals.

If you continue to be hard-working and persistent, you will succeed at everything that you have imagined.

These dreams sometimes symbolize happy moments, like weddings, christenings, or new family members.

Meaning of a metal cross

A dream in which you see a cross made out of metal means that you should be more persistent.

You can’t let yourself give up on one idea or plan before you even try to realize it.

Indeed, some obstacles seem to look insurmountable, but sitting around without trying to overcome or avoid them will not bring you anything good.

It is time to move and finally achieve the things you want.

Golden cross in a dream

Golden crosses symbolize great joy in dreams. Something that you have been fantasizing about for a long time will come true.

That can be related to a job that you currently do, family relationships, or something that you have longed for for a while.

You will finally be truly happy, satisfied, and fulfilled after a long time.

Dream about silver cross

If you see a silver cross in a dream, it means that you believe that you always have hope.

You are someone who always tries to look at everything that happens in life from a brighter side.

You don’t let small things torment you, so people believe that you are chill.

However, you are not cold but have a bit different approach to things in life, which makes you look disinterested for your and other people’s problems.

You will have a long life with such an attitude.

Interpretation of a stone cross

If you see a stone cross in a dream, like the one that Christians have instead of tombstones, it means that your faith is strong, whether you believe in God, some higher power, or yourself and the people that you love.

You will impress many people with your attitudes on that topic.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen or worn the cross, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of the cross

The cross is a symbol of Christianity that consists of two longs that intersect at the right angle.

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