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Puma in a dream

Most dream books associate the motif of a cougar with resourcefulness, mental growth, and progress. However, interpretations can differ depending on the ambient in which a dream occurred and the details that followed it.

Dream meaning of a domesticated cougar

If you see a domesticated cougar in a dream, it implies you are in total control of your emotions. You are not afraid to speak your mind, and you like to prove it to your loved ones.

You respect honesty in other people and believe you wouldn’t be able to hang out or be in a relationship with someone ready to play games or manipulate others.

Symbolism of an aggressive cougar in a dream

If you see an aggressive cougar in a dream, it implies you keep someone at a distance because you still can’t evaluate what their intentions are.

It sometimes seems like you have figured that person out, but you don’t understand anything at the next moment. You will stay reserved until you don’t form a proper opinion.

Dreaming about a pack of cougars

A pack of cougars in a dream is not a good sign. Such dreams usually suggest you will be the target of gossip because of a decision or action you made.

Even those who don’t know you will talk about you. You need not try to explain your actions or try to prove the rumors are false but let the story run for a few days before it is forgotten and those people move on to the next sensation.

To dream that you are a cougar

When you dream that you are a cougar, it symbolizes career progress or mental and spiritual growth.

You work a lot on yourself because of the failures you have experienced. You have managed to rise above some stressful situations and learn much about yourself.

That will help you achieve business success and satisfaction in your private life.

To dream of a cougar with cubs

A dream wherein you see a cougar with cubs is a good sign. Such dreams symbolize professional progress or a baby in the family.

Anyhow, you will soon celebrate something beautiful with the people you love.

Dreaming of a hurt cougar

A hurt, sick, or wounded cougar in a dream suggests someone is playing games with you. We are probably talking about someone who is taking advantage of you because you have a weak sport for them.

They often manipulate your emotions because they believe you will never get mad at them or cut all contact with them.

To dream of helping a wounded cougar

If you dream of helping a wounded cougar, it implies you will be naïve again. You will believe someone’s lies or promises and realize that you have been deceived too late.

If this is not a clear sign you should get away from that person, it means you consciously choose to be a fool.

To dream about feeding a cougar

Feeding a cougar in a dream symbolizes a rush of positive energy and enthusiasm you will soon experience. You will soon enter a favorable phase of your life when it comes to business.

You will solve some problems without struggle, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take advantage of that period to have a more peaceful and beautiful future.

To dream of other people feeding a cougar

When you see someone else feeding a cougar in your dream, it suggests you will soon meet a pretty interesting person.

Their charisma and intelligence will amaze you, and you will wish to continue hanging out.

If we are talking about someone of the opposite sex, you might even fall in love.

Interpretation of petting a cougar in a dream

Petting a cougar in a dream can symbolize bigger challenges. You might end up in a situation that requires courage and determination.

You will have to make a decision or make a move that will seriously affect your future. If you are wise, you will minimize the possibility of making a mistake.

To dream of other people petting a cougar

A dream wherein you see someone else petting a cougar means your loved one will surprise or amaze you with a brave move.

After that, you will conclude you haven’t had a chance to see that side of their personality.

To dream of bathing a cougar

Dreaming of bathing a cougar can mean you will make a risky move. If you have been thinking about starting your business or expanding the existing one, you might finally gather enough courage to do it.

You will have your family and friends’ support, which means you have to continue with the actualization of your idea.

Dreaming of someone else bathing a cougar

When you dream of someone else bathing a cougar, it implies you have to support your loved one in the actualization of their idea.

If you have a suggestion, say it, but the person in question must know they can count on you and that you believe in them.

To dream about walking a cougar on a leash

Walking a cougar on a leash in a dream suggests you will win a battle against a dominant and manipulative person. You might argue with someone who thinks highly of themselves.

However, you will convince them you are right with the help of facts.

To dream of someone else walking a cougar on a leash

When you see someone else walking a cougar on a leash in your dream, it means you will spend some time with a pretty arrogant person.

You will try to ignore that trait of theirs for peace in your home, but you will only wait for the moment to distance yourself from the person in question because you can’t stand such people.

Dreaming of riding a cougar

Riding a cougar in a dream suggests you need not take advantage of someone’s trust and test their tolerance.

To dream of a cougar in your home or yard

If you see a cougar walking around your home or yard, it is a warning that you need not unconditionally trust people who have recently become a part of your life. You have to wait before you decide to confide in them.

Buying a cougar a in dream

Dreaming of buying a cougar symbolizes big changes. You might move, get a new job, or switch professions.

Another possibility is that you will end a long-term relationship. People who have been single for a long time might start a new romance.

To dream of getting a cougar as a gift

If you dream of getting a cougar as a gift from someone, it means you have too high of expectations from your family members or partner.

It is unfair to believe they must fulfill your wishes, needs, and whims. Your behavior shows that you don’t respect either them or their time.

To dream about a cougar chasing you

This dream means you have very powerful and influential enemies. You might have stepped on a tricky person’s toes because you disagreed with their opinion.

They might decide to take their revenge on you out of vanity.

To dream of a cougar chasing someone else

When you dream of a cougar chasing someone else, it implies you will warn your loved one not to argue with someone in vain.

Vanity or immaturity will probably not let that person listen to you, so they could end up in trouble.

Dreaming of a cougar attacking you

If you dream of a cougar attacking or biting you, it implies you will have to face the consequences because of neglect and irresponsibility.

A lack of discipline has made you go over deadlines when it comes to the actualization of your plans or tasks, which will backfire on you. You need not complain now but get to work.

To dream about a cougar attacking someone else

When you see a cougar attack someone else in your dream, it suggests you will fix someone’s mistakes. Your boss will probably give you a task someone else started.

You will notice they have done their job poorly and will have to deal with corrections before managing to get the job done.

That will be stressful, but your inborn persistence will not let you give up before you finish the project.

To dream of a cougar hunting

A dream wherein you see a cougar hunting means it is time to stop bowing down to other people. You let others talk over you even when you are sure of the rightness of your attitude.

You have to stand up for yourself because it is the only way to make progress and be satisfied with yourself.

To dream of catching a cougar

Catching a cougar in a dream symbolizes worry. You are probably facing big problems at the moment. You need not panic because it can’t bring good results.

You have to look at the situation that you are in realistically and not be afraid to ask for advice from someone you can trust.

To dream of letting a cougar out of its cage

Letting a cougar out of its cage in a dream symbolizes destruction. You are prone to setting all your ideas to failure even before you try to actualize them.

You might have an issue with a lack of confidence, or it could be a result of numerous failures. You have to believe in what you do to increase your chance of success.

Dreaming of killing a cougar

If you dream of killing a cougar, it means you will win an already lost battle. You probably didn’t believe you could successfully solve one problem but haven’t surrendered, which will bring good results.

Let that be a sign you should never give up on what you want and believe in.

To dream about a dead cougar

A dead cougar in a dream suggests better days are coming. You might be in an emotional, spiritual, financial, or some other kind of crisis.

You don’t feel the best because of it, or you have started losing hope in things ever improving. However, something that will lift your spirits will happen soon.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen a cougar in the zoon or on TV, it has left an impression on you. The same applies if you have read about wild cats.

Definition of a cougar

A puma or cougar (lat. Puma concolor) is a mammal from the cat family located in North, Central, and South America.