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Cleaning in a dream can be a sign that you keep pushing some problem under the rug in your waking life.

However, the meaning depends on the context in which your dream took place and the details that accompanied it.

Dreaming of cleaning something

If you see yourself cleaning something in a dream, it means that you will get a nice gift. You are probably able to do favors for other people so every time someone asks you for help, you are happy to do it.

The most important thing for you is to be useful and do your best. You don’t expect anything in return, but you will get a gift that will amaze you.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you will have guests over. You will be piled up with everyday obligations which will make you fearful of not being able to prepare everything you have planned.

Since the guest is a person you love and respect a lot, you will make sure to welcome them the best you can, and take them to new places every day or do some interesting things at home that will stay in their memory forever.

To watch other people cleaning in a dream

When you are dreaming of other people cleaning, it means that you are avoiding responsibility.

You find it easier to move to the side, and let others make important decisions and carry them into effect.

Your parents have probably taught you that you will get whatever you want, so you don’t have enough motivation to move and do something useful for yourself.

Now, even they can see where they were wrong, so they will try to fix it.

If you are dreaming of cleaning an object that you can’t recognize, that is a bad sign. You probably feel powerless or depressed in real life, and you can’t do anything to change it.

Your partner might hurt you, or you are disappointed with a friend, so you will be sorry for even meeting them.

Cleaning someone else’s home in a dream

If you are dreaming of cleaning a stranger’s home, it means that you will soon be visited by someone you haven’t seen for a long time. After the initial shock, you will be happy about it.

Together, you will remember childhood memories and go back to more carefree times. These dreams can also suggest that you will get in contact with old friends.

Night outs and hangouts with them will feel good.

Dreaming of cleaning a truly dirty house or an apartment means that you are full of negative energy and bad emotions.

You are probably confused about something, so you can’t understand clearly what you think and feel.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of negative people who never laugh but complain constantly. They know how to ruin your day.

Dreaming about cleaning your home

If you are dreaming of cleaning your own home, apartment, or room, that is a warning that you should get rid of some bad habits.

You are aware that you need to change something to make your life better. You may finally start eating healthier, or you will decide to stop smoking.

When you are dreaming of other people cleaning your home, your subconsciousness is telling you that you need to be more honest with someone in a crucial situation.

Maybe you will argue with a partner, but you will decide to stay quiet about some things that might hurt them.

This dream can be related to your business life as well. If you have hidden a mistake from your colleagues or customers, you are probably thinking about that as well.

Cleaning a garden in a dream

Dreaming of cleaning a garden or yard means that you will probably decide to redecorate your house or an apartment and finally spend money that you have saved up for other things on something that will make you truly happy.

If you are dreaming of cleaning someone else’s garden or yard, bad weather will probably ruin a field trip with your family and friends.

Dreaming of other people cleaning a garden is a sign that you should stop being envious of someone who, in your eyes, has achieved everything that you have been fantasizing about.

Feeling like that is completely useless, but you will figure it out soon too. It would be better for you to find a way to achieve something in life.

Dream meaning of cleaning a floor

When you are cleaning floors in a dream, it means that you will soon experience financial gain. You will finally be able to get rid of money problems which will help you relax and enjoy.

However, don’t spend too much since you have already experienced poverty.

To clean a work desk

This dream suggests that you will solve a big problem that has represented an obstacle on your way to success.

You will realize that nothing will stop you from achieving your goals now. You will have enough strength and the will to carry those plans into effect.

It is also possible that you will start thinking about starting your own business.

Dream interpretation of cleaning a kitchen table

If you are dreaming of cleaning a kitchen table, it means that you will organize a hangout with family and friends. Your goal is to finally gather all of them in the same place.

You will look forward to making or buying food and drinks, and you may even spend the night singing and dancing.

To clean a rifle

When you are dreaming of cleaning a rifle, it means that you will soon argue with someone. Someone from your surroundings is your hidden enemy.

The person you think of as your friend will be ready to betray you for money. Watch out who you are trusting with your documents, car keys, or apartment keys.

Cleaning a gun in a dream

When you are dreaming of cleaning a gun, that is a warning that you are in danger.

Don’t make deals for which you are not sure if they are completely legal, and don’t talk about your plans, wishes, and intentions to people who you have just recently met.

Someone is trying to misuse your trust.

Dreaming about cleaning a car

A dream in which you are cleaning your car symbolizes a stressful period that you are going to experience shortly.

The following months will be turbulent, but you will overcome them only if you stay patient.

You need to rely on your ability to improvise to get out of that situation without consequences.

Dreaming of cleaning someone else’s car means that you are trying to seduce someone you like for a long time in vain. They have someone who they don’t want to hurt, so the best thing would be to give up on it on time.

If someone else is cleaning a car in your dream, it means that people from your surroundings secretly mock you because of your profession.

They can’t understand what it is that you do to make a profit, so they find it easier to mock and criticize you instead of finding out more about it.

Don’t pay attention to evil people, because they are not worth your time and nerves.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently cleaned something at work or home, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of cleaning

Cleaning has multiple meanings, one of them being- maintaining hygiene.

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