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Considering that people started using computers at the end of the 20th century, old dream books don’t recognize terms similar to computer icons.

In the following text, you can read about the meaning of dreams with this motif, based on the opinions of contemporary dream theorists.

Interpretations also depend on the context in which a dream occurs and details that follow it.

Dream about computer icons

If you see computer icons in a dream, it means that you will finish one job easier than you thought.

You probably got assigned to something that you are not the best at, but you will learn everything you need quickly and finish the task without problems.

If you had just a little bit more faith in yourself, these situations would happen more often.

Changing the icons on a computer

If you are dreaming of changing the design of the icons on your computer, it means that your creativity is coming through.

You are an extremely creative and innovative person, but you don’t use your talents enough.

Your job probably doesn’t require these traits, so you should use them by doing a hobby. You could earn good money with it in the future.

Dreaming of others changing icons

When you are dreaming of other people changing the appearance of the icons on your computer, it means that you will have a conflict with people who don’t share the same opinions as you.

Your ideas may not provoke positive reactions from people you work with. You will try to show them that they are wrong, but you will fail. You need to be patient because your time is coming.

Deleting icons from your computer

A dream in which you are deleting icons from your computer symbolizes your need for a change.

You are overwhelmed with work, obligations, or even people that surround you lately. Their stories are boring and tiring to you, and you can’t wait to come home so that you don’t have to listen to other people’s problems.

You should maybe go on a trip or a short field trip to charge your batteries. You can’t let depression sneak up on you.

There must be one circle of friends in your surroundings that suits you at the moment.

Seeing others deleting icons

If you are dreaming of someone else deleting icons from your computer, it means that you are frustrated with the fact that other people meddle in your life.

There is probably someone who is trying to be involved in every segment of your life out of best intentions. That person is probably older.

They are not respecting your boundaries in their desire to help you.

If you are married, it is possible that your partner’s family is trying to impose their lifestyle on you, which leads to many conflicts with your partner.

Try talking about it calmly and remember that they are your loved one’s parents, which is why they have a completely different perspective of the problem that you are facing.

To not be able to open a computer icon

When you are dreaming of not being able to open an icon and run a program, it means that you will have to postpone a trip or something else that you have been planning and looking forward to for a long time.

You may hear bad news from abroad.

Drawing or making computer icons

A dream in which you are drawing computer icons on your computer is a sign that you shouldn’t try changing your loved one just so that you could adjust them to your needs.

You have met and fallen in love with them the way they are, so why would you have the need to change them. If you can’t accept their flaws, don’t be with them.

Dreaming about arranging computer icons

If you are dreaming of organizing icons on your computer, that means that you should dedicate more time to the things you enjoy doing and people that make you happy.

You have been stressed out because of work and obligations lately, so you don’t have time to do the things you love.

If you organize your time a little bit better, you will manage to solve that problem.

To dream of others arranging icons

If someone else is organizing icons on your computer in a dream, it means that you should accept a good-hearted piece of advice that you have recently gotten from someone who has a lot more work and life experience than you.

It is good to believe in yourself, but it is also important to listen to other people’s opinions before you make an important decision.

Searching for an icon and not being able to find it

This dream is a warning that you can’t see the bigger picture when it comes to a problem you have because of something small.

You are stuck on one segment of that complex problem, and you are wasting your time on it instead of solving the things you can solve.

You need a better perspective and a fresh pair of eyes. Ask for advice from someone you trust.

Dreaming of icons disappearing from your desktop

If you see the icons on your computer disappearing, it means that you will suffer a loss because of laziness or recklessness.

You will probably sign a contract before you read every point, and you will regret that decision later on.

Take this as an important lesson for the future and don’t fall for the tempting offers because there is always something in the background that doesn’t work to your advantage.

Dream meaning of icons neatly organized on your computer

When you see neatly organized icons on your desktop, it means that you are a meticulous person and that you need to have everything organized properly.

Sloppiness and irresponsibility at work make you go mad, so you often finish other people’s tasks as well.

You know that you are not doing yourself a favor, but your perfectionism doesn’t let you relax. Considering that these traits are congenital, you will have a hard time giving them up.

Dream interpretation of icons scattered around

If you see many icons scattered around on your desktop, it means that you are resourceful and adjustable.

You can make up for the lack of money or knowledge in many different ways. You are always surrounded by experts in their fields because of it.

You have a finance guy, a house chores guy, and even a gives-good-advice guy. That is your way of protecting yourself from potentially bad consequences of your decisions.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently used your computer or changed or deleted icons on it, that has made a strong impression on you.

To dream of computer icons getting deleted on their own

If you dream of computer icons getting deleted on their own, it implies you might face one situation you haven’t had a chance to deal with before.

That will confuse you, but you will soon figure out what you have to do and how to act.

It is good to believe in yourself because that situation will get resolved to your advantage in a few days.

To dream of making computer icons

When you dream of programming computer icons, it means it is time for big changes. You might have fallen into a rut, and every day is the same for you.

You fantasize about an adventure but don’t do anything to make it happen. You have to get out of your comfort zone to see how beautiful and interesting life can be.

To dream of changing computer icons

If you dream of changing the appearance of the computer icons, it implies someone might misinterpret your joke.

You will probably not be careful with what you are saying and will step on one person’s toes.

No matter how many times you apologize, they will not forgive you.

To dream of someone changing your computer icons on a desktop

This dream suggests you are paranoid. You have started to believe the whole world is against you, which is why you can’t make progress. The truth is much simpler and harsher.

Once you realize you have made a mistake and take responsibility for it, you will not have to deal with bad things anymore, and your life will be of better quality.

To dream of icons appearing and disappearing

If you dream of icons on your computer appearing and disappearing without your influence, it means it is time to relax.

You are stressed out all the time, which has started to harm your mental and physical health.

You can avoid having an uncertain future if you change some things in your present.

To dream of icons opening on their own

When you dream of icons opening on their own, it implies you are lazy. You haven’t had the will to get out of bed lately, let alone do something.

You might be tired and need some time to get back on your feet again.

However, if your condition prolongs, the dream suggests you have to change so that your obligations don’t pile up and get you in trouble.

To dream of not being able to open an icon

If you dream of not being able to open or click on an icon on your computer, it means you doubt someone’s loyalty and honesty.

Your loved one, friend, or coworker has probably been acting strange lately, and you have started to believe they are hiding something from you.

However, you need not accuse that person of anything if you don’t have proof for it. You can talk about what bothers you calmly and without tension.

To dream of not being able to find the right icon

If you dream of not being able to find the right icon on your computer, it means you will listen to lies.

Someone will try to deceive you to do what works for them. They will try to take advantage of your naivety to achieve personal goals and interests.

You can stop that person from actualizing their plan if you figure out who they are on time.

The meanings can differ depending on what kind of icon you see, open, delete, etc., in your dream.

To dream of a Word icon

When you see a Word icon in your dream, it means you will have legal issues. You might have to fight for what is yours in court.

It will be an exhausting and long process, but you will not give up until you get what you want.

You need not be surprised if all that destroys your finances or relationships with some people.

To dream of an Excel icon

If you see an Excel icon in a dream, it implies you love order. Lazy, irresponsible, or messy people bother you.

Your work and living space are always organized the way you like it. All of it can be frustrating for the people around you if they don’t think like you.

That is probably the reason for frequent arguments with your family members.

To dream of a Paint icon

If you see a Paint icon in your dream, it means you have to manage your time better.

You probably spend hours and hours doing something you can’t benefit from, and you will regret it later.

If you make a plan and stick to it, the sky will be your limit.

To dream of an Internet Explorer icon

A dream wherein you see an Internet Explorer icon suggests you are curious. You like to meet new people, cultures, and customs.

Your favorite hobby is traveling, but you can’t stay in one place for a long time.

You like dynamic vacations where you spend the least amount of time sunbathing or lying on the beach.

You like to hang out with people and gain new experiences.

To dream of a Photoshop icon

When you see a Photoshop icon in a dream, it implies you care about what others think of you.

You want everyone to like you, which stresses you out. You rarely state your opinions if they differ from what the majority thinks or speaks.

You will lose your identity if you continue behaving like that, and everyone will like you but you.

To dream of a new folder icon

If you see a new folder icon in a dream, it means you are afraid of your secret seeing the light of day.

You are probably trying to hide it from your loved ones because the truth might hurt them.

However, you have to know those people will be even more hurt if they find it out from someone else instead of you.

To dream of an icon of an unknown program

A dream wherein you see an icon of an unknown program suggests you could soon experience something unexpected.

You will probably face a situation you haven’t had a chance to deal with before.

You will have to think about what to do next to minimize the possible negative consequences.

To dream of a social media icon

If you see a social media icon like Instagram, Skype, etc., in your dream, it means you will hear good news from your relative or friend who doesn’t live in the same city as you.

You might find out your loved one is getting married, expecting a baby, or has achieved professional success.

To dream of a game icon

When you see a game icon in a dream, it implies you spend too much time doing trivial things and then complain about how you don’t have time for specific chores.

The problem will disappear if you manage your time a bit better.

To dream of a calculator icon

A calculator icon in a dream suggests you will have to deal with cunning and calculating people. Someone will try to take advantage of your kindness to achieve their interests and goals.

You will probably realize who that person is if you start paying attention to how some people behave in your company.

Definition of computer icons

An icon is a pictogram or ideogram that is displayed on a computer screen to help the user navigate the computer system.

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