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Dream about a clew

If you see a clew in a dream, that symbolizes love worries. You probably weren’t completely honest with your partner at the beginning of a relationship.

However, you needed to tell them everything after you got closer so that they wouldn’t find out about it from other people.

Since their reaction was bad as expected, you will have to give them some time to forgive you and start trusting you again.

Rolling up the yarn in a dream

Dreaming of rolling up the yarn means that you will lead someone through life.

You will probably help a loved one get out on the right path after a difficult period that they have survived.

You will put them first and dedicate a huge portion of your free time to motivating them and listing them the reasons why they can’t give up.

Dreaming of unwinding the yarn

When you are dreaming of unwinding the yarn, it means that you will uncover someone’s lies.

You will probably doubt one person that you are close with and start going over some things that don’t add up in their story.

You will carefully analyze every detail and realize that a lot more things don’t make sense than you expected.

Play with a clew in a dream

If you are dreaming of playing with a clew, it means that you will finally start to look at life from a brighter perspective.

You had problems in the previous period and experienced many stressful situations.

One event has completely thrown you off balance, and you couldn’t recover from it for the longest time.

You had a negative attitude regarding everything that was happening to you, but that will change, so you will start to appreciate small things that make life a lot better and more beautiful.

A dream in which you see a child playing with yarn means that you are modest.

You are someone who doesn’t have big ambitions, and you have always been able to be satisfied even when you didn’t have much.

You are trying to learn something from every situation since you believe that everything in life happens for a reason.

If you are dreaming of a cat playing with a clew, it means that one of your close friends or family members is expecting a baby.

That will truly gladden you, so you will start preparing a celebration and gifts for the new parents.

Dreaming about finding a clew

When you are dreaming of finding a clew, it means that you will get an idea of how to build a profitable business.

You will slowly start saving money and researching possibilities that the market offers, and then you will decide to realize your plans.

You might face challenges and problems at the beginning, but you will deal with them easily once you have a clear goal.

Losing a clew in a dream

Dreaming of losing a clew is a sign that you worry too much about some things that you can’t change.

You can’t sleep at night for a while because there are some problems that you are not responsible for, but you will face the consequences anyway.

That can be an argument among family members that you are extremely close with.

Now, you have a hard time getting used to the fact that things are not functioning as usual, and you are starting to lose hope that your relationship will ever look the same as before.

However, you can’t influence the development of the whole situation in any way, so the best you can do is to give them some time to make things right and believe that everything will turn out OK in the end.

Dreaming about buying a clew

A dream in which you are buying a clew means that you could continue the family business that skipped one or two generations.

Your ancestors probably did that, so you will decide to use the heritage and innovate the business.

That will be a hobby that you enjoy from time to time only, at first, but all of it could turn into a profitable business later.

Selling a clew in a dream

Dreaming of selling a clew means that you are an extremely organized person.

You have numerous obligations every day, but you always manage to finish them on time.

While some people admire you, others believe that you are a robot that doesn’t have free time to enjoy life at all.

However, that is not true since you have found a way to achieve everything you want.

For you, it is important to stick to the plan that you have come up with only, which is why you don’t like surprises that make you change your routine.

To receive a clew as a gift

If you are dreaming of someone giving you a clew as a gift, it means that you will make one important decision because your loved one will pressure you to do it, not because of your wishes and opinions.

That person represents some form of authority for you, so the fact that you have listened to them is no surprise but the logical sequence of events.

However, you will soon realize that you should have listened to your intuition this time.

Dream meaning of bestowing a clew

When you are dreaming of bestowing a clew to someone, that symbolizes hidden emotions.

You probably like someone forbidden, or you have negative feelings for someone, but you are trying not to show them.

There are many reasons for something like that, but one thing is clear – the fact that you are hiding is affecting your mental state negatively.

If you revealed your feelings to that person, you would take a huge burden off of your chest, even though that would change your relationship with many people dear to you.

Throwing a clew away in a dream

A dream in which you are throwing a clew away means that you will give up on something.

That can be an idea that is not good, a plan that you can’t realize, or even an attempt to persuade someone into something.

Anyhow, you will give up on it, even though you have had big hopes for your success.

If you see someone else throwing a clew away, that is a sign that you shouldn’t argue with stubborn people since you are only wasting your precious time like that.

No matter what you think of something and how strong facts you have, that will not bring wanted results.

Dreaming of throwing a clew at someone

Throwing a clew at someone in a dream can symbolize hidden feelings. You probably have a crush on someone but are afraid of admitting it to yourself because the person in question is unavailable for whatever reason.

You are even more stressed out because you are scared someone will notice what is going on when you are near them.

To dream of someone throwing a clew at you

If you dream of someone throwing a clew at you, it implies you have noticed that the person you have often spent time with acts differently in your presence lately.

You refuse to think they have feelings for you because you or they are already in a relationship or you are much older or younger than the person in question.

Anyhow, time will tell whether you are right or you saw something where there was nothing.

Dream meaning of kicking a clew

Kicking a clew in a dream means you are bored. You have probably fallen into a rut, so every day is the same for you.

Nothing significant will change if you continue spending every free moment the same way.

Instead of spending evenings watching TV, you can go out for a walk, ride a bike, or exercise. You will notice how much better you feel.

To dream of other people kicking a clew

A dream wherein you see someone else kicking a clew suggests you will wrong someone.

Your first impression probably tricked you, and you thought the person in question was not worth your time and attention.

However, you will realize they are a quality person once you get to know them better, so you will probably want to spend more time with them.

Swallowing a clew in a dream

If you dream of swallowing a clew, it implies you are a creative person who doesn’t take advantage of their talent enough. The job you do doesn’t require creativity or imagination.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t direct your potential toward a hobby. It might even become a good source of income one day.

Seeing someone else swallowing a clew in a dream

When you see someone else swallow a clew in a dream, it means you will meet an amazing person.

We are talking about someone with qualities, in whose company you will feel better and more relaxed.

If we are talking about someone of the opposite sex, you might fall in love, but you will hide your feelings because you believe you don’t stand a chance with that person.

Clew in a dream

Interpretations of dreams can differ depending on what the clew is made of.

Dream interpretation of a clew of thread

A clew of thread in dreams symbolizes your emotions. A relationship with someone probably confuses you, even though you don’t want to admit it.

You can take a break to think well about everything. You do not need to get involved in anything that doesn’t suit you just because you are afraid of being alone.

A hairball in a dream

A hairball in a dream suggests it is time for a change.

It took you long enough to get over some stressful moments because you had to regroup and figure out which path you wanted to take.

However, you are ready for new challenges, and it is necessary to make a plan so that you can build the future you want.

Dream about a dust ball

If you see a dust ball in a dream, it implies the past could soon come knocking on your door. Someone’s behavior will confuse you, but you can’t let that affect your life, let alone your future.

A clew of wire in a dream

If you see a clew of wire in a dream, it means you might argue with someone you have recently met. You get easily offended, and you will not be able to get over some things the person in question said.

Interpretations of dreams can depend on the color of the clew that you see in a dream, as well.

So, for example, a white clew symbolizes good news and happy moments.

Black clews are a sign of grief, while red ones symbolize a secret.

Dreams about blue clews symbolize courage, while yellow ones represent jealousy.

If you see a multi-colored clew in a dream, it means that you will be happy.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen or rolled up a clew, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a clew

A clew is a piece of yarn rolled up into a ball.

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