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Have you recently dreamed of coughing? Such dreams can be a result of real-life events but also have a much deeper meaning.

Coughing in a dream

If you are dreaming of coughing, that is a warning that a friend will betray you. They might be jealous of you and do something that will hurt you a lot.

The fact that you are more successful than them and that you are attracting people’s attention wherever you go will bother them.

Even though you haven’t done anything bad to them, you will try to remember every word you exchanged and figure out if you did anything to provoke them or deserve such a treatment.

Another meaning is that you should watch out for lickspittles and sycophants.

People who always choose the easy way out and agree with everything instead of standing out for their opinions probably prevail in your surroundings.

You will only experience bad things because of it since no one will point out the things that you are doing wrong so that you can fix them.

To see others coughing

Dreaming of other people coughing means that you are worried about someone else’s health.

One of your family members might not feel good, and you will be obligated to help them.

The time you spend with them will help you get to know each other better and show how much you care for one another, even though it will be full of uncertainties.

Dreaming of constantly coughing

When you are dreaming of coughing constantly and intensely, it means that you will neglect your family, friends, and loved ones because of work.

The obligations will occupy you so much that you will not have the will or time for hanging out with those you love. They will resent you for it for some time, but then they will give up.

You will realize that you have distanced yourself from your loved ones only later and feel lonely because of it.

Choking while coughing in a dream

If you are dreaming of choking because you are coughing hard, it means that you do something that doesn’t suit and fulfill you, but you have a good salary.

You probably snapped under pressure when your family advised you what profession to choose, so you have picked something that you don’t like.

Now you feel like you are in prison, and you can’t wait to finish your hours and go home.

It is not late for some things to change, so you don’t have to stay at the same job until retirement.

To dream of others choking while coughing

This dream suggests that it is time to look for help since it is quite obvious that you can’t deal with some obligations alone.

Accept the pieces of advice from an older colleague or family member and admit to yourself that you have overestimated yourself.

The same applies to the obligations you deal with at home. You should share chores with family members so that no one is stressed out, and the job is done.

Coughing out blood in a dream

If you are dreaming of coughing out blood, it means that you will finally deal with a problem that you have been pushing under the rug for too long.

You have been postponing its completion as long as you could, but now you just need to do something about it. Who knows, it might be a lot easier than you expected.

Dreaming of others coughing out blood

When you see someone else coughing out blood, it means that you are worried about your loved one’s health.

We are probably talking about an older family member who ignores your advice to go and see a doctor.

In the end, they will make you make an appointment for them and drag them to the ambulant forcefully.

That is the only way to get them to move, and you will know that you have done everything you could to help them.

Meaning of coughing out bad phlegm in a dream

Coughing out bad phlegm in a dream symbolizes a short love affair. You might end up in a relationship with someone with that you feel the chemistry, but you don’t have anything else in common.

You don’t share the same interests and plans for the future, so you are simply not compatible in any way. Your relationship will be short-termed because of it.

To see others coughing out phlegm

If you are dreaming of someone else coughing out bad phlegm, it means that you will take a profitable but unpleasant job on yourself. You will do something that you are not proud of, but it must bring a lot of money.

You will inform your friends about your job rarely, but when they start to ask questions, you will make sure to provide them with as little information as possible.

You don’t plan on doing that job until the rest of your life anyways, but just until you save enough money to start your own business.

Throwing up while coughing in a dream

This dream means that you have been refraining from saying everything you think of someone for too long.

That person has been stressing you out for a long time, but you didn’t want to argue with them out of courtesy.

You will probably snap soon and tell them everything that you have been silent about until now. That conversation will not be pleasant at all.

To see others throwing up while coughing

A dream in which you see someone else throwing up while coughing means that some information about someone you know will shock you.

The stories that are spreading about them will surprise you, but that doesn’t mean that you will comment on everything you hear.

You will realize how gossip often doesn’t have anything to do with the truth, which taught you not to retell stories that you hear in your neighborhood.

Dreaming of pretending to cough

If you are dreaming of pretending to cough, it means that you will beat an enemy cunningly.

You will pretend that you are naïve so that they wouldn’t suspect that you know what they are trying to do to you.

Once they relax, you will make sure to show them that they are messing around with the wrong person.

To see others pretending to cough

When you dream of someone else pretending to cough, it means that people will accuse you of being insensitive because you can’t empathize with someone who experienced injustice or a crisis.

You will not even try to defend your attitude since you know that it will be pointless, but you will also not change your opinion.

Refrain from coughing in a dream

Dreaming of refraining from coughing means that you care about your reputation too much. You want people to have a good opinion of you, so you often do whatever they ask.

You are not even happy because of the moves you are making, but you believe that your behavior is a small price that you need to pay to get respect from society.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently coughed, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of coughing

Cough is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. It manifests itself by sudden reflexes, which harmful particles get secreted by.

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