Crickets – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To see cricket in a dream
If you see cricket in a dream, it means that you will soon have a celebration. It is possible that someone close to you is celebrating an important event and you will be one of the main guests. You will have many obligations regarding the party, so you should start with preparations as soon as possible.

To hear crickets
When you dream of hearing crickets, it means that someone will tell you good news. If you have applied for a job and you are waiting for the response, you can start celebrating since you will receive the wanted answer. A new period in life will start for you which will be marked by meeting new people and obligations that will take most of your everyday life.

To catch a cricket in a dream
Dreaming of catching a cricket implies that you will have good intuition. There will come a period in life when you will be able to predict the course of many things that will happen to you. Since that is applied to both good and bad things, you will sometimes want to be mistaken.

To dream of others catching a cricket
If you dream of other people catching a cricket, it is possible that someone will steal your great business idea. You think that it will impress your superiors or business associates, but that will not happen since something similar to your product will appear on the market. Don’t let that discourage you, but continue thinking about your next step. You will come up with something original for sure.

To be attacked by crickets
When you are dreaming of being attacked by crickets, your subconsciousness is telling you to start doing your chores on time. You have started to neglect to study or you have a hard time finishing tasks at work. You lack motivation and will at the moment, but that is not the reason not to do anything about it. It is time to start acting according to your age.

To dream of crickets attacking someone else
A dream in which you see a swarm of crickets attacking someone suggests that you will be surprised or shocked by rumors that you will hear about yourself. Bad people will tell you that someone you love and respect is spreading those lies and you will believe them. Instead of attacking them, try to talk to them openly and calmly, because it is possible that they didn’t start those gossips. Don’t let that jeopardize your friendship.

To step on crickets
If you are dreaming of stepping on crickets, it means that you will not like news that you’ll hear. If you are waiting for the end of a trial, you will not like the verdict. On the other hand, if you are expecting a raise or promotion, your superior might tell you that they are not able to keep the promise that they have given you.

To dream of others stepping on crickets
When you are dreaming of other people walking over crickets, it means that you will witness great injustice. You will have the opportunity to decide about someone’s destiny with a large group of people. Most of them will vote for something that seems completely unfair to you, but you will not be able to do anything about it. It is possible that your consciousness is going to be restless for a while, but if you try to help the person who you have harmed, you will probably feel better.

To dream of crickets crawling all over your body
This dream symbolizes restlessness. You are restless because of the situation that has recently happened to you. You might not have reacted properly if someone attacked you verbally or you have treated badly someone who didn’t deserve to feel your rage. Anyhow, if you are dreaming of crickets crawling all over your body, it is time to ask yourself what is haunting you.

To dream of crickets in your nose, ears or mouth
Dreaming of crickets going into your mouth, ears or nose means that you will have to stay quiet about something to keep the peace in your family. It is possible that you will put up with ungrounded criticism coming from a family member. You will decide not to react because of your partner, kids or someone else but you will resent yourself for it later. It is good to keep bad words to ourselves sometimes to avoid arguments, but that doesn’t mean that you should let everyone criticize and humiliate you.

A black cricket
If you see a cricket with a black body or wings in your dream, it means that you shouldn’t be so cranky. You don’t have a reason to be negative and grumpy at the moment. On the contrary, you have accomplished many things that you have never dreamt of. What’s more important, you are completely healthy. Your friends are secretly mocking you because of your attitude and they will stop asking you out because your negativity will bother them.

A green cricket
If you are dreaming of a green cricket, it means that it is time to stop looking for flaws in everyone. You believe that you are better than people you know, while strangers don’t even interest you. You often seem and sound arrogant. Even though it is nice to think so highly of yourself, you need to realize that many people will dislike you because of your attitude.

A yellow cricket
When you see a yellow cricket in a dream, it means that you don’t trust your partner. It is possible that such behavior is the result of bad experiences from the past, so you are afraid of everything now. You are trying to track their every move, and you are listening carefully to everything that they are saying so that you could use it against them in the future. Your behavior is starting to resemble paranoia and you are risking losing a loved one because of it.

A red cricket
A red cricket in a dream symbolizes inconsistency. You can’t stick to rules that you come up with by yourself, no matter whether they are related to food, drinks, candy or cigarettes. Whenever you promise to stop overeating or indulging in vices, you can’t stick to it. Luckily, you still don’t have health issues because of your lifestyle, but don’t be sure that your actions will not take a toll on your body in the future.

A multi-colored cricket
If you are dreaming of a multi-colored cricket, it means that the following period will be great for you. You will be successful both in love and business. You will attract attention with your positivity and everyone will enjoy your company. You will achieve all of it thanks to the hard work and effort that you invest every day. Because of it, you will be proud of your consistency and persistence whose fruits you will soon start to pick.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently heard or seen a cricket, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of a cricket

Crickets are winged insects from the family Cicadidae that are known for the characteristic squeaking in males, thanks to which they got the name.

7 thoughts on “Crickets – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

  1. I a dream, i was ploughing with a hoe and all of sudden I discovered that I had excavated a number of African field crickets they were all over the ploughed soil, live and free, not running away.
    What could be the meaning
    (In some African culture they are eaten by children)

  2. I saw a dream last night which left me pretty confused.

    I just saw this large kind of light brown cricket just chilling in my kitchen table. It didn’t do much anything. It just cleaned itself or yawned every once in a while. Strangest thing is, that I can’t find any picture of cricket I saw. It was clearly larger and bulkier than average, it standed with his backlegs and its front legs were up like with mantis. In that dream I just watched it, I was kind of like hypnotized to it.

    What does this all mean?

  3. Saw a strange dream that I never had… In my dream I was digging crickets and and I got so my crickets… But then few crickets fly away before I could catch them… But I got hand full of…

  4. I had a dream when I was young, that there was 7 big crickets coming out of my shoe. I would get one out, shake my boot around and another would come out. Any thoughts on this?

  5. The other night I dreamt I was eating crickets. I was stuffing gobs of them into my mouth and chewing them up alive. Mind you I am afraid of bugs, all kinds, so eating them is normally out of the question. I remember thinking that they were so good and I couldn’t get enough of them almost like I was starving. I was with someone else in a truck or car but I cant remember who they were. The next thing I know I woke my self up out of disgust and pawing at my mouth to get them out.

    Then a day later I ended up leaving my boyfriend while he was at work. When he doesn’t get his way he has a tendency to get violent.

  6. I dreamt i was going to a toilet after my doctor said I’m pregnant, as i sat on the toilet wanting to pee, something fell from my private parts onto the toilet, it was a fetus baby girl
    , after that miscarriage, the doc said i was again pregnant a small dot fetus, after that again i went to the toilet to pee, but this time it was a yellowish with brown stripes cricket 🦗 i was so afraid when i saw it, i wanted to show it to someone, but it was suddenly revived and started flying towards me.

  7. I just had this dream that has left me confused, so I thought I’d share it.

    I had one of my friends over, and we were inside my house which is usual we were playin games and stuff. But the entire time they were there, there was a few crickets on the couch. When they left to use the bathroom, I decided to catch one. Im pretty used to crickets since I have a lizard who eats crickets daily, so in my dream it was pretty normal for one or two crickets to get away. I caught this cricket and I headed towards my lizard’s tank, but all of a sudden, the cricket starts to give birth to a bunch of adult sized crickets. By the time I reached my lizard’s tank to drop the crickets in, there were hundreds of crickets crawling up my arms.

    Anyone know what this could mean?

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