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Dream about a compass

If you see a compass in a dream, it means that you should stick to your chosen path. It is possible that you will often feel lost and that you are doubting the rightness of the goals that you have set for yourself.

You are tormented with uncertainty and you wish things that require years of hard work and investment to happen overnight. As soon as you recognize the condition you are in, talk to someone you trust and get rid of all doubts.

Your motto is a saying that people rarely stick to and it goes: ‘The hardest fight is to fight against yourself, while the best victory is to beat yourself.’

Setting a compass in a dream

Dreaming of setting the compass up implies that you will become independent. You have probably lived with your parents until recently and respected the rules they have imposed on you.

However, at some point, you will realize that that is not what you want and you will look for a way to get away from them.

You will be curious to find out what it feels like to be free, not needing to explain your actions all the time.

They will do everything to keep you by promising impossible things like saying that they will change or stop meddling in your life.

Dreaming of a compass needle spinning

When you dream of a compass needle spinning uncontrollably, it means that you are confused. It is possible that you feel lost emotionally.

People who have recently broken up relationships or marriages usually have these dreams. They are directly connected to feelings that you currently have in real life.

Buying a compass in a dream

In this context, a compass can symbolize your desire to change.

If you lack self-esteem or courage, a dream in which you are buying a compass is a message to work on that problem. Put on paper all of your positive and negative traits.

Start working on the negative ones, but nurture the positive traits and don’t hide them from others, but be proud of them.

Dream meaning of selling a compass

Dreaming of selling a compass means that you will give up on some plan or an idea. That will happen as a result of disappointment in circumstances or problems that have followed you on your journey.

Even though your loved ones will try to persuade you not to give up, you will simply decide that you don’t have enough strength for it.

Don’t let this situation discourage you, but start thinking about something new.

To bestow a compass

If you are dreaming of bestowing a compass to someone, it means that you will get a very important role in the company you work for or in the community you live in.

Everyone will ask you for advice, so you will become some sort of a mentor.

Even though you will be pleased with the idea that so many people trust you, you will also feel a huge burden for having such a difficult task.

If you are interested in politics, now is the right time for running for some position in your community or city you live in.

Getting a compass as a gift

Dreaming of getting a compass means that your subconsciousness is warning you that you have wronged someone.

You have accused a loved one of not being supportive enough, even though you know that is not true.

Try to make things right and show them that you are sorry for saying those things if you still care about staying close to them.

Dreaming about losing a compass

This dream suggests that you will have to make important decisions that will determine the rest of your life. You are probably thinking about changing your job or moving to another state.

You will be in a dilemma, wondering what to do, but no matter how sad you will be to leave your old job, colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors, you will choose to have a better future.

To find a compass

If you are dreaming of finding a compass, it means that you will achieve what you have been fantasizing about for a long time thanks to suggestions and advice from older colleagues or family members.

You will realize the importance of getting enough experience at work and you will be thankful for having such a good mentor by your side who is ready to help you.

Stealing a compass in a dream

If you are dreaming of stealing a compass it means that you will find the simplest way to get out of some trouble. You will continue to use the same method in the future as well since it is very efficient.

However, you should ask yourself why you are getting in trouble constantly which you need to pull yourself out of.

Is it the lack of excitement in life or you simply don’t care what consequences your actions will cause?

A dream in which someone has stolen a compass from you suggests that you are not doing anything to change the things in your life that you are dissatisfied with.

You are complaining about everything too much and crying over your destiny, but you didn’t even try to change something.

Friends have started to avoid you because of that, which is understandable since you are not listening to what they are telling you, but only whining.

To throw away a compass

When you are dreaming of throwing a compass away or watching it fall into the water, that represents the possibility of losing a job or trust that your boss has in you.

You will probably make a big mistake which will lead them to question your ability to do a good job. If you care about your job, try to eliminate their doubts.

Dreaming of other people throwing a compass away means that you will be disappointed in your partner.

Some of their actions will lead you to believe that they don’t love you anymore, so you will get into a serious argument.

Watch out for what you are saying and how when your emotions get to you because you could be sorry for saying something that you don’t mean.

The symbolism of a broken compass

If you see a broken compass in a dream, your subconsciousness is warning you to finally straighten your priorities.

Decide whether it is important for you to spend more time doing something that you don’t love or to be with your loved ones.

Ask yourself why it is so hard for you to be close to a loved one at the moment.

Sometimes, a compass can point out some detail from a dream itself. That can be an object that for you has some deeper meaning.

Pay attention to what an arrow is pointing at and look for the meaning of that item in a dream book.

A compass can point at a certain person, as well. If they are familiar to you, it means that you have argued with that person and you need to solve some problems that the two of you have.

If, however, you see a stranger, you may meet someone that you will like or who will help you when it comes to business.

Repairing a compass in a dream

If you are dreaming of repairing a compass in a dream, it means that you still have hope that your relationship with a partner will change.

Your communication is either extremely poor at the moment, you are not on speaking terms, or you argue about everything. It sometimes seems to you that love is gone, but then you realize that you couldn’t even imagine your life without that person.

Ask yourself first whether you would like that relationship to survive, or you are just used to being with that person and fear how your future would look like if you were alone.

Once you realize what you want, it will be easy to say it to your loved one. If you believe that you should fight for it, then don’t give up, no matter what.

To dream about other people repairing a compass

If you see someone else fixing a compass in a dream, it means that you have let the wrong person meddle in your life. You have let them make important decisions that concern you.

You are not independent, but you are also calmed by the stability that such an arrangement is offering, which is why you enjoy not having to take responsibility for anything.

Some people are ready to depend on other people their whole life, but you are not one of them.

Because of that, it is time to think about everything well and to finally start doing what you like and the way you like it.

Dreaming of a compass falling out of your pocket

A dream in which a compass falls out of your pocket or bag and breaks is a sign that you are in a dilemma regarding something.

That can be related to feelings or decisions that have something to do with other people. You might be hiding how you feel from your partner or pretending that you like someone who doesn’t suit you at all.

The reason for such behavior is the fear of loneliness. You just can’t be alone, which is why you choose to spend your life stressing out over the wrong people.

Dream about a compass pointing in different directions

When you see a compass showing different directions in a dream, it means that you are confused by a new situation.

Some things you are not used to are happening to you, and you don’t know how to deal with them. A piece of advice from a person you trust could help you.

The symbolism of a big compass

If you see an abnormally large compass in a dream, it means that your life is going in the wrong direction.

You have let bad or reckless decisions put you in situations you don’t cope with well. Someone from your surroundings probably persuaded you to do that.

People who have decided to quit their job, drop out of college, leave their family or partner, or have ended up at the crossroads often have these dreams and wonder if they have made a mistake.

A small compass in a dream

Dreaming of a small compass means that you have a hard time figuring out what other people think.

People often tell you one thing but do something completely different. You are probably too naïve to see the dark side that everyone has.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen or adjusted a compass, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a compass

Compass is an instrument used for orientation and finding the sides of the world.

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