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Being a cripple in a dream

Dreaming of being a cripple warns of poverty. In the following period, many things in your life will start to go downhill.

Your position in the company will be questioned, so it is possible that you will be fired or that your salary will be decreased.

You will not be able to despair for too long, but you will be forced to react. You will have to find a way to fight off your bad financial situation, which you will get yourself into.

To be a cripple in a dream can also mean that you are not capable of falling in love with someone or feeling empathy for them.

No matter how much you’ll try to persuade yourself that that is the best for you, you simply won’t be able to do it. It is possible that you will resent yourself for it, or that you’ll feel guilty.

Dream about a cripple

When you see a cripple in a dream, it means that people will honor you. Someone will notice your effort and they will offer you a job that will be easy to make progress and to stand out on.

You will be more respected in society and people will ask you for advice because they will believe that you will offer them the best solutions.

You will start to go out more and meet new people, so some of them will even become your friends.

You will have enough time to manage all of your obligations, so your life will not suffer in any department.

Helping a cripple in a dream

Dreaming of helping a cripple implies that big responsibility is waiting for you. Besides everyday obligations, you will have to take care of a family member that has health issues.

You will try to postpone everything that is not urgent and spend all your free time with them.

Even though it will be physically demanding, you will be satisfied because you are going your best to help someone you care about.

To see cripples

A dream in which you see cripples symbolizes frustration or even sorrow. You’ve probably had difficult situations in the past.

Even though that is behind you now, it has left a deep mark on your mind. It is time to relax and start enjoying things you love.

Hang out with friends and family or ask someone you haven’t seen for a long time out. Those moments will fulfill you and you will overcome that condition that you have fallen into more easily.

Discovering that someone you know is a cripple

If you are dreaming of a person that you know missing an arm or leg, it means that your worries might stop soon.

Stress because of work, health, or finances was burdening you so much that you started to fear that something bad might happen.

The good news is that danger is getting away from you, so you will finally be able to breathe.

Dreaming of a cripple helping you

If you are dreaming of a cripple helping you, it means that you will meet someone who will amaze you with their intellect and way of thinking.

You will realize that deep seeded stereotypes have been stopping you from seeing the bigger picture and changing your life.

It is a fact that you are not satisfied with many things right now, but talking to them will give you the energy to change that.

Dream meaning of being chased by cripples

Dreaming of being chased by cripples symbolizes fear and confusion.

You may experience unpleasant moments in the following period, so you will have to get out of your comfort zone and adjust to the situation.

However, don’t let dark thoughts take control over you. If you continue to believe in yourself, you will be able to solve every problem that gets in your way.

Fighting with a cripple in a dream

If you are dreaming of fighting with a cripple, it means that you will disappoint someone who has respected you a lot with your words or actions.

You are probably not aware of your actions yet, because they are too proud to admit it.

However, you will feel a change in their behavior, so you will have to make some conclusion out of all of it.

If, however, you dream of other people fighting with a cripple, it means that you will have to be careful when it comes to work, otherwise, you might end up in a bad position. You have tough competition and you know it.

The good thing is that none of you has the intention to use dirty tricks to get a better position. So, make sure to present yourself in the best possible light.

The symbolism of killing a cripple

If you are dreaming of killing a cripple, that symbolizes your lack of confidence. This can be related to your business or private life, but your complexes are often creating problems for you.

It is common for you to be backing off, even though you are aware of your qualities. You will have to work on it, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask for help from a professional.

When you see someone else killing a cripple in your dream, it means that you could have a problem that will require you to make smart moves.

Before you do something, ask yourself if it is right, because every wrong move could cost you a lot.

Use your power to diplomatically solve your conflicts and the gift to approach every problem practically.

Kissing a cripple in a dream

Dreaming of kissing a cripple means that your subconsciousness is warning you that you have overdone it with perfectionism.

You are a person who doesn’t do anything lazily. You put your maximum into everything you do, and you are always trying to be the best you can be.

You have a hard time with accepting that most people you work with don’t think the same way you do.

Being responsible and ready for sacrifices are positive traits that many people respect, but you have started to overdo it, which is affecting your mind negatively. Find a way to relax.

Dreaming of hiding from a cripple

This dream suggests that you are trying to push most of your problems under the rug. You don’t want to stress yourself out, because that has cost you your health before.

However, your approach to life now is pretty specific and many people can’t understand why you are acting like that.

You believe that there is time for everything, so it sometimes seems like you don’t care even about your future. That is often creating arguments between you and your loved ones.

Crippling someone in a dream

When you dream of purposefully crippling someone, it symbolizes repressed anger. You have to ask yourself why you feel frustrated and try to solve that problem calmly.

Piling up dissatisfaction inside can lead to snapping at the worst possible moment and hurting the ones you love.

If you dream of accidentally crippling someone, it symbolizes a guilty conscience. You have probably hurt someone but didn’t ask for forgiveness.

To dream about someone crippling you

If you dream about someone crippling you on purpose, it means that you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and be the victim of someone’s dissatisfaction.

That person might take out their frustration on you.

A dream wherein someone accidentally cripples you means that you are still waiting on an apology from the person who offended you.

Dreaming about a cripple insulting you

When you dream of a cripple insulting you, it means that you will have to repress your emotions and control your ego so that you don’t hurt someone or make a scene.

To put it simply, you will have to ignore some provocations.

Insulting a cripple in a dream

If you dream of insulting a cripple, it means that people from your surroundings will harshly criticize some of your decisions and actions.

They will not have sympathy for something you have said or done or, what’s worse, they will not want to hear what you have to say.

Dream meaning of laughing at a cripple

Laughing at a cripple or mocking them in a dream means that someone will accuse you of being heartless or even evil.

Your family members will probably judge your actions or the insults you directed at them.

They will not manage to justify such behavior, which is why they will conclude that everything you do and say stems from your selfishness and arrogance.

To dream of a cripple beating you

If you dream of a cripple beating you, it means that you don’t see yourself as capable or skilled enough to deal with one problem.

You might have taken a bite you can’t swallow, and now you are struggling with it.

To dream of beating a cripple

Beating a cripple in a dream means that you are a coward. You force other people to fight your battles and expect them to deal with the negative consequences of your stupid actions.

Your behavior is irresponsible and arrogant.

Falling in love with a cripple in a dream

Falling in love with a cripple in a dream means that you can’t let prejudices stop you from enjoying life.

If you were more open-minded, your daily life would be more beautiful as well. You have to stop labeling people if you didn’t have a chance to get to know them because of it.

Dreaming about a cripple falling in love with you

This dream means that you think highly of yourself and have high standards when choosing a partner. You will have a hard time finding a soulmate with such a way of thinking.

Marrying a cripple in a dream

If a single woman dreams of marrying a cripple, it means that she could find the man of her life soon. If a married woman dreams of getting married to a cripple, it means that she resents her partner for something but hasn’t admitted it yet.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a person who is missing an arm or a leg in person, or on TV, that has probably made a strong impression on you.

Definition of a cripple

Cripples are people who don’t have some or all extremities.

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